Steelers Raiders Week 3 Defensive Participation Chart

Below are the defensive player play counts and participation chart for the Pittsburgh Steelers week 3 game against the Oakland Raiders.

Player Notes:

Nose tackle Casey Hampton played 27 snaps as opposed to just 3 for Steve McLendon. I am still finding this a little confusing. Cameron Heyward also saw just 5 defensive snaps Sunday. Both Al Woods and Will Allen saw 1 snap each. The Steelers were in the nickel for just 29 snaps with 17 of those snaps coming on the Raiders final two possessions of the game.

Click on the image below to see the full PDF version of the participation chart.

Steelers Raiders Defensive Participation Report

ILBLawrence Timmons57
CBKeenan Lewis56
SRyan Mundy57
CBIke Taylor55
SRyan Clark57
DEZiggy Hood53
ILBLarry Foote57
OLBLamarr Woodley57
DEBrett Keisel46
NTCasey Hampton27
OLBJason Worilds28
CBCortez Allen29
OLBChris Carter29
DECameron Heyward5
NTSteve McLendon3
DEAl Woods1
SWill Allen1

  • Brendon Glad

    The day that your chart has mcclendon getting more snaps than Hampton, and Robinson getting more snaps than Carter will be the day we get a better pass rush…assuming Harrison doesn’t play…which is the safer assumption

  • Pete

    McLendon isn’t getting the snaps because Hampton is not playing below the level. He’s actually one of the better players on the front. So much for being old and done. The scheme LeBeau plays depends on 2 exceptional OL for pass rushing. Right now the Steelers don’t have that because Woodley can’t do it by himself.

    No pass rush and quarterbacks can pick them apart and keep them on the field. Getting Polamalu and Harrison back is critical.

  • Scott

    Harrison or no Harrison. Polamalu or no Polamalu. I hope Tomlin to saying to these starters on the DL. “You better step up or you will be sitting on the bench.”

  • SteelSpine

    The chart reflects Steeler staff’s poor planning this past offseason:

    – Noone played more snaps than Mundy. Even tho long ago coaches knew we would play in Denver again where Clark can’t play, & knew even before draft there was no reason to expect Polo will be healthy enough to play 16 games. Knew all that long ago yet kept the plan to not bring in any vet safety, insted rely on Mundy this much? OK Mundy knew LeBeau’s system (that was the reason played Mundy), but where did that get us?

    – Everyone knew Harrison will never again make it thru 16 games because his body started breaking down, but staff had no plan in-case the-completely-unproven Chris Carter doesnt cut it at our 3-4’s important impact-position of ROLB? So backup plan is move Worilds there who was not healthy & whom priorly had not proven anything? I realize didnt have enough high draft picks nor money to get any OLB. So why not try Brandon Johnson or Peterson at ROLB for a few snaps in reg season, I know prefer to not use anyone new but arent we down to that now?

    LeBeau always wanted to groom players several years because LeBeau’s defense so complicated. That was fine in the past. But now opponents say LeBeau is predictable. What has several years to learn LeBeau’s defense gotten us now in Mundy, Timmons, Ziggy? My point is staff needs to adapt, for example time to find a way for Brandon Johnson, Peterson, Robert Golden (or others) to get a few plays on defense, even if have to change defense enough to do it.