Stephen A. Smith Blast Ike Taylor & James Harrison On ESPN First Take

Loud mouth Stephen A. Smith gave the Pittsburgh Steelers, and more specifically, cornerback Ike Taylor, some bulletin board material this morning on ESPN First Take.

When  Smith and co-host Skip Bayless got to the part of the show where they broke down the Steelers opener Sunday night against the Denver Broncos, Smith went off on Taylor and used him as a reason why the Broncos would beat the Steelers.

“Defensively is  where the problem is for the Pittsburgh Steelers,” said Smith. First of all you still got Ike Taylor in your secondary. I didn’t realize he was allowed back in the NFL after the way he performed against the Broncos.”

Bayless then jokingly asked if Taylor should be banned now for his performance last January in the AFC Wild Card game against the Broncos.

“Banishment is a word in consideration,” said Smith. “I say that jokingly because I am sure he\’s a good guy and all of that stuff, but Ike Taylor, I\’m sorry baby, but I haven’t gotten over how much you let me down in that game with (Tim) Tebow. I\’m sorry, but Its going to be a long time before I get over that one. That was one of the most horrific performances by a cornerback I have ever seen in NFL History.”=

Smith was not done there as he listed linebacker James Harrison possibly not playing Sunday as another reason why the Broncos would win. He said that he didn\’t like the fact that Harrison was refusing to talk to the media on Thursday and called him out for that.

“He\’s not talking to the media, which is something that Commissioner (Roger) Goodell should visit,” said Smith. Who do you think you are? Play football, answer the questions and go home.”

Smith went on to recap why the Broncos would win.

“You\’ve got questions about Harrison, Ryan Clark is out, and Ike Taylor is in,” said Smith. “All the combination of all three of those things, and your talking about Peyton Manning, somebody who really can throw. who knows how to run an offense. Who knows about clock management. He can do it all. He\’s Peyton Manning, the greatest regular season quarterback in NFL history, according to Skip Bayless. All of those things considered, I just don\’t see how Denver can lose this game.”

After that entire rant Smith was asked to pick the score of the game and Bayless suggested based on the rant, 38-7.

Smith ranted a little more and then said, “I\’m thinking, 27-23.”

Smith must not realize that head coach Mike Tomlin has gotten on his players during training camp for talking about injuries. He also should be aware that Harrison did talk to the media on Friday and answered all of their questions.

Taylor of course was not too happy when the word got back to him about what Smith said and took to Twitter to share his thoughts, which you read below.

You can listen to the audio below which starts around the 18:00 minute mark.

  • TJimmy

    You know Ike has been hearing this all year and has probably studied lots of tape on their receivers this offseason. Ike is too good to get beaten like that a second time. He’ll be ready…just be humble, Ike!

  • Matt Lipner

    Smith is yet another reason why I have completely stopped watching anything on ESPN except sporting events. It is to the point where I literally mute the TV if I turn on the game 5 minutes before kickoff to avoid listening to their “analysts” spout nonsense.

  • Smith is an idiot! Ike had a solid game up until cover 9 was called–9 men in the box! Tebow made a great play! Smith must of lost a shit load of money on the game! BOO HOO!

  • dgh57

    I hope Ike has 2 pick 6’s in this Denver game!!!

    That will SHUT SMITH UP!!!!!!

  • Gus Marin

    Smith obviously lives in the past and judges the present based on what Manning use to be. He is in for another surprise. Is payback time just like last year’s game against the Patriots.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    This is what Smith is paid to do and that is to make outrageous comments…none of us should put any stock into this…this should be like what those bar slot machines say…for entertainment purposes only…it will bear no fruit.

  • jen

    This is good……I love when my steelers are angry. We’re sick of Peyton, being told the defense is old, being told the ravens are better. This is 2012-13 season should have the theme of revenge.

    RIP the Broncos heads off!

  • Intropy

    wrong reply

  • Intropy

    Well I meant that to reply to Gus Marin below.

  • mokhkw

    Let me get this straight….. ESPN First Take was on with Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayliss AND SOMEONE ACTUALLY LISTENED??!!


    Amazing. The 2 mentioned above are the worst in the business – and exactly where they belong on ESPN. 😉

  • Greeny

    If anything this was a good thing. Stir it up Stephen A. Hopefully the team will respond.

  • disqus_860IE7zjj1

    lol guy makes a comment and hes a dumb liberal on food stamps… lets see how happy you are when your boy romney loses… jerk… i agree with smith we will NOT win the game without harrison and mostly ryan.. if tebow beat us last year what will manning do? ryan is key to our winning and never plays in denver.. thats why the NFL always has the steelers – denver games at denver..

  • SteelSpine

    Well put. Smith entertained.

  • SteelSpine

    It takes courage to post that Greeny but that’s my thoughts too. Yep defensive players get motivated & is why coaches traditionally posted bulletin-board material. Smith did his job which was to entertain & its up to Ike & co (including LeBeau) to respond with drastically-better game to get that bad taste outta their mouths.

  • SteelSpine

    – Re Manning: Based on Tebow beat us therefore what will a much-better QB (Manning) do to our defense, is indeed a fair question/concern.
    – Re Mundy: I do think its a dropoff of any starting safety compared to having to use Ryan Mundy whom never had top instincts. The hope for Mundy is, he is playing for a contract so he knows this game will be the time to show whether he can be any team’s starting safety next year (elsewhere or here), the big difference in income of a starter next year vs veteran-minimum salary. Plus for this game LeBeau knew for many months ahead-of-time that he will have to start Mundy in this game.