Kevin Colbert Still Confident That A Long-term Deal With Mike Wallace Will Get Done

Pittsburgh Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert was on the Movin the Chains radio show today, which can be heard on SiriusXM Radio, to talk about several things related to the team as they finish up the third and final OTA session on Thursday.

Late in the interview, co-host Pat Kirwan asked about restricted free agent Mike Wallace, who has yet to sign his one-year restricted offer of $2.74 million and report to organized team activities. Kirwan started off by saying he was sure that Wallace would be gone via restricted free agency asked Colbert if he was holding his breath for a while. “Not really, Pat,” said Colbert. “Our mindset was always, look, we can\’t franchise the player. Economically, we couldn\’t have handled it from a cap standpoint. So we did what we could to guarantee that at least we\’d have the right to match it. And you know Mike has always been a priority for us and he\’ll continue to be a priority as we\’re working toward this contract and we\’re confident we\’ll get that done.” Colbert continued on, “He was in here a couple of weeks ago and picked up a playbook and everybody got to talk to him and we\’ll continue to work with his agent, Bus Cook, and try to finalize that. But our mindset was always Mike was going to be here and I think Mike\’s mindset is he wants to be here. So usually when you have that working on both sides, obviously makes it easier. It\’s never easy, but yet we\’re confident that will come to a head.

Kirwan then wanted to clarify if indeed the Steelers were working on a multi-year with him now, and Colbert replied, “Oh absolutely. Mike is someone who\’s stated he wants to be here and we certainly want him. So like I said, you will always have a chance then.”

To recap everything, this is the same company line Colbert and the Steelers have stated ever since the 2011 season ended and nothing has changed. It started with Team President Art Rooney II during his end of the season interview when he stated that Wallace would be a priority to get signed to a long-term deal and the organization has never wavered in any of their words since then.

While Wallace will almost certainly be a no-show for the mandatory mini-camp next week, unless a new deal is reached, the Steelers will do nothing and continue negotiations just like Colbert said today. While the team has the right to lower his tender amount on June 15th, they won\’t, and I have stated this all along. In good faith they will not do this to Wallace.

Wallace might be frustrated, but Colbert seems confident a long-term deal will get done. It might not be until a few days into training camp at the latest, but it should get done.

You can listen to the audio from the interview below:


  • Rjo1001

    Wallace is a great talent and will be our #1 for years but if theres one thing for sure the Steelers can easily find replacement WRs via draft. If no deal gets done or he’s demanding the house it won’t be the end of the world.

  • RIP

    Pat Kerwin is wrong most of the time, thats why he’s in show business

  • fire arians

    if he’s still asking for too much money, i’d say let him walk. We could sign both sanders and brown to long term contracts for less than the price we can get for wallace

  • 8forty

    This is how business is done in the NFL. But Wallace better be ready to sign within a few days of the start of training camp (as Dave predicts), or I think we’ll trade him/let him sit out the season.

  • we should just tell him to f off and get somebody like Mike-Sims-Walker or Michael Clayton maybe even Braylon Edwards could fill his role.

  • SteelersDepot

    Enough with the language, please

  • Cols714

    That would be dumb. None of those guys are even in the same zip code as Mike Wallace. Wallace is one of the best WRs in the league.

    I don’t understand how people get so upset that he hasn’t signed yet. He’ll sign either a long term contract or his one year offer before training camp.

    They won’t trade him and he won’t sit out the season.

  • Jprankster2005

    I was thinking…… They are probably offering him a contract in the neighborhood of a Roddy White contract…… I think that would be a fair contract for both sides…….Maybe even a couple million more…… But they can’t go over 45 million for 6 yrs….. Or i believe they will be overpaying…..

  • Jprankster2005

    He needs to come down to reality that’s why all of us are upset……he’s missing critical time learning the playbook and should just sign the tender, And then see if he can work out a long term deal….. He should know he’s not going to get anything until he signs the tender……. But your agrument is what he has the playbook and he’s studying it? Not enough, He needs to show up and show that it’s not all about money….. But the days are coming close to where he has no choice to sign it or lose alot of money and I dont thiink he will take the gamble of not signing by the 15th…..Unless someone lent him alot of money, Because he hasn’t made enough to sit out and they could drop his pay to 577,000.00 If he doesn’t sign on the 15th….. But all this waiting has upset people….. And It’s getting real old……. he’s only been in the leauge 3 yrs. and thinks he deserves something that other players didn’t get until 5 to 6 yrs. after they were in the leauge……If he’s smart he will sign the contract the Steelers give him that I’m sure is reasonable, And will still be able to sign one more nice contract after that…….. But if he doesn’t sign by the start of the season they need to lock up Brown…. And forget Wallace……

  • JarMar06

    They will try to sign him long term if possible. I don’t think they can trade him unless he signs the tender and once he signs I believe it is fully guarantied. Since nobody made any offer to him at all I don’t see a big market out there for him. Anyone could have made an offer in the 5 year 40-45 mil and given up the draft pick if he was that hot a commodity. No one did.

