Report: Undrafted LB Adrian Robinson Makes Steelers 53 Man Roster

Mook Williams, who represent Pittsburgh Steelers undrafted free agent linebacker Adrian Robinson, is reporting via Twitter that has client has made the 53 man roster on Friday.

Robinson had a solid preseason at left outside linebacker for the Steelers, where he provided constant pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Robinson was so good at pressuring quarterbacks late in games in the preseason that it prompted head coach Mike Tomlin to label him a one-trick pony late in the preseason, perhaps in an effort to motivate him.

The Temple product likely benefited from the injury suffered by third round draft pick Sean Spence in the Steelers 17-16 preseason win over the Carolina Panthers Thursday night.

The Steelers have to cut down to 53 players by the 9 p.m. eastern deadline on Friday.

  • Chris S

    Eh…while he played decently and has good QB rushing abilities…I didnt see much outside of that from him. I thought a year on the PS could do him some good and they could have someone who is a little better in coverages/etc than he has been.

  • NW86

    Keep in mind, the 53-man will be pretty fluid this year with all the early injuries, and Saunders coming back from suspension. I’m happy for him and think he has a future – but just because he’s on the 53-man for now doesn’t mean he will be all season. They probably wanted an extra OLB on the roster with B. Johnson now being needed more at ILB and Harrison and Worilds still questionable for the first couple weeks.

  • SteelerDave

    I agree though I am very high on Robinson.

    Robinson has an amazing spin move and instinctual ability to rush the QB. That aspect is why he has made the roster. My concern is his ability to cover when not blitzing and to stop the run. Robinson disappears if asked to bull rush or stop the run. It is that reason he was undrafted. He needs to add strength and technique against the run and learn how to drop back in coverage.

    He will never be a great run stuffer, never be a great LB in coverage but if he can become at least adequate at both then he has a bright future for us. I was hoping we would have the depth to place him on the PS and let him learn and dedicate himself to some serious strength training.

    Still congrats, he has worked his behind off for us and deserves the chance he is being given.

  • SteelSpine

    Nice catch about a reason being BJohnson now being needed more at backup ILB. If were no injuries at ILB, BJohnson would top/block Robinson from getting on 53 because Johnson’s current ability on special teams.
    Also good catch our 53 will be changing relatively-often. When Worlds (I never can spell his name right) heals 100%, I wouldnt be surpised to see Robinson get cut just to re-sign him to the practice squad.
    Speaking of Worlds, Worlds having a spot on the team now insteada risk of being cut, is helped by recent/past injuries to the 2 starters Harrison & Woodley ahead of him & all the backup OLBs other than Worlds are very green/young. So Worlds could actually get hurt again & still get this one more year on the Steelers.

  • SteelSpine

    Robinson impressed me & of-course other folks with splash-plays rushing the passer. I thought about Tomlin said Robinson cant play special teams. I look at it this way: It is harder to find & teach someone to be a beast rushing passers, than to play special teams. It is freaking hard for teams to find someone who can rush the passer in NFL. Sure lotsa guys can do it in college, but rare & a premium to find someone who can do it at NFL level. Granted it’s only been preseason games. But if you think he might become something special as a blitzer, ooooh, find people to train him to play special teams, even if the people you tell to train him are just his teammates on special teams.