Pittsburgh Dad Interviews Steelers HC Mike Tomlin In Latest Episode

The always entertaining Pittsburgh Dad has his latest video up on Youtube and it features him interviewing Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin during his visit to Latrobe this year for training camp.

The Pittsburgh internet star, Curt Wootton, made his visit to training camp in mid August and Tomlin was gracious enough to film the segment following practice.

“I am blown away,” Wooten said via Steelers.com. “I can’t believe I met him and he knew who I was when I walked up to him. I am trying to let it all sink in and take this all in. It’s crazy.”

  • Nicolai Simonsen

    Most unfunny video i’ve seen in a long time.. Just being loud is not entertainment.

  • Abustin

    It’s funny to people who know real serious yinzers or have them in their family. This guy nails it. It’s like when someone does a great impersonation of your friend. It is the accuracy of the impersonation that is funny, not the jokes. That’s why this will probably only be popular in western PA.