RB Baron Batch & LB Marshall McFadden Signed To Practice Squad After Clearing Waivers

On Tuesday the Pittsburgh Steelers waived linebacker Marshall McFadden and running back Baron Batch to make room on the 53 man roster for wide receiver Plaxico Burress and quarterback Brian Hoyer. On Wednesday both McFadden and Batch cleared waivers and were signed to the practice squad.

To make room on the practice squad for the two players the team released guard Ryan Lee and tight end Jamie McCoy.

Batch wound up being eligible for the practice squad because his accrued season that he earned on inured reserve last year did not include him being on the active roster for any games, yet alone the maximum of 9. Batch had been active for the first 10 games of this season, but will not get credit for the season being accrued until after it is over. This is where the confusion of the practice squad eligibility came into play with him. After this season Batch will no longer be practice squad eligible.

The release of Lee from the practice squad was likely because rookie guard David DeCastro started back practicing this week. After the team returns to health he might be brought back if still unsigned. Lee had a solid preseason at left guard for the Steelers, albeit with the third team, and had been on the practice squad since the start of the season.

McCoy has bounced on and off the practice squad since the start of the season.

  • dgh57

    I sure HOPE Ryan Lee makes it back to the roster somehow! I thought he looked good in the preseason!!

  • Thomas Rancy

    wait wait Waaaiit a second…..you mean to tell me that Derek Moye, Josh Victorian and Tony Clemons are seen as more valuable prospects then Lee? Really? He’s the only one of the group that actually played well when given a shot…

    Also with Gilbert not practicing I count only 10 O-lineman capable of practicing on the main and practice roster INCLUDING Lee. Isn’t that the minimum? assuming the defense plays against the 2nd string Offense in practice.

    Is a TE playing LT in practice? (unlikely) are they practicing 9 O lineman? (why?)

    Maybe you could explain on Friday?

  • Jonathon Bert Schade

    Yeah, esp. Moye.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Agreed & thats asking it better than I could. I hope you get an answer!

  • Maurice_hill_district

    The Steelers decision to not have Lee even on practice squad makes all Lee’s fans on here look like they must have been high to think Lee was good.