Could Essex Be On His Way Back To Pittsburgh?

It is looking like the Pittsburgh Steelers will be without the services of both Maurkice Pouncey and Marcus Gilbert Sunday night against the Cincinnati Bengals, so you have to wonder if Trai Essex might be on his way back to Pittsburgh right now.

Essex spent a brief amount of time with the Indianapolis Colts earlier in the season following his release from the Steelers, but was released by the Colts at the end of September when they got a few players back healthy.

Essex spent all of training camp with the Steelers and can play all five spots on the offensive line should it come that. The Steelers only other center on the roster behind Doug Legursky, who will start in place of Pouncey, is John Malecki, who is currently on the practice squad.

Essex played center against the St. Louis Rams late last season after Legursky left the game early with an injury.

  • Not the best of choices but then again…knows the line positions, knows the Qtr-Back snap count (in case Legursky goes down) and typically does not get injured constantly.

  • Brendon Glad

    Always kinda liked him. But he never became what I thought he could. Also seems like LT was where I thought he held up best for whatever reason. Not so good at the other 4 spots. The blessing and the curse of Steeler olinemen is that u can cut them and magically they always seem to still be available in a pinch lol

  • Brendon Glad

    For example, I saw him dominate Alex brown as a young pup at LT in the famous Jerome bettis slop game of 2005. Always kinda hoped to see something like that again from him. And just never really did. I think he was a better dancer than a grater. Kinda like Max starks who I screamed at constantly at RT. Then he moves to LT…and after a few big bumps in the road early on, has not driven me nuts at all. In fact, I actually like seeing him out there now.

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    If he is signed….whose spot will he take?

  • SteelSpine

    Yep an OT & C being gone adds up to consider Trai, tho instead I would: move Foster to OT temporarily, & if center Malecki cannot yet play just one game in NFL then thats a waste of the past 2 years (I think Malecki’s not a rookie).

    A bigger worry: Cross fingers Starks isnt hurt yet (knock on woood), Max is great bargain but if he stays healthy enough to play an entire season that would defy the odds. That worries because with Gilbert already out, if Max gets hurt, OMG get ready for Adams & Beachum. If Adams & Beachum are the OTs, dont let women & children watch the game, & suit up Ben in full knight armor. The knight suit will squeek if he tries to throw, but at least he might live.

  • Joe Stitt

    Malecki was an undrafted FA in 2010, picked up by the Steelers from other practice squads as a body. He plays guard as well. If for some reason he needs to play, put him at guard not center. If he is the starting center Sunday, I don’t want Ben even playing. Not sure how he’s a waste though. It’s the freaking practice squad for a reason…

  • I bet they wish now that they would have kept Urbik, who is a starter in Buffalo.

  • Itisafineday

    Does any one recall how well Essex played, at center, against the Rams last season? He played vey well! In fact, he was almost dominate. I am no big fan of Essex and it was only the Rams, when he did so well. But it was the first (maybe only) time that Essex more than held his own. Even as a back-up center Legs is fine, but nothing great.
    I didn’t understand why when Pouncy was out with injuries last season, the Steelers wouldn’t have kept Essex at center and moved Legs to one of the guard positions. No, instead the Steelers put Legs back in the starting line-up at center the next week, even though he was still very beat up. This team pegs players for certain spots and then seems to have problems with the idea that maybe they can play somewhere that was unexpected.
    No real reason to bring back Essex to play guard or tackel, he has consistently shown he can not play those positions at an NFL level. But, make him the back up center and the team might have something.

  • How do the steelers cut Urbik! They said he was the best guard in the NFL last year.