Looking At The Steelers Roster Numbers On Defense

The Pittsburgh Steelers cut down to 53 players on Friday and now we will examine the numbers by position starting with the defense

Nose tackles (3) – Pretty easy here. Look for Alameda Ta\’amu to be on the inactive list for quite a while.

Defensive ends (4) – The only question was if the fourth would be Al Woods or Corbin Bryant. Woods got the spot so look for Bryant to land on the practice squad.

Linebackers (9) – The injury to Sean Spence Thursday night allowed Adrian Robinson to make the roster, at least for now. Once Stevenson Sylvester, James Harrison and Jason Worilds get to 100%, Robinson could be off to the practice squad.

Cornerbacks (4) – One less than I thought they would carry, but as long as all four remain healthy, that\’s all they will need to dress.

Safeties (5) – With Ryan Clark down for the opener, they had to carry a 5th. That 5th was Robert Golden, so his hamstring must be good to go. Now that Golden has made it, how long can he stay on it?

  • Bob Francis

    If carrying 5 safeties is a necessity for Week 1, the final decision on defense must have come down to A. Robinson over T. Frederick. Having a little extra LB depth makes sense until all guys are back, and this must mean Curtis Brown is okay. Seems like they’d still want to sign Frederick to the practice squad and even bring him up if they send Robinson down.

  • SteelSpine

    More-like FS Golden kept on 53 over CB Frederick, if basing it on game one Clark being out. Not that Golden will be experienced enough yet to play safety. Or/& maybe staff thinks Golden slightly-better at CB than Frederick, since Golden was a prospect for FS or CB for NFL. Or/& maybe Golden slightly-better special teams player than Frederick. I hope neither of those 2 DBs has to play on defense tho because Manning could exploit that. Also, maybe ARobinson can be used in Denver when Broncos in obvious passing situations because our OLBs will be winded needing a breather, especially in that altitude.