Video: Steelers Antonio Brown Rides His Bike To Work

As if you needed another reason to like Pittsburgh Steelers third year wide receiver Antonio Brown, but if you do, you will enjoy the two Youtube videos below from NOC that feature the always smiling Brown riding his bike from home to the Steelers training facility.

  • Nik Greene

    Antonio is awesome, but c’mon man: Wear a helmet!

  • Sylkmatic

    Man I hope we don’t lose ab if we resign Wallace. AB is the guy that will turn into a locker room leader down the road.

  • Kmundis

    Agreed. Awesome guy with lots of talent and his head on straight. Please AB wear a helmet. đŸ™‚

  • Derick

    love me some tone Brown!

  • Kberger65

    Too many cyclists get hit by cars, do yourself and Steeler Nation a favor, wear a helmet.

  • 808Steeler4Life

    Antonio Brown has unlimited potential. Representing with his Manny Pacquiao jacket! Heart of a Warrior.

  • Ironmountain

    Better yet– don’t commute to work on the bike, AB. As a road racer, x-racer and avid cyclist– commuting on a road bike in/around a city like Pittsburgh is asking for trouble. Too much traffic; poor roads….you get the idea. Join a spin class.

  • Natedawgiedogg

    I now know where he lives… last 3 seconds of the video of him working out…. Waterfront!

  • infinitebuffalo

    Or you could, y’know, join Bike Pittsburgh and help *make* Pittsburgh safe for cyclists.

  • TC

    Agreed with infinitebuffalo. Also if he’s riding predictably and a smart cyclist (helmet issue aside), it’s possible to be relatively safe commuting on a bike. We have a long way to go, but we’ve made great strides already…thanks to individuals who aren’t afraid to commute and orgs like Bike PGH.