Mike Tomlin & John Harbaugh Have Tense Moment During Postgame Handshake

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh had an interesting postgame handshake following the Steelers 23-20 win that will likely get a lot of run in the media this week.

Following the game winning kick by Shaun Suisham the cameras showed Harbaugh approaching Tomlin at midfield for the customary exchange between head coaches. As the two got closer to one another, Harbaugh said, “Congratulations” to Tomlin, who appeared to already be looking toward Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco as the two shook hands.

Tomlin appeared to be quickly heading off when Harbaugh yelled out Tomlin to get his attention while still having hold of his hand. The two came back together quickly and Harbaugh said something else to Tomlin to which he replied, “Thank you, good job” before heading back off in the opposite direction.

As Tomlin went off Harbaugh appeared to be giving the Steelers head coach a mad stare.

The Harbaugh family is certainly getting a reputation for have interesting postgame handshakes, aren\’t they?

You can see the animated gif of the terse handshake below.

Steelers Mike Tomlin Ravens John Harbaugh handshake animated gif

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Tomlin should have given a lil more respect to him but this is much to do about nothing

  • Rize

    Tomlin did not do anything 30 other head coaches do. They shake hands and go back to the locker room. This scenario only reinforces the holier than though premadonna feeling I have had about John Harbaugh.
    The interesting thing to consider is what would you or I have done if the coach you despise grabs onto your hand and pulls you back only to attempt to embarrass you? I cannot be certain I would not have attempted to push him away to avoid him from holding onto me. Which then may have created a more dramatic scenario.
    In the end, I think this a good thing. It shows to the Baltimore fans who already are not fond of Johnny and it shows to the general public that his continual whining on the sidelines is not just a strategy. This is proof that he is just a whiner, poor sport, and overall guy who is easy to dislike.

  • Doni609

    Harbaugh the ‘twitt’ and Tomlin the ‘bullcrap artist’…..must have been an interesting exchange of words. Whatever Harbaugh said I’m sure Tomlin replied “Hey, we were short-handed but whoever we put on the field we expect no let-down in performance. I’m sorry your team was so inept tonight”! Harbaugh replied…..”Screw you and that old man you had winging the ball”!

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Usually I ignore this crap but u can see Tomlin ignored Harbaugh as Harbaugh approached & Tomlin did not want to shake his hand. Tomlin that isnt classy to ignore the head coach after a game.

    Ravens might remember that the next time Ravens have a lead over Steelers.

  • Mike Carroll

    Actually, you can’t see Tomlin approaching in this video, so it’s not possible to see if he is saying something to Harbaugh before they shake hands.

  • steeltown

    Whatever, Is Tomlin more classy than he appeared to be, maybe, but make no mistake these are our rivals. As ‘Rize’ said below many coaches in the NFL shake hands without saying a word.. and lets not forget the gatorade showers last season. So the Ravens can be classless but Tomlin cant ‘snub’ Harbaugh with a quick handshake and see ya later approach? Again Tomlin usually presents himself better, but this is a none issue.

  • steeltown

    You think the Ravens wont run up the score if they have the chance to, regardless? They have already shown that they will

  • Ahmad

    I mean Tomlin hardly ever gives exurberant post game hand shakes. He shakes the coaches hand, maybe a word or a pat on the back but it’s normally very quick. I mean heck if I had just won in Baltimore, I would have wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible.

  • Bob Stevens

    Who cares. i personally don’t think Tomlin snubbed him, but Harbaugh is such an a$$ he had to make the handshake dramatic. It was a relatively clean game and we deserved the win, all he should have said was congrats and move on.

  • Clint Martin

    I think it was a great snub I am proud of Tomlin! Can’t wait to beat these girls at there own stadium come playoff time!! With Ben in there it wouldn’t even be a game! MARK MY WORDS!!

  • Fu-Schnickens

    Correction: Harbaugh replied….”Waaaaaaaa!!!” while stomping his feet in defiance with the same childish petulance that he always does. What a baby!

  • Fu-Schnickens

    Perhaps Tomlin said, “You ought to teach your punk-a$$ bushleague players that standing over an opposing player like you’re going to help him up and then leaving him there on the ground (Courtney Upshaw) is classless, and you deserved to lose because you employ scummy murderers like Ray “Stabbie” Lewis.”

  • Raz

    Harbaugh is a scary dude