Festivus \”Airing of the Grievances\” On The Southside Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

A lot has been made of the comments made by Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger following the loss this past Sunday to the Dallas Cowboys and with good reason.

After the game a clearly frustrated Roethlisberger was critical of the play calling and the use, or lack of use, of the no-huddle offense. On Wednesday Roethlisberger had his normal mid-week chat with media and Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports via Twitter that the Steelers quarterback said that he came in on Monday and apologized to Todd Haley and the Rooney family for those comments.

During his Tuesday press conference head coach Mike Tomlin said that he also had talked to Roethlisberger on Monday and let it be known that his quarterback was still on board with Haley as far as the offense goes.

“Yes, he is and it’s just as you stated,” said Tomlin, when asked if Roethlisberger is still on the same page with Haley. “That was a tough, hard-fought football game, an emotional one, and when you come up short there are frustrations associated with that. I’m sure if anything was read into his comments, it was just that. I met with Ben yesterday and he’s ready to move forward with this week and he’s on-board with what it is we’re doing.”

Frustration? Sure, without a doubt, but like it or not there is still some disconnect here. The same disconnect that started after Bruce Arians “retired” and Haley was named as the new offensive coordinator.

Is this the boiling point that we have all been waiting for? Perhaps we had a Festivus “Airing of the Grievances” at the Southside on Wednesday. That\’s not necessarily a bad thing if indeed that took place the last few days.

The last thing this team needs heading into the game Sunday is distractions and it seems as if the elephant in the room has been addressed. The Steelers just need Roethlisberger to be himself on Sunday and hopefully Haley accommodates that a bit more. If not, the stage might be set for a Southside “Feats of Strength”.

If they can get wins in their final two games the team will have some much needed momentum headed into the playoffs as they look to add a seventh sterling silver Festivus pole to their collection.

  • Mike Carroll

    I guess I’m ignorant or slow here, but what is meant by “Feats of Strength” following a loss? Maybe “fisticuffs”? But I don’t see them holding a weightlifting competition.

  • steeltown

    Again, this is all sort of comical in a way.. if they had won last week none of this would even be a topic.. even though the same plays wouldve been called (or not called) …..In other words, turnovers lost the game, not play calling

  • SteelersDepot

    The head of the household selects one person at the Festivus celebration and challenges that person to a wrestlingmatch.

  • Bill

    Would Peyton Manning be called to the carpet if he spoke up?

  • Everything Steelers

    FESTIVUS for the rest of us….great episode

  • Just frustration, Ben missed quite a few plays but that’s water under the bridge now. The biggest problem is the running game, it sucks bad.

  • Mike Carroll

    Thanks. Everything makes more sense now. I remember hearing about Festivus on Seinfeld, but I had no idea it was a real thing…. and celebrated on December 23rd. Quite interesting.

  • disqus_wdLdx4W76r

    If AB dosent fumble he’s in the endzone easy..if Ben dosent get smackd 2 times in a row we probably get atleast 3..if the Defense holds ground after ABs fumble there’s likely no overtime. Lots of IFS! Could have went to Miller more in the 2nd half..could have had Plaxico ACTIVE instead of being a spectator “WTF” was that about? And Ben could have made some better throws If he was 100% which he clearly isn’t. It wont matter If they don’t win Sunday..can’t wait to see the comments if they don’t.