Steelers Gunners Double-viced On Punt Return By Jacoby Jones

The 63 yard punt return for a touchdown by Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones was certainly a huge play in the game as it gave them the lead for good against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Head coach Mike Tomlin was asked about the return after the game and if the Ravens did anything special on the play.

“It was a good effort by him,” said Tomlin. “They did a nice job, they double-viced our gunners there and when they do that, the tackle has to come from the core of the punt formation and it didn’t, but nice execution by them. Obviously, a significant football play.”

The punt return by Jones was the first return touchdown allowed by the Steelers special teams units all season and it was the first one that the Ravens have returned all season as well.

“Those are the hidden points that makes the difference in games,” Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said after the game. “It was huge.”

Huge indeed and in a game that we knew would be tightly contested it was a big play such as that that the Steelers had to make sure didn\’t happen.

The game boiled down to significant plays like Tomlin suggested in his post game press conference and the Ravens punt return might have been the most significant one of them all.

“The difference is obviously that we didn’t find a significant play, particularly in the waning moments and in any of the three phases to be the difference, to put points on the board and allow us to get out of the stadium with the win,” Tomlin said.

“They did enough to win the football game.”

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    Lost in the typical scapegoating after a loss is the Steelers as an organization don’t value special teams enough. It becomes evident in games like this.

    The roster doesn’t have enough raw football players. Ones that can run and hit, are tough to block and can make an open field tackle. Or clear the path for your own return guy, of which there’s too many on this team.

    In the past, I’ve really enjoyed watching big prime-time games where a young Hines would catch everything thrown his way on offense and still hustle downfield as a gunner to make a play. Or when even Norm Johnson, as an old kicker is inspired enough to plant someone with a big hit.