Report: Mendenhall Didn\’t Think He Had To Show Up On Sunday

Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports on Wednesday that suspended running back Rashard Mendenhall told head coach Mike Tomlin that he did not show up at Heinz Field on Sunday for the game after being told he would not play because he thought that he didn\’t have to.

Mendenhall was one of the 7 game inactives for a second week in a row and his failure to show up on Sunday resulted in him being suspended for one game without pay for conduct detrimental to the team.

Mendenhall has been around the league long enough to know the protocol of inactive, non-injured players, so that excuse really does not hold water. He was frustrated and defiant.

The agent of the former first round draft pick said on Tuesday that his client would return to the team on Monday with a better attitude. We shall see.

  • steeltown

    That’s BS Mendenhall… why were you around the week prior if you thought you didnt have to show? Exactly… BS

  • Garrett Hunt

    You would think he would be doing everything he can to get back on the field for a better potential contract somewhere…. guess not

  • mokhkw

    If I recall correctly, when Mendenhall was injured in 08 & on IR he didn’t re-hab at the Steeler’s facility or attend any of the games that year.

    I took his attendance while injured at the camps this year as a sign that he had matured so I’m tending to think there is a possibility that he genuinely didn’t think he had to be at the game & this isn’t because “He was frustrated & defiant”. He didn’t show up to games in 08 & as far as I can recall, no action was taken against him.

    I’m by no means a fan of Mendenhall or want him back next year (unless he’s really cheap) but I think Tomlin’s inconsistency with dealing with players is starting to show.

    He’ll quickly bench a RB for fumbling, but not a WR. He leaves Leftwitch in the game even when he’s obviously injured & ineffective. He plays Rainey as a 3-down back & almost gets him decapitated in the process. Other players in other positions make mistakes & seemingly don’t get treated the same way the RBs do.

    Mendehhall/Tomlin reminds me of Holmgren/Green & we all know how good he turned out once he was traded to the Packers after Holmgren continued to bench him for fumbling & ruined his confidence.

    Even Adrian Peterson has had fumbling issues in the past, would Tomlin have benched him as well if he played for the Steelers? QBs throw INTs, OLs miss blocks, WRs drop balls, LBers miss tackles and DBs blow coverage… and yes, sometimes a RB will fumble. Either bench them all or treat them all the same.

    I’m not concerned about Mendenhall here of the fact that he’s been suspended, I’m concerned with how this affects the play of all our RBs going forward, will they be so concerned with fumbling that they won’t make plays when they’re available?

  • Jonathon Bert Schade

    He’s a goner and he knows it. I just hope we can get something for him.

  • “I’m sorry boss, I didn’t think I had to show up for work last week since we weren’t busy. Please don’t punish me.”

    That works great in the real world.

  • Might get a comp pick the year after, but his lack of PT this year may affect that.

  • He got benched as much for poor play overall as for the fumbles. That said, he has fumbled on something like 9% of his carries this year. Regarding showing up, he should still have known better: in 08 he was injured, this week he was a game day inactive. A world of difference.

  • zyzak

    Love him or hate him he’s way better than the other two backs

  • Garrett Hunt

    Way better? I don’t know about that. Maybe way more talented, but not way more productive.

  • Mike Carroll

    He fumbled 2 times (losing 1) in 4 carries versus the Browns.

  • SteelSpine

    Mendy’s not gonna be given benefit of the doubt on this because previously he wasnt exactly known as any Einstein. If he couldnt remember how to carry a football how could he be expected to remember any rule?
    Other RBs fumble & get benched for it then next game they remembered & hold the ball. Mendy tho, his history is you can punish him by make him carry a football with him everywhere all week then he’ll go right out the next game & carry the football like its the handle of a briefcase, in traffic. A picture in Post Gazette yesterday (or day before) about Mendenhall included a photo of Mendy carrying the ball in traffic & it was typical with the ball in one hand & that hand is down low waist-high but out away from his body in traffic, using the ball to help pump his arms like runners do to help them run faster.