Report: David DeCastro Has Torn MCL, Waiting For Test On ACL

ESPN insider Adam Schefter reports Sunday morning that Pittsburgh Steelers rookie right guard David DeCastro has a torn MCL, but the team isn\’t sure whether his ACL is also torn at this time. Not surprising being as he has yet to have an MRI.

As head coach Mike Tomlin indicated last night during his post game press conference, DeCastro is scheduled to undergo further testing today, and at that time they will know for sure if indeed he tore both.

If it indeed it winds up being just a torn MCL, there is a possibility that DeCastro could return to the field at some point this season depending on the grade of the tear. Grade 3 MCL tears generally require up to 8 weeks to heal. Of course if the ACL is also torn, it would mean that DeCastro would miss the entire season.

While the report by Schefter offers some glimmer of hope, it is just a small one. Tomlin did use the word severe as a possibility when talking about the injury last night and several players seem to think the injury will result in DeCastro missing the season as well.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Lets hope for the best…if he can get back on the field this year at least he will be up to par IMO for next year.

  • walter mason

    We need a linebacker and a safety with next years high draft picks Weiss. I just hope Colon doesnt go down.
    DeCastro is a hard worker and he will be back strong next year. I really feel for him.