Crampgate: Emmanuel Sanders Invited To New York To Talk About Cramp

Do you remember that sudden cramp Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders fell victim to in the Sunday night game over the Cincinnati Bengals?

Emmanuel Sanders Fakes Cramp

Well, it appears that the league wants Sanders to come to New York to discuss it, according to Mike Prisuta of DVE Radio.

“I actually have to go to New York for that, it\’s kind of crazy,” Sanders said Tuesday on DVE.  “I have to go out there. They don\’t think that I cramped, believe it or not.”

It is hard to say whether or not the trip to New York will result in Sanders getting fined, but you can bet that the league has had about enough of players faking injuries in order to stop the clock.

Sanders is standing by the cramp story. “I definitely cramped; it doesn\’t even make sense,” the third year wide receiver said. “I don\’t understand, why would I fake a cramp? We were up by seven points and we had two timeouts.”

We will have to see how all of this plays out, but it was pretty obvious what really happened. He and the trainers did do a good acting job, but I do not think the league office wants to give him an award for it.

While in New York, perhaps Sanders should remind the league office that the Steelers were denied a timeout earlier in the game.

  • I was kinda’ worried this would not go away so quickly. I am pretty sure he won’t have the cramps the rest of the year. Hate to speculate…but..

  • Goodell wants to make an example of another Steeler, it seems. If he was so concerned with the integrity of the game, he would’ve suspended Belicheck for spying to gain an unfair advantage. Once that was swept under the rug, NO Goodell decision can be credited with pure intentions.

  • Ahmad

    Crap! I thought the league had forgotten about it. I should have known better. Looks like Sanders will get that Emmy award after all đŸ˜‰

  • Fu-Schnickens

    So Goodell turns over bounty-gate to Tagliabue so that he can attend to other “important” matters like getting Sanders to fly out to NY to discuss his alleged fake muscle cramp. Goodell should not wonder for one second why people can’t stand him as a commissioner. What an idiot. Shoot….as long as he’s at it, he might as well call in every QB for questioning from here on out that is flagged for intentional grounding too. This is a snipe hunt if I’ve ever seen one.

  • michaelbro8

    I’ve cramped up on the field before and had it go completely away within a couple of minutes, so it’s not out of the question that this was real. But the bottom line is that there’s no way the league could ever find out one way or the other, so calling him into the league office is a waste of time.

  • michaelbro8

    should he change his name to Emmy-nual Sanders ?

  • mokhkw

    As long as this rule remains the same the everyone will continue to abuse & mis-use it.

    The solution is simple – if you leave the field because of injury then you don’t get to go back on the field until your team has the ball on Offense ( or Defense again).

    That would put a stop to all this soccer-style BS.

    In this age of the safety-happy NFL, it’s easy to make the argument that if you do leave the field because of injury then you should be left off until a full set of tests are run.

    And before you say “it’s only a cramp” bear in mind that the Vikings lost a LT in training camp due to hear failure years ago. The 1st signs he showed was continual cramping.

    Another thing to consider is why are these top-level athletes cramping anyway? They don’t do much running compared to other sports, if they are cramping then it’s reasonable to expect that they are dehydrated ( caffeine based drinks etc.) or not in a fit enough condition to continue.

    If you’ve REALLY had a cramp then you’d know that it weakens the muscles in the area that was cramped, making it more susceptible to injury. This is a proven fact and another good reason to change the injury TO rules.

  • Brendon Glad

    He must’ve put his “crack investigative team” on it. What a joke. At least we don’t have to deal with Velma…she’s with Vilma of course…but there’s still shaggy and scoobie to worry about