Perspective & The State Of The 2012 Steelers Heading Into Week 13

per·spec·tive – The relationship of aspects of a subject to each other and to a whole.

Many of you are still trying to digest the Pittsburgh Steelers 20-14 loss Sunday to Cleveland Browns as it certainly did not go down good. It dropped the team to 6-5 on the season and despair has now set in on a good portion of the fan base. I am here to tell you that you need to put the last two and a half games in perspective.

The loss of a starting quarterback to a team is often times brutal, especially one the caliber of Ben Roethlisberger. This is a quarterback driven league and the offense of Todd Haley revolves around the play of the man under center. Two and a half games certainly feels like two and a half months right now, but he will be back. If not this week, then certainly next.

Also missing from the lineup the last two games has been wide receiver Antonio Brown, who looks to be on schedule to return this Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. While the Steelers still had Mike Wallace and Emmanuel Sanders the last two games, the absence of Brown has been extremely noticeable. The three together on the field at the same time compliment each other as each bring different qualities to the table.

I wish I had a good explanation as to why the running back fumblepalooza took place in Cleveland on Sunday, but I don\’t. I don\’t think the running backs or the coaching staff have a good one yet either. Were the running backs simply trying to do much? Was it sloppy technique? Was it lack of focus? Let\’s go ahead and say yes to all three of those questions and let\’s call it an abnormality for now.

Since the loss to the Tennessee Titans the offensive line has played well for the most part. There will be a change now at right tackle thanks to Mike Adams going down against the Browns with an ankle injury, so either Ramon Foster will have to slide over a spot or rookie Kelvin Beachum will have to get a full blown baptism by fire. On Monday we learned that rookie David DeCastro is ready to go and that is certainly not a bad thing. Willie Colon, who missed the Browns game with a knee injury, should also be back on Sunday as well. This unit should be fine.

In short, things should be getting back to a normal state for the offense either this week or next.

Lost in all of the doom and gloom of the last two weeks is the play of the Steelers defense. Sure, they gave up 20 points to the Browns on Sunday, but 17 of those points were off of turnovers. Since the loss to the Titans the defense has allowed 88 points in 6 games with 36 of the points coming off of turnovers. That same defense has also only allowed a 23% conversion rate on third downs over the course of those same 6 games and no team has passed for over 177 yards in those 6 games as well.

Did I mention that they have accomplished all of this without safety Troy Polamalu in the lineup?

James Harrison is starting to look more like James Harrison, while Keenan Lewis and Ryan Clark are both playing like Pro Bowlers.

Sure, you we would like to see more turnovers, but the primary objective is to keep the opposing offense from scoring and they certainly have done well at that.

As this Steelers team heads into a very important December they will have a chance of winning every game that Roethlisberger is under center for should the defense continue to play the way it has the last 6 games, and there is no evidence to suggest that they can\’t. Perhaps we will even be treated to a Polamalu sighting as well by Christmas.

As bad as things have been the last two weeks the Steelers had a chance to win both of those games. Almost winning is better known as losing, though, but losing faith in this Steelers team based on the last two games is something that no fan should be doing when you put everything into perspective.

Sure, the Steelers might not win the AFC North crown this year, but if healthy come playoff time, this is a team that shouldn\’t be counted out as being able to make a run towards another championship.

Perspective, people, perspective.

  • Reader783

    I agree with the end especially. A healthy Steelers team is as good as any team in the league. Just need to win the games we should and get hot at the right time. It seems to be a trend in the league every year, a team getting hot and going on a run

  • SteelSpine

    I understand your point which is Put everything into perspective. But, Putting everything into perspective, is also known as using excuses. Know what happens to teams who use excuses? Done, thats what happens.

    Insteada using excuses to excuse Steelers’ staff, I prefer The Standard is the Standard, or next man up. To state it another way, our team is the Steelers, not the whiney Dall Cryboys. Standard is the standard, expects Steelers staff to work. When tied up roster spots for guys like Chris Carter & Mundy & Leftwich etc, staff had not performed what they should have done which was to evaluate. Letting the staff off the hook, is saying Don’t worry you tied up roster spots because when those backups have to actually play but turn out worthless, we’ll be satisfied sucking because we can use the players as an excuse.

    One thing positive about this team though that I have not read nor heard anywhere: Our team currently does not have any problem childs or bad attitudes or people who give up. Alotta teams have problems like that. But at least we dont.

  • steeltown

    Too early to tell, we just need Cinci to lose a few along the way and we should sneak in as a wild card and hopefully get healthy along the way

  • steeltown

    Regardless, there are big decisions on the horizon, there are quite of
    few players up for contracts next season and not just named Wallace and
    Mendenhall also in the mix are Redman, Dwyer, McLendon, Mundy, K.Lewis,
    E.Sanders, L.Foote, Sly, Foster, Legursky etc. With the play of Will
    Allen and prospect of R.Golden there is no need to resign Mundy. On the
    other hand Dwyer, E. Sanders, Foster, McLendon and Keenan Lewis have all played ‘above the line’ and should
    be signed long term. Also, Foote has played great and should be given an extension

  • r4kolb

    Scary thing is with all the injuries we’ve had this year we are still in the running. (How Ben is not in the MVP running is beyond me). That being said if we do get healthy and slip into the playoffs we will be a team no one will want to play. Especially if our D keeps playing like it is and we get a healthy Troy back. Dave perhaps you could make a list of all the injuried players and time out this year to give us a reality check as to why our record is what it is.

  • Koledaddy

    You are living in a perfect world… Backup’s are BACKUPS for a reason. With the Salary cap, no team will have a roster full of “starters” Every team has to deal with injuries, although the Steelers have suffered a bunch of significant ones throughout the year. At 6-5, they still control their own destiny.

  • Reader783

    While it’s way too early to be talking about this, I think you need to resign two of the three FA RB’s, Dwyer being one of them. Keenan, Sanders, Foote, Foster and McLendon are must re-signs and dependent on the condition of Polamalu and the O-line (Starks), Legursky and Mundy may also be re-signs, for training camp at least.

  • Reader783

    You can’t expect the team to be perfect with all the injuries we’ve had. It’s impossible to get a guy to replace Polamalu and Ben, but the front office is faced with that this year. Admittedly, they could have done better with the QB situation, but you have to live with what you have sometimes. And the players aren’t really being used as an excuse, more of a reason. The reason we have been losing is the players used to backup our stars are not up to the standard of the stars, as expected.

  • burgh_fan

    A 3-2 record, assuming one of the 3 wins is against the Bengals will in all likelyhood be enough to make the playoffs. That is the goal to shoot for because once in anything can happen.

  • steeltown

    True, far too early to speak of next season, but I always like to think of future rosters.

  • Ahmad

    Time to unleash hell here in December!

  • steeltown

    Ive been saying for the last 2yrs we should be grooming a young QB, after the Dennis Dixon experiment, they should have signed or drafted another young guy to groom, not to replace Ben but to groom for this exact situation. Here we are, Lefty CANT stay healthy and Batch as much as I love him, is past his football days, but Hopefully he has one more ‘good’ game in him

  • Maurice_hill_district

    U must not have been around during the Cowher years. Cowher would laugh at u.

  • Maurice_hill_district


  • Kole-daddy

    What are you talking about??? Cowher had several losing seasons??? You must not remember the Kordell / Tomczack / Miller / Graham years?? not sure what that comment even means? please explain furthur..

  • ken4679

    Of course, this assumes injuries at significant positions only improve. Ike down with an ankle injury early. Such unfortunate circumstances with injuries