Ike Taylor Says Healing Process Going Really Fast But Still Unsure When He Will Return

The Pittsburgh Steelers are once again going to be without the services of cornerback Ike Taylor on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys as he will miss his second consecutive game with a fractured right ankle suffered early in the win against the Baltimore Ravens back in Week 13.

Taylor was asked on Wednesday how the rehab is going.

“Right now it\’s going really well. The process is going really fast. I wish I had a genie bottle. I\’d wish I could make things happen fast. I\’d wish I could come back. I\’d wish I could give you a timetable. But I will tell you the process is going fast.”

“I just got to get better but be smart about when I should come back. I know my body. I know I feel. So when I feel like – then doc – then coach – feel like the time is right, I\’ll be back.”

Taylor, who had his 135 consecutive games played streak snapped this week, is currently out of his walking boot. Head coach Mike Tomlin said a week ago Tuesday that Taylor would be out for at least a couple of weeks, so right now he is looking iffy at best that Taylor will be ready for the key game against the Cincinnati Bengals a week from this coming Sunday.

The 32 year-old veteran stays in tremendous shape year around, but a fracture is a fracture and it wouldn\’t be surprising to see him have to sit out until the playoffs, assuming the Steelers make it. He is as week-to-week as one player can be right now.

Taylor was replaced at outside cornerback this past Sunday by Cortez Allen, but even he might be out against the Cowboys on Sunday after suffering a groin injury. Should Allen be forced to sit out it would be either Curtis Brown or Josh Victorian that would start opposite Keenan Lewis with the other one coming in when the defense uses their nickel sub package.

  • steeltown

    Man I hope Cortez Allens injury isnt major and he atleast practices on Friday

  • steeltown

    This whole Willie Colon thing is very very strange. First, they dont actually say what type of injury, just “knee injury” with no specifics, even after surgery, “Just know he had surgery yesterday on his left knee, the one he has been dealing with.” -Tomlin. Does that mean in regards to fluid build up? Second, they dont place him on IR, Tomlin says “need to let a day or two go by before we look at the totality of his possible return” Well, he had the procedure on Monday, it is now Thursday, sooo? Just all very hush hush if you ask me. I’ll be interested to see Thursdays injury report.

  • steeltown

    I think the Steelers have a problem with keeping injured guys on the 53man roster for far too long.. put him on IR and utilize the roster spot. We need to win 2 of the 3 if not all 3 of the upcomings games and Colon will NOT be a factor in that no matter how you slice it. Put Colon on IR and sign Ryan Lee to the active roster!

  • NW86

    I think the Mendenhall suspension bought them a week with Colon. That allowed them to bring B Batch back onto the roster, and there is nobody else that they really need right now. That will let them get through this week, see if they have any more injuries and need anyone new, plus see how DeCastro does in the game. If DD looks good, expect them to IR Willie next week to allow Mendenhall back on the roster without cutting anyone else.

  • steeltown

    Good point, wasnt thinking about the Mendy susp. it does give another week to decide on Colon

  • Ahmad

    Looks Curtis Brown might have to start Sunday. I hope he does better this week than he did the last.