  • Jprankster2005

    You don’t think the Steelers should lower his salary if he keeps playing games and not showing up? I would certainly hope they would……Just because there’s a deadline and if he wants to continue to be difficult they have that right and should absolutely do it…… I hope he signs the tender before the deadline and all, But if not, he’s asking for it……. And they need to show that one player can’t do this, Because down the road they will have others…… Which I know the tender is coming to an end in a couple years, But they should send a message if he doesn’t want to sign that and continue to work on a deal, Then they need to move on….. I don’t see how they could let him just get away with a deadline and miss even more time, And then still give him the same money…..They need to tell him they will lower it, If he doesn’t sign and he will sign it and get him in and then continue on the contract talks…….I dont understand why you should think they should just give him the leverage…..Just don’t understand that….. And he would be alot easier to trade at half million dollars for a next yr. first round pick…… Lol

  • Jprankster2005

    I seriously wish they would just trade this guy……. A second rounder would do in next years draft…… Screw it, I know Sanders and Brown can do just as good……

  • SteelersDepot

    These guys are going to continue to eat you alive with comments like the ones you have made here and in other post. You don’t even know what has or hasn’t been offered him contract wise or what his for sure demands are. He missed football in shorts and has a playbook. It is not like Haley is creating a whole new route tree. He needs to learn the vocabulary and reads expected from him, but has all of camp to put in the extra work on that. Why is that so hard for most of you to understand?

  • Daveb1952

    Wallace wil play this year for us. You can take that to the bank. It is possible that he may not show up until week 10, but he will play. As for the 9 weeks without him, will give Clemmons, Sanders and AB the time and plays to show that we don’t really need him… I hope. To cut him or trade him at this point, is more than a bit premature

  • kevin

    Are you serious? Those guys couldn’t fill Cotchery’s role. There is a rational argument for letting Wallace go, but there is no rational argument possible regarding what you have stated.

  • Mancoljduf11

    did you not read the plain english from Kevin Colbert in this article, he said they are working on a deal, and they will not reduce his tender because kevin colbert is no tgoing be a jerk about This like AJ Smith and the krafts were in 2010 aj smiths bull crap cost the chargers that season and frankkly he should have been fired after that season because he created a problem with vincent jackson that did not exist before that moment

  • Mancoljduf11

    apparently you dont understand the rules, first of all they are not reducing his tender, but if they were to they can only do it on june 15th from 12:00 a.m. to 12:00a.m. on the 16th just 24 hours and of they choose to reduce it they must let him know through a letter of notice at least 48 hours ahead of time if they wait until lets say 24 hours ahead of time we would likeley see yet another player lawsuit coming and they would not be able to do it so he will get a heads up so there will be no gambles involved, but that is irrelivant because they are not reducinbg it anyway

  • slevin

    Exactly. This isn’t the quarterback we’re talking about here.

    It’s a WR who runs mostly go-routes and screens. He already has three years of chemistry with Ben.

    We’re talking about learning the names of plays/calls here people. Until he starts missing training camp this really isn’t a big deal…

  • Mancoljduf11

    this article essentaily sums up evrything i have been saying for the past three months to all of the owner loving haters out there that are not reading the plain english from the orginization, one thing i would love to know is where did that dumb fake notion come from that the steelers would not negotiate with wallace until he shows up, we can al forget about that now, can we not

  • SteelersDepot

    Um… I have been trying tell everyone since last season ended.

  • NW86

    Highly doubtful. Unless he has a setback this year, Brown alone will command every bit as much next year as Wallace does this year. And if Sanders can stay healthy, he’ll expect something pretty solid too. Although I’d love to see it, I seriously doubt they’ll be able to keep all 3 on the roster long term.

  • BossSteelerChick

    I’ve believed all along that Mike will be a Steeler in 2012. Steeler Nation should stop focusing on the negativity and understand this is a business. Obviously, Kevin Colbert understands that…which is why he’s the GM and not us.

  • BossSteelerChick

    I predict Wallace will sign by the June 15 deadline.

