Colts Trade Wind Rumors Likely Don\’t Include Mike Wallace

The trade rumor pot in regard to Pittsburgh Steelers restricted free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace is once again being stirred after Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay took to Twitter today to tweet, “SERIOUS TRADE WINDS Swirling! We\’re talking given up high pick for SERIOUS Vet/Starter!.. these deals often crumble n don\’t reach completion.” Irsay followed up that tweet up with another that read, “Colts Fans..Your GM Mr Grigson isn\’t afraid to roll the dice n aggressively improve YOUR Indianapolis Colts..n my check book stands ready!”

Of course everyone immediately associates either Wallace or Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew as the two possible players that the Colts could be pursuing, but as I have said all offseason, I would be floored if the Steelers traded Wallace, who reportedly is set to finally show up next week and sign his $2.74 million restricted tender.

General Manager Kevin Colbert has been firm with his words over the last several weeks in saying that they will not trade Wallace and there is no reason to believe that he has wavered on that stance. Trading Wallace sets a bad precedent moving forward when it comes to contract negotiations and potential holdouts, and Colbert is well aware of this. So while the trade winds might be blowing in Indianapolis, I just can\’t see those winds blowing through Pittsburgh.

  • emac2

    bad precedent or not the team gets one year of Wallace before having it let him go or fit him in at 10 per. If there is a team willing to overpay for that asset we need to at least listen. I think Wallace could be the difference in going all the way this year so I wouldn’t part with him casually but for the right offer? hell yeah.

  • houstonjr

    The Colts can trade for whoever they want – be it Wallace or MJD – they won’t be a winning team next season.

  • zyzak

    Wallace doesn’t want to play in Indy

  • It’s not Wallace anyway. Tweet says vet/starter. I wouldn’t consider Wallace a vet. MJD however, fits the bill.

  • Intropy

    Trade Wallace for their top pick in perpetuity.

  • Sam Ton

    Jim Irsay: I hate this jackass.
    He tweets just to get attention.
    Everybody knew months ahead of time that his team was tanking to get Andrew Luck and that he wasn’t keeping Peyton Manning because of his salary.

  • Brendon Glad

    6/55mil. Brown the team MVP set the standard with his deal…if he wont take that then he can just get franchised twice and roll the dice…am I wrong? I would be SO stunned if we traded MW that I wouldn’t be able to speak for a day….cuz I’m just not worried about it at all. I am 90% confident he will still be a Steeler in 2017…but I’ve been wrong b4

  • Brendon Glad

    I really think “Larry Fitzgerald money” (which he was rumored to want), is not in a decent agent’s mind anymore after a mere first round tender did not even get a rumor of anything close during his fa time. I’ve a feeling we are at about 6/55 and I wouldn’t budge much from that. Especially since Brown will be better anyway if he isn’t already.

  • Brendon Glad

    I DO NOT want Jones-drew…any Guy who apologizes to his fantasy league owners after taking a knee on the one…then moles around about it on TV is right where he belongs…in jacksonville

  • SteelSpine

    That’s my thoughts too on each point.
    Another reason I hate him is he (or mighta been his father, I forget) surprised the city of his team by moved his team to Indiana in middle of the night with 18-wheelers. Real classy..

  • antoine harrison

    you know the more and more i here there owner talk the more and more it becomes clear to me that this dude is a wanna-be version of Jerry Jones he is on twitter. Think about this how many owners are on twitter and how many owners in the NFL say some of the stupid stuff as he does. His job as the owner is the sign the check and shut up Mr Rooney doesnt do that and the Pats owner Robert Kraft doesnt do that but this dumb ass is always in the lime-light.

  • Brendon Glad

    I love him. The more idiot owners the better…hope our old Nashville boy didn’t learn enough to help the Brownies…but all I know is 8% of Steelers is better than 100% of browns so he’s probably dumb too. Keep em comin’ when no one will give Owens or Chad a chance, then it’s time to fret 🙂

  • ergomesh

    i bet it is carter from new england

  • If you have seen the colts play in training camp you would think other wise about a winning season as for who they get, I think either will help us a great deal, with our backfield always questionable and with Collie day to day once again we could need a good WR

  • Steve Duncan

    For a first? Yeah. But Teams have already shown that is not his value. For a second? I don’t know. For a third or less, it’s a loss since we would get a comp pick, probably a 3rd, if he walked in FA.

  • emac2

    I could see a team like the Colts paying more for Wallace now than they would have earlier. I don’t know that I would trade him for a first anyway. I’m thinking I would want a player instead of a pick so that it doesn’t hurt the team this year. Freeney? 🙂