Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Ravens – Week 11

Below are the coverage stats for the Pittsburgh Steelers following their 13-10 Sunday night loss to the Baltimore ravens. The completion percentage of 63% is a bit higher than you would like it to be, but of course the Ravens offense wasn\’t able to convert well on third downs and never didn\’t score a touchdown in the game. The yards after the catch numbers are not terribly bad. Only two explosive plays were allowed in this game in addition. Overall it was a pretty impressive performance against the pass for yet another week as the secondary is really playing well.

Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Ravens


Steelers Ravens Pass Attempts By Play

114:12110RAV 3400INC82-T.Smith25-R.Clark
113:2537RAV 3751COMP88-D.Pitta94-L.Timmons
19:07311PIT 1351COMP27-R.Rice24-I.Taylor
16:59110RAV 1492COMP81-A.Boldin23-K.Lewis
16:13110RAV 2700INC82-T.Smith24-I.Taylor
15:2333RAV 3400INC82-T.Smith24-I.Taylor
11:07211RAV 29313COMP27-R.Rice56-L.Woodley
10:32110PIT 401111COMP30-B.Pierce97-C.Heyward
10:32110PIT 2990COMP81-A.Boldin23-K.Lewis
214:34110PIT 1900INC82-T.Smith29-R.Mundy
214:29215PIT 2400INC82-T.Smith28-C.Allen
214:26315PIT 2420COMP84-E.Dickson94-L.Timmons
29:4734RAV 2656COMP27-R.Rice28-C.Allen
29:07110RAV 31110COMP81-A.Boldin23-K.Lewis
28:39110RAV 4224COMP81-A.Boldin23-K.Lewis
27:30218RAV 3442COMP12-J.Jones23-K.Lewis
26:48314RAV 38-30COMP12-J.Jones23-K.Lewis
24:39110RAV 2870COMP81-A.Boldin26-W.Allen
23:00210RAV 3900INC81-A.Boldin28-C.Allen
22:55310RAV 39149COMP81-A.Boldin94-L.Timmons
22:24110PIT 4700INC82-T.Smith25-R.Clark
22:0037PIT 4441COMP81-A.Boldin50-L.Foote
39:27110RAV 38231COMP81-A.Boldin23-K.Lewis
38:3026PIT 3500INC81-A.Boldin23-K.Lewis
38:2336PIT 3585COMP27-R.Rice50-L.Foote
37:46110PIT 2763COMP84-E.Dickson50-L.Foote
37:0624PIT 2100INC81-A.Boldin23-K.Lewis
37:0134PIT 2100INC12-J.Jones23-K.Lewis
30:28110RAV 3600INC81-A.Boldin24-I.Taylor
410:13110RAV 1943COMP27-R.Rice50-L.Foote
48:5432RAV 2700INC12-J.Jones23-K.Lewis
44:13110RAV 1372COMP82-T.Smith92-J.Harrison

  • Clint Martin

    This Defense is playing lights out football Especially the secondary!!1st in the NFL overall and against the pass!!They are averaging only giving up 169.3 against the pass are you kidding me!

    Against the run only 89.8 a game!! WHAT!!

  • Amuzon12

    I agree. I like the confidence, intensity and determination that Keenan is showing during the game. He gets this couch potato fired up! It appears to me that he and Ike are complimenting each other well on the field. James Harrison was a force to be reckoned with on Sunday. It looks to be turning the corner. This defense is looking impressive!