  • kevin

    In addition, if he signs the tender, he does not get paid any of that money until the season starts. If no long-term contract is worked out, he plays for that. If he tears up his knee or blows a hamstring, that affects his long-term earning potential. It is a bad idea for him to sign the tender before he absolutely has to. This is his livelihood. He should use what little leverage he has, while he has it, to try to get paid. By the way, Wallace earned this by the terms of the CBA. He is a restricted free agent by the deal that the NFL teams agreed to. So, he earned it. Teams can’t have it both ways.

    There is no reason to be upset about it. People are too team-centric and refuse to recognize that these players are real people who are just trying to get paid what they want for their very valuable (as set by the market) skills.

  • Jprankster2005

    I don’t mind these guys eating me alive lol…… I just don’t like the way he’s gong about things that’s all….. But we all have our opinions……..And I admit I am wrong at times, No I don’t know what has been offered nor what he’s asking for…… I hope they come to an agreement but if they don’t I would rather get a higher pick for him, Than wait 2 yrs. from now for a 3rd rounder at best……

  • Jprankster2005

    Sure don’t reduce the tender and let other players play the same game next yr….. End it now if a long term agreement isn’t reached and he doesn’t sign….

  • Jprankster2005

    Well no I wasn’t aware of that, But they should send him the letter….. But you guys think he’s god gift to the steelers, There’s better recivers in college than Wallace……So I don’t think it would be the end of the world if we lose him…… But you got your opinion as well do I….

  • Jprankster2005

    A great one yr. is not going to give Sanders a big contract…….he would be looking at 3.5 to 4 million tops in a deal after the season, Just because of the injury issues and all that……Brown should get somewhere between 5 to 6 tops a yr……

  • Intropy

    I totally agree with this. The thing that bothers me is when players under contract (which Wallace is not) hold out. To me that’s the equivalent of a team cutting a player and then trying to go back and recoup the signing bonus from the player.

  • Intropy

    He’s not waiting until week 10 to show up. I know he can do that and still get his accrued season so as to be unrestricted, but that is just such a bad faith move that it would lower his market value – and that’s just the economic factor. There’s also the whole Wallace has actually been a good teammate and hasn’t shown the me-first personality that suggests he’d even want to do that to his team.

  • Intropy

    Let’s say you’re a physics professor. A good one and still fairly young. You haven’t won a nobel prize, but it’s acknowledged that you’ve come pretty close and you are eminent in an important specialty. The spring semester ends, you’re not signed up for any summer semester duties, and your associate professorship contract is up. You do have tenure, and you’re obviously going to be a full professor next school year. It’s time to sign another contract. Your NSF grant this year is valid only if you remain at your current university, and you like where you are, but there’s a market for your talent, and the money and prestige you’d bring to a physics program. What do you do?

  • Mancoljduf11

    it does not accomplish anything positive if they reduce it on the 15th because camp does not start till july 25th, the steelers clearly don t have a problem with the “game” he is playing, it is part of the buisness

  • Mancoljduf11

    well there not sending him that letter, because it would not be productive at all, and by the way what makes you think they will “loose” him. Besides I hate when fans and teams use that word because at the end of the day they would let him get away but of course they use the word “loose” to make them look like they begged them to stay, its just annoying to listen to

  • kevin

    Name some better receivers in college than Wallace. It is a pointless and idiotic exercise to try because none of them have played in the NFL. You have no proof of your foolish assertion. You might as well say that there are better X’s position in college than X (NFL player) is.

  • kevin

    Playing hardball may win this battle, but it engenders bad feelings. It raises the risk that Wallace walks. It causes other players to wonder whether the Steelers may treat them in the same manner. There is no benefit to doing this to a player unless you need to save a couple million dollars.

  • Mancoljduf11

    what makes you say that

  • RMSteeler

    I believe Mike will end up playing the whole season with the Steelers, either on the tender or long term. I’m hoping that the two sides are having serious discussions. If they are, they both have less leaks than the Dept of Defense. I just hope Mike doesn’t read posts like many of these. My biggest concern is what’s he doing for conditioning. Look at all the hamstring injuries from last year’s shortened pre-season. There’s nothing that can make the fastest receiver average than a serious hamstring injury. I hope Mike and his agent are working as hard on his conditioning as the contract.

  • rex remes

    Everyone needs to lighten up. We all hope Wallace stays … he is a darn good receiver. Let the front office and agents work out the numbers, and quit bad mouthing (nobody has done anything wrong yet).