Steelers Injury Report – Harrison To Work Wednesday, Foster & Gilbert Are Fine

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin addressed the media on Tuesday during his weekly press conference to talk about the Sunday night loss to the Denver Broncos and the upcoming game against the New York Jets.

As far as injuries go, Tomlin said that safety Troy Polamalu (calf) has a right calf strain that might limit him in practice early in the week, but shouldn\’t prevent him from playing against the Jets. Guard Ramon Foster (eye) appears to be fine after suffering from an ocular migraine in the game against the Broncos. Tackle Marcus Gilbert (knee) might also be limited early on in the week after suffering a hyper-extended knee against the Broncos. Tomlin thought he would be good to go come Sunday.

Tomlin said that linebacker James Harrison (knee) worked out on Monday and that he will practice, or run, on Wednesday so that they can see where he is. They will follow the same protocol this week as they did last with Harrison and see where he is as Tomlin said that they will work him up in activity to see how his knee responds to it to serve as a guide.

  • Matt Lipner

    We need a healthy (or at least playable) Harrison this week. I don’t think enough is being made of Carter’s lackluster performance. Sure, he didn’t make any huge mistakes, but in our defense we cannot have one of our OLBs be a total non-factor in the game. What’s the assessment of the D Line’s play? Hard for an average fan (me) to determine how well they played only watching the game live.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I will give u an insight to how u can tel how our DL does…being they only take up blocks so the LB’s can make plays…if our LB’s are not making plays…RB’s are getting around the corner…RB’s are making good yardage up the middle…its a good indication our DL isnt doing its job…not always but a good indication