Report: Colon To Have Surgery On Monday, Roster Moves Likely Forthcoming

Last night Gerry Dulac reported that left guard Willie Colon might be done for the season after suffering a left knee injury during the second quarter of the loss Sunday to the San Diego Chargers and on Wednesday Jory Rand of KDKA-TV reports via Twitter that Colon is having surgery on Monday.

This all adds up to Colon being placed on injured reserve as early as today or Tuesday which will open up a spot on the Steelers 53 man roster.

Steelers Willie Colon Knee Injury Chargers

The Steelers only dressed 7 offensive linemen on Sunday as rookie tackle Mike Adams was out with an ankle sprain and guard John Malecki was a healthy inactive scratch.

The Steelers currently have guard Justin Cheadle and tackle Joe Long on the practice squad, so there is a chance that one of them will be promoted if the team can\’t find a veteran off of the street. A Cheadle promotion would be the most likeliest if they stay in house, but of course none of that is guaranteed.

The Steelers could decide to sign back guard Ryan Lee off of the New Orleans Saints practice squad. That would be my choice. Lee had a solid preseason showing late in games and was a member of the Steelers practice squad up until a few weeks ago.

The Steelers also currently have an open spot on their practice squad that needs to be filled after cornerback Josh Victorian was promoted to the 53 man roster on Saturday.

  • steeltown

    Ha! We think alike, before I even read the article all I could think was signing Ryan Lee off New Orleans PS.. why not, he knows the system better then Cheadle does

  • steeltown

    Sad thing is they probably wont sign Lee, they’ll just activate Malecki on game day, especially if Adams is almost healthy. Personally, I think they need to get Lee back now, our OL is dropping like flies

  • JT


  • What if playing him now increases the injury risk? He’s a long term investment more than a 2012 quick fix

  • NW86

    Basically, they’ve already covered the loss of Colon by getting DeCastro back and activating Malecki when Colon was first hurt a couple weeks ago. I don’t see them needing to make another move for this. I’d see Willie’s spot on the 53-man roster going instead to getting a guy like Baron Batch or even Ta’amu back on the roster. I think they want to get those guys back on the roster before the end of the season so they don’t become free agents in the offseason.

  • NW86

    If they felt it was a risk, he wouldn’t have been dressed and active the past 2 weeks.

  • steeltown

    I just read an article regarding 5 practice squad players across the League that other Teams should consider ‘poaching’ and one of the players was OG Justin Cheadle… kind of interesting

  • steeltown

    The article mentioned that he wasnt drafted due to his size 290lbs, but that he is very athletic, quick and has good balance, which is hard to teach, he just needs to gain weight and strength

  • JT

    Exactly NW86. If he can’t play, he needs to be IRed. Need the roster room.

  • Matt Lipner

    Please sign Lee!

  • The sooner he plays after injury the more the risk. I wouldn’t IR him because he could make a difference in the playoffs but I wouldn’t play him this soon with the idea he is going to make the difference against teams like Cleveland and San Diego.

    If the last couple spots on the active roster are the difference in this teams ability to even make the playoffs I don’t think I would risk him for the inevitable first round loss. If they make the playoffs I would be inclined to take more risk and the extra couple months of workouts would decrease that risk even further.

  • If they felt it was a risk for him to play a whole game they wouldn’t have dressed him for a few emergency snaps over a practice squad guy? I don’t agree with that assumption. Risk isn’t an on or off situation. There are hundreds of degrees of variation. Dressing him for a few emergency snaps is much less risk than asking him to play a whole game.

  • SteelerFanInMD

    Bad luck seems to follow Willie. Was on IR last two years and going on IR again. At least he got in 13 games.

  • Thomas Rancy

    Lee! I would love that!

  • SteelSpine

    – Re guards: Interesting that every chance they kept mystery-man Malecki instead of Ryan Lee. By now I’ve figured Malecki is just a practice body for Hampton etc to pound on in practices. But have had Malecki a while now, is he so bad that he cant be a backup yet? And could Malecki finally be a backup center (backup C/G) next year when (if ) Legursky gone? Assume no, just based on this season.
    – Re Victorian: Cowboys dont have any little receivers who Victorian could cover. Assume plan is to have him on just kick coverage. So good thing Keenan having a good year (other than last game he got torched on TD). Corez Allen will get a workout this game.

  • SteelSpine

    I agree with you JT & NW86 that since DD cant play this season, I was surprised they didnt IR him for the year, coulda used the roster spot. Back when they used our one-&-only allowed 8-wk IR spot for DD, I & other folks here did the math, adding healing then pads-contact practice weeks, did not add up to playing this stage of the season. At this end of the season if too-risks re-injury, there is no point, because should have never assumed their will be playoffs for the Steelers.

    Even if Steelers make it into one game in this playoffs, staffs dont mess with offensive line “chemistry” (bad as ours might be, they’ll call it chemistry) by suddenly starting DD, anyway.

    Steelers of-course know more than I do. So I assume their plan is to just have DD available as a backup in a playoff game for if many injuries during that game.

  • SteelerDave

    Please sign Lee back.