Ryan Clark Claims Referees Had Meetings About Him Before The Game

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark said during his post game talk with the media that the referees had meetings about him prior to the game Sunday against the New York Giants and that they were looking for an opportunity to flag him in the game.

“They had meetings about me before the game,” Clark said. “So anytime they see number 25 flash, and a hit be made, it’s going to be an opportunity for me to get a flag.”

As far as the bad call that went against Clark when he was flagged for an alleged helmet-to-helmet hit on Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz in the end zone, the Steelers safety was very blunt when asked about it.

“They knew they were wrong,” Clark said. “The guy had a rib injury. Period.”

Clark, and all of the players on the Steelers defense for that matter, must really feel like they are marked men each and every game. It seems like every time that one of them delivers a big hit that a flag ends up on the field.

The hit that Clark delivered on Cruz, that you can see a replay of in the animated gif below, was as textbook as they come.

Ryan Clark Hit On Victor Cruz

Clark did lighten up on the referees later in the interview.

“We cant control the calls that are made,” Clark said. “The referees are doing the best that they can. That\’s how I look at it – is that they\’re going to try to do the best that they can. As long as they don\’t have money on the game, I know that they\’re out there just trying to do their job the same as we are.”

“So they are going to make some bad calls and they did. I told you that when the replacement refs were here. The ones that do it all the time ain\’t perfect, and they weren\’t.”

Severely players on the Giants made it a point all week leading up to the game to make sure that the referees knew that the Steelers like to hold not only on offense, but defense as well. Cruz was one of those players.

“It’s pretty blatant how they do it,” Cruz said last week of the Steelers defensive backs. “Some of it’s not being called, and some of it is, so we just have to be prepared to fight through it no matter what happens. And no matter what the down and distance is, expect to be held, expect to be grabbed and just continue to fight.”

Fight is one thing that Cruz didn\’t have in him after the hit by Clark as he looked to be unwilling to really test the middle of the Steelers secondary from that point forward. It looked like his fight had been stopped cold. Maybe the penalty was worth it after all.

  • Sylky_Mcnasty

    Im still super pissed about the picked up flag on the hit on Mike Wallace. That is a textbook infraction. Lets get a Gif of that!

  • Richard Edlin

    Agreed about the Wallace hit – I was sure that was helmet-to-helmet contact.

  • Thomas Rancy

    You know what I would love, lets have reverse fines, if the reffs make a terrible call which if correct would result in a fine, NFL gives 40,000 dollars to Ryan Clark and admits mistake

  • Brendon Glad

    “As long as they don’t have $ on it”…that DEFINITELY smelled like a fix, no matter who covered the pure betline. There are teasers, over/under bets, and combinations there of that rogue officials could use to avoid suspicion

  • Brendon Glad

    Pretty sure Seattle fans weren’t surprised to see bill leavy’s crew in controversy. Pretty sure his crew worked Seattle Pittsburgh Superbowl.

  • michael zavala

    personally I think that this is called football not flag ball… yes we care about the players safety but this is football hard hits in football looks like every time the Steelers hit somebody hard a flag. but when the other team gets to the Steelers hard there’s no flag.. and they screwed big ben all the time they can hit him . but they touch Brady ! touch Brady ! Hell with the flag..you get 5 flags.stop getting rich off the Steelers… we are hated because we have guys that hit very hard.. and the best quarterback in the NFL who is underrated every darn time.hell they whole Harrison all the time.. it’s time to play football in quit crying. the referee should be fined for making stupid calls as well see if they like to get money pulled out of there done checks.. or suspended for stupid calls that’s what the NFL should do to the referees who make those mistakes. let’s be fair about it the players get fined so should the referees. or better yet make a new rule to have any flag be reviewed. specially that dumb pass interference rule

  • Maurice_hill_district

    How does Clark know refs had a meeting about him before the game? No reporter bothered to ask Clark how he knows that?

  • mark davis

    he wasn’t a defenssless reciever so helmet to helmet doesn’t matter

  • mark davis

    he was getting back up so they have the right to tackle him but the clark play was as clean as it gets the refs suck