Wallace Working Out With Tom Shaw In Florida & Could Report Soon

Pittsburgh Steelers restricted free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace is reportedly working out down in Orlando with trainer Tom Shaw at the Wide World of Sports facility and could possibly report to training camp according to Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

In the report by Robinson, Shaw indicates that Wallace has been training with him for the last couple of weeks and is “fast as lighting”. Shaw also indicated that Wallace could be reporting pretty soon and that Wallace refuses to talk to the media until he does.

Wallace is remaining silent, Shaw said via the report by Robinson, “because he gets mad when people write things that are totally false. He doesn’t want a $100 million contract, a $50 million contract. He’s never told anybody that. He knows the Steelers aren’t talking, and he’s not talking.”

Wallace will need to sign his restricted free agent tender of $2.74 million before any negotiations continue on a long-term deal. General Manager Kevin Colbert has made that clear several times as well as stating that Wallace would not be traded.

We have heard from several Steelers players stating that they thought Wallace would be along soon since training camp started, but soon just hasn\’t gotten here yet, so I advise not to get your hopes up until Wallace actually does report.

  • TJimmy

    Don’t get your hopes up too high. Shaw seems to think that it’s the Steelers who need to blink. He said, “The Steelers aren’t going to let Wallace sit out there.”

  • Mike.H

    Someone else also reported Mike Wallace shopping at Traitor Joe’s buying marinara sauce. O
    ops, I mean, Trader Joe’s. Blink.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Unfortunately for Mr. Shaw he doesn’t understand how the Steelers work. They don’t WANT to leave Wallace sit out there, but they WILL. This organization will sign a vet off waivers and move ahead with what we have. It is our MO. The Steelers will not blink, they won’t. If he signs his tender he can report and they will talk extension, if not, they will move on without him. Typically, if I remember correctly, the Steelers don’t do extensions during the year either…so, he only has a few weeks to not just play at his tender level for the year.

  • SteelSpine

    Article # 10 or 20(?) of a report of someone saying they know Wallace & Wallace is reporting right-away? History showed that just-because someone said it doesnt meant it’s worth writing.

  • SteelSpine

    🙂 Someone else reported seeing Wallace use ranch dressing on his french fries & that person knows someone who knows what a football is who said for-sure Wallace will be in camp within a couple days from now.

  • Jerome72

    I didn’t take it that way.
    Wallace is training extensively in Florida and likely will report to Steelers training camp in the near future, according to the conditioning coach who has been working out the holdout receiver for the past two weeks.
    “It has got to be pretty soon,” said conditioning coach Tom Shaw, contrasting reports that Wallace might not show up until well into the NFL season. “(The Steelers) aren’t just going to let him sit out there.”
    I took that as, The Steelers will eventually make it difficult for him, as they already have. But as we know, they can do more things to make it even more difficult. To Wallace, if he’s smart, he knows that the Steelers, Kevin Colbert and Tomlin are fed up. Plus I’m sure Shaw knows how the Steelers operate, he’s not a dumb guy. I bet if you ask him his comment was taken out of context.

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    He should be working out with the TEAM! Its a TEAM sport. He’s not above the TEAM. He doesn’t get that.

  • PoKey21

    The thing is Wallace almost has to report and play for his cheap tender or he needs to get a long term deal done. If he goes the route of sitting out he wont be back until week 10 to accrue a whole season. If he doesnt accrue a season this whole thing happens again next year. If he does sit out 10 weeks his value on the open market will drop dramatically. If he does accrue a whole season the steelers could be shrewd and franchise him next year. Why would Wallace want to risk playing 2 years in his prime under 1 year tags each year. It would be even better for him to get a long term deal done now. If he sits he is hurting his value on the open market and probably wont get what he is being offered by the steelers now, next season. Both sides need to step-up and get this thing done. The Steelers and Wallace are both loosing everyday he isnt on the field.