2012 Steelers 53 Man Roster Prediction – Post Preseason Game 1 Edition

With the first preseason game in the books for the Pittsburgh Steelers, it is now time to take another shot at a 53 man roster prediction. If you missed my pre training camp 53 man roster prediction, you can find it by following the link provided.

Below are notes of what I have changed from my last projected roster along with the reasons why I made the changes.


Walter McFadden – The Steelers were forced to waive cornerback Terry Carter injured after he suffered a hamstring injury, so for now I am replacing him with McFadden, who ran second team behind Keenan Lewis in the game Thursday night.


Derrick Williams – Williams received praise from wide receivers coach Scottie Montgomery following the Eagles game and I feel that he might be ahead of Toney Clemons on the depth chart right now. Williams has NFL experience, is physical, and can contribute on special teams in addition. Until Clemons or another young wide receiver give me a reason to put them on the 53, Williams will hold the 5th receiver spot for the time being.

Toney Clemons – With Clemons now taken off the 53 man roster in lieu of Williams, I have placed in on the practice squad and removed Tyler Beiler for now. I still believe that Beiler has a chance at that spot, but with Clemons getting playing time ahead of Beiler right now, that will be my reasoning.

David Johnson – After suffering a torn ACL and MCL, Johnson is done for the season and now goes on the injured reserve list.

Jamie McCoy – With Johnson now on injured reserve, McCoy appears to be the next man up to back up new starter Will Johnson at the fullback position. McCoy started working with the running back group this week and will now be pushed by the newly signed Justin Peelle and Jason Ford it appears. McCoy needs to get his head on straight after drawing to block in the back penalties in the first preseason game Thursday night. Consider his name written in very light pencil at this point on my 53 man roster.

David Paulson – With Paulson now off my 53 man roster, I have moved him to the practice squad where he takes the place of offensive lineman Chris Scott.

Jason FordJohn Clay is now out for the year and I have replaced him with the newly signed Ford for the time being.

John Clay – Clay has been moved from my practice squad to the injured reserve list.


Drew ButlerJeremy Kapinos can\’t make the club in the tub, so he has been removed from my 53 man roster for now and Butler, the undrafted rookie free agent out of Georgia has been added in his place.

7QBBen Roethlisberger
4QBByron Leftwich
16QBCharlie Batch
33RBIsaac Redman
27RBJonathan Dwyer
20RBBaron Batch
22RBChris Rainey
17WRMike Wallace
84WRAntonio Brown
88WREmmanuel Sanders
89WRJerricho Cotchery
15WRDerrick Williams
53CMaurkice Pouncey
66GDavid DeCastro
73G/TRamon Foster
64G/CDoug Legursky
79T/GTrai Essex
77TMarcus Gilbert
74GWillie Colon
78TMax Starks
76TMike Adams
83TEHeath Miller
45TELeonard Pope
80TE/FBJamie McCoy
46FBWill Johnson
98NTCasey Hampton
90NTSteve McLendon
95NTAlameda Ta\’amu
96DEZiggy Hood
99DEBrett Keisel
97DECameron Heyward
65DEAl Woods
24CBIke Taylor
23CBKeenan Lewis
31CBCurtis Brown
28CBCortez Allen
37CBTerrence Frederick
43SSTroy Polamalu
25FSRyan Clark
29SRyan Mundy
42SDamon Cromartie-Smith
26SWill Allen
50ILBLarry Foote
94ILBLawrence Timmons
51ILBSean Spence
93OLBJason Worilds
92OLBJames Harrison
56OLBLaMarr Woodley
55ILB/OLBStevenson Sylvester
54OLBChris Carter
60LSGreg Warren
9PDrew Butler
6KShaun Suisham
85FBDavid Johnson
38RBJohn Clay
34RBRashard Mendenhall
82TEWeslye Saunders
68T/GKelvin Beachum
48TEDavid Paulson
21RBJason Ford
30SRobert Golden
46OLBAdrian Robinson
11WRToney Clemons
39CBWalter McFadden
91DECorbin Bryant

  • Shelob9

    Do you is still think Corbin Bryant will be on the 53 man roster if Hampton is ready by week 1? Why not use the spot for Robinson, OLB health/ depth is an issue…

  • If Robinson keeps playing well in games and begins to get more playing time with 1st and 2nd teams he wont make it on the practice squad. Some other team will take him from us. The steelers need to keep 9 LB instead to protect him. Plus that would give us depth at our most important defensive position. Other then that I really like your projected roster. I am really pushing for Maze, Golden, and Ryan Lee to make some noise in the next game.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I like the roster, and it is probably pretty close to mine. I am not sure how some of the PUP lists work. In addition, I would probably be surprised at us keeping 5 Safeties, even with the Denver game coming up, over 9 LBs simply due to our injuries at that position right now. I love our D, but Sylvester, Spence, Worilds, and Carter are going to play huge roles this year for us. I hope they are up to the challenge.

  • SteelersDepot

    Not sure where you are seeing that. I have Bryant on the practice squad along with Robinson.

  • SteelersDepot

    Every year, everybody worries about losing a guy like that. Fact is Robinson is still VERY raw when you breakdown his film. Still has a LOT of development to do.

  • SteelersDepot

    Both Mundy & Will Allen play special teams. One injury and safety gets very thin. They can bring back BJ after week one for depth, plus if BJ is on roster week 1, his salary would have to be guaranteed for the year.

  • agreed, don’t think he gets to the practice squad either if we don’t put him on the 53

  • Brendon Glad

    Either you or a contributor had OG Lee with high grade. I find it odd not to see him on here anywhere considering that if the always solid Steelers EVER needed to try to dig for diamonds in the rough it would be at the consistently disappointing OL. Only saw game 1 once so maybe Lee got “lucky” by what he was asked to do, but I would love to see my franchise QB dirty in games CUZ HE WANTS TO BE! HE’S. øn the run after 1.2 secs. Way too much for my blood pressure. Won 2 SB with it… but any fan who sees it as a non-issue is not addressing the issue. I know tackle was problem in game 1. But Bball handles DE pressure beautifully…when the guards and center hold up. When they don’t, he gets things broken and torn. I don’t like that.

  • Brendon Glad

    But “Ben” handles DE pressure…(typo)

  • Shelob9

    I meant to say if Hampton ISN’T ready by week 1 and goes on PUP. My concern is setbacks to Harrison or Worldis, could really stretch the OLB depth. Seams like help in late game pass rushing is something a rookie could help with.
    Would having Bryant on the roster allow them to not dress Ta’amu? I assume that they’d like to keep Ta’amu out of games this year as much as possible once Hampton is back. They don’t need three NTs and he needs a year without injury or loosing confidence so he can be ready to be the #1 or #2 NT next year.

  • BJ thing, Same could be said for Will Allen and L. Pope. Cap wise I would like to see D. Cromartie-Smith instead of Allen and Golden as Smiths replacement. I am also in the nine LB camp this season. Plus if they keep a FB , It is hard to fathom 3 TEs. and 4 RBs both.

  • SteelSpine

    Thanks for keeping notes Dave, I think it helps many of us. & hard to argue with any of the logic you listed at each change.