Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Bengals – Week 7

Below are the coverage stats for the Pittsburgh Steelers following their Sunday night win against the Cincinnati Bengals. While the completion percentage was very manageable at 56% and the defense did do a better job tackling after the
catch. Not shown are the two passes tipped by Ziggy Hood and the interception by LaMarr Woodley that was thrown into a helmet of a Bengals lineman. These stats show quarter, down and distance and liner of scrimmage as well. The lone passing touchdown allowed was charged to Ike Taylor.

Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Bengals


Steelers Bengals Pass Attempts By Play

19:40110CIN 3200INC18-A.Green50-L.Foote
19:35210CIN 3240COMP84-J.Gresham94-L.Timmons
18:5036CIN 36134COMP16-A.Hawkins31-C.Brown
17:4528PIT 4950COMP12-M.Sanu28-C.Allen
15:54210PIT 3041COMP16-A.Hawkins25-R.Clark
15:1436PIT 26510COMP12-M.Sanu28-C.Allen
29:44210CIN 2030COMP19-B.Tate50-L.Foote
29:0137CIN 2300INC84-J.Gresham92-J.Harrison
28:3418PIT 880TD18-A.Green24-I.Taylor
23:07110CIN 2083COMP88-R.Whalen94-L.Timmons
22:3822CIN 2810COMP84-J.Gresham56-L.Woodley
21:56210CIN 311417COMP84-J.Gresham94-L.Timmons
314:54110CIN 3890COMP88-R.Whalen23-K.Lewis
313:1334CIN 441711COMP12-M.Sanu31-C.Brown
311:2131PIT 3000INC18-A.Green23-K.Lewis
37:37210CIN 3900INC42-B.Green-Ellis50-L.Foote
34:2424CIN 2000INC84-J.Gresham23-K.Lewis
34:1934CIN 2000INC88-R.Whalen23-K.Lewis
413:3526CIN 2873COMP88-R.Whalen23-K.Lewis
412:4326CIN 3900INC88-R.Whalen23-K.Lewis
412:3836CIN 3900INC88-R.Whalen23-K.Lewis
48:41110CIN 1400INC18-A.Green24-I.Taylor
48:33210CIN 1471COMP88-R.Whalen94-L.Timmons
47:5233CIN 2100INC18-A.Green24-I.Taylor
44:15310CIN 1100INC18-A.Green25-R.Clark

  • snarf

    I know that tone does not really come across via blog/post. I am not being a sarcastic dillweed. How are the steelers, with all of their previous documented struggles on defense, ranked so high in many of the defensive categories?

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Our offense has been pretty proficient this year and has had the ball the majority of the time limiting the other teams offense…so there overall numbers against us have not been stellar…just the final results.

  • Brendon Glad

    I haven’t been as “down” in the secondary as many of my close Steeler friends. I think they have been forced into coverage for an extra half-second or so because of less pressure, and it has shown up. Mind you, I don’t LOVE the secondary, but I haven’t since 1994. But I don’t hate it either…even when Troy is out. They are average, but not terrible in my opinion. Sure wish they could catch though

  • Brendon Glad

    And I’m not gonna pick on Ike cuz I like him more than most, I bet…but isn’t it funny that one of the best ball-hawks of this era (Charles Tillman) played at Louisiana Lafayette with Ike? He clearly wasn’t and hasn’t been sharing any secrets lol!!!

  • Tim Culligan

    I was wondering the same thing. I think it’s that our defense isn’t as bad as its made out to be, and more importantly the time of possession. It’s not that we’re getting off the field quickly (opposite actually) but the offense has very very long drives.