Report: David DeCastro Expected To Miss 3 To 5 Months With Knee Injury

There is yet another report now this afternoon on the status of Pittsburgh Steelers rookie right guard David DeCastro as Mike Florio reports via PFT that the first round draft pick is expected to miss three-to-five months with various injuries in his right knee per the dreaded “source”.

The official results of the MRI that DeCastro was scheduled to have today around lunch time are still not known, but it appears that the earlier report today by ESPN insider Adam Schefter, that stated DeCastro suffered a torn MCL, a dislocated kneecap, and a partially torn patellar tendon, is still holding water as being the nature of the injury that he suffered on the Steelers second offensive drive Saturday night against the Buffalo Bills.

Three-to five months is still a pretty broad time frame, but even if the low end of three months holds true, it would be hard to imagine that the Steelers would be wiling to hold a roster spot open for DeCastro that long. If it would be shorter than three months, then that would likely be a time frame that could probably be dealt with.

Like all of these other previous reports, we once again caution that nothing has been announced by the team other than head coach Mike Tomlin calling the injury that DeCastro suffered as being potentially severe.

  • zyzak

    No way unless ther is more to his injury, I am not a doctor but I play one on tv

  • SteelSpine

    If ya looking for any not-so-bad way of looking at it, most rookie OLinemen ride bench 1st year anyway to learn NFL. But *#&# he was one a the special prospects who before they are drafted they are NFL-ready to start. I thought we’ll eventually lose the starting left side of our OLine this year to IR due to Starks’ & Colon’s history, not DDastro. DD learn watching the vets & we’ll see ya next presason.
    Where do we go from here. I believe Steelers’ staff etc that Foster’s the next-best at RG. It’s encouraging Foster pass-blocked OK last year. So I think just have to limit playbook a tad with Foster in-place of DeCastro by not call the plays where RG pulls to left then goes upfield to seek middle-LBs (Last year I saw a coupla plays where Foster looked like Frankenstein upfield, lead shoes & all, heheh).
    Next-best choices after Foster for RG:
    – Legursky: has the feet to pull, but on pass protection his short arms would eventually get exploited & that’s why I’ve always assumed he can only be a backup so teams wont plan/scheme ahead to exploit that.
    – Malecki: is not a rookie so I’d love to know if he’s been worked at RG & if he’s become strong enough to be a starter.
    – Essex: Once again injuries & being able to “play” any position on the line might save him.
    – Ryan Lee: Just slight chance that he shows enuff this preseason for anything other than developng on PS. Hopefully he beats the odds via be ready now.
    – Beachum: My disappointment of training camp because I had high hopes, his college experience indicated good prospect to move inside to LG. Tho some scouting reports implied too weak for NFL (especially for if RG), I ignored those. Now I see Beachum would get steamrolled now.
    – I probly left out a few so I’m curious of anyone’s suggestions for other RGs.

  • Brendon Glad

    I’ll take that and run…I thought it was the good old grand slam (by adding an acl to the other 3)….

  • Brendon Glad

    So I hope schefter is right…cuz he can have a solid career with that injury. The grand slam ends careers.

  • SteelerDave

    Ok, very sad but it looks like Double D misses his rookie season but will be able to sit and watch and learn making him even better come next season. Foster gets the starting RG spot but we will now need a back-up OG which should be signed once cuts are made this week – UNLESS the staff is impressed enough with Ryan Lee who most certainly deserves at least the PS.

    Malecki has shown about zero and needs to be cut. Essex might just now survive the cuts but I have seen nothing from him. Beachum I hold out hope for but he needs at minimum one season on the PS.

    Get well soon DD, we will miss you and eagerly await your return next season.

  • DoctorNoah

    So, actually, I am a doctor. Adding an ACL to an MCL would turn a potentially nonsurgical injury into a definite surgery and a year of rehab, true, but many if not most O-linemen will have a full recovery from that. A patellar dislocation with accompanying cartilage damage has the potential to be a long term, chronic, nagging problem, and is also potentially a surgical problem, depending on the patient’s stability after the injury heals. Don’t discount the severity of this because it didn’t include the ACL. A shame for Decastro and the Steelers, but, as they say, next man up.

  • mokhkw

    Lucky for the Steelers they have players like Foster, Starks & Colon which gives them options.

    Left-of-Field suggestion would be for Adams to learn RG. In the past it was not uncommon for Rookie OTs to begin their careers at G. I don’t think he beats out Foster at this stage, although he has obviously improved & shown some ability vs the Bills. He can learn LT & RG, if Gilbert was to get hurt, Starks could switch as he’s played there before; Colon could go back to RT, Foster to LG ( he’s played there before ). Another plus to this for Adams, given his history, is that he’ll be too damn busy learning 2 or 3 spots as a back-up to be dating mary jane.

    For DeCastro, if he’s put on IR as expected, then it’s a good time for him to learn LG as well. All things being equal you would prefer you best G to be on the QBs blind side and I think that’s what D D is already, although it’s early days at LG for Colon who looks more than capable there, his injury history means that you make plans.