Report: Cardinals Might Be Interested In Todd Haley If They Fire Ken Whisenhunt

Jason La Canfora reported Sunday morning on the CBS Pregame show that if the Arizona Cardinals fire head coach Ken Whisenhunt after the season ends that Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley would be their top choice to replace him.

Haley of course was Cardinals offensive coordinator for two seasons prior to becoming the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs and he undoubtedly would like another chance to be a head coach one day.

It is too early to really speculate whether or not this will come to fruition and we always like to disclaimer any report made by La Canfora as he certainly does not have the best track record. It really sounds like speculation.

Haley did however play a big part in leading the Cardinals to their only Super Bowl appearance against the Steelers in 2008, so it is not hard to speculate that he would be a top candidate to return there when and if the job opens up.

  • Ahmad

    The Cardinals always like taking guys from us. It’s pathetic. They keep trying to be us and keep failing.

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    Hopefully they take Mendenhall, Wallace, Mundy, to name a few

  • zyzak

    Please take Haley

  • Mikey Hoje

    and RB coach Wilson gets his job back. Karma?

  • RJO1001

    If they take Haley, i wouldnt mind bringing back Whisenhunt as our O-Coordinator. Would gladly do a coach swap.

  • Dominic Johns

    I would hate this. Ben needs to stick to one system. If his system changes too much it could be detrimental to his career.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Cant stand them

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Ha nice:)

  • Maurice_hill_district

    And our other players. because Haley’s system & terminology is so different, that it figurd to take much work to learn it. Then he’s gone.

  • steeltown

    Not to sure about Haley and his Offense anymore… yes, we are great on 3rd downs (or should I say Ben has been great on 3rd downs) and Miller is having a career year, but other then that its been pretty mediocre

  • SteelerKiller