Steelers 2013 Salary Cap Numbers

Unfortunately it is that time of year that we need to start looking at the Pittsburgh Steelers 2013 salary cap situation.

As we head into the final week of the 2012 season the Steelers currently have 37 players under contract for 2013 that will count nearly $129 million against the cap, which is obviously roughly $8 million or so over the projected 2013 cap limit.

There is currently another $461,541 in dead money on the books for 2013 in addition to the above.

We can safely speculate that the 5 restricted free agents and the 2 exclusive rights free agents will all be tendered. The levels are of course open to debate, but for this early look we will go at the minimum projected levels for each which totals out at a projected $7.71 million.

This brings our projected total for 42 players and the dead money at a little over $137 million, or roughly $16 million over the cap.

So how will Omar Khan work his magic on this?

Let\’s start with LaMarr Woodley and Lawrence Timmons. Both will once again be restructured like they were this past offseason. Those projected restructures of their base salaries and the $2.5 million roster bonus due Timmons will easily clear roughly $11.5 million in cap space. I have wrote about this in the past and fully expect this to happen.

Ben Roethlisberger can be restructured once again without issue which should clear at most another $7 million in cap space. That figure is based on turning $10 million of his $11.6 million base into signing bonus. This is roughly what they did last season with him and there is no reason to think that it would not happen again.

With those three restructures done we have cleared roughly $18.5 million in cap space.

James Harrison is the big elephant in the room this offseason that needs his $10.035 million cap charge in 2013 addressed. Merely cutting Harrison will clear $5.105 million in cap space. There will not be a restructure I do not believe and I doubt they will go to him and ask him to take a pay cut. This is just the ugly side of the business.

Willie Colon is also somewhat of an elephant that will need to be addressed as well. Cutting him outright will save $1.2 million and it is something the Steelers really need to think about doing based on his injury history now. Had he stayed healthy this year he would have been safer.

Between those five moves we have cleared nearly $25 million in cap space which would have the Steelers roughly $9 million under the cap with only 11 roster spots left to fill against the cap, of which half will likely be draft picks.

Keep in mind that the Steelers will be able to roll over any unused cap space from this year, which figures to be around $3 million or so. I will have that number after the season is over. In addition, the Steelers will have (3) $250,000 veteran credits totaling $750,000 that can be used on veteran players as we get closer to the final roster cut down day.

If everything goes as I listed above the Steelers should be fine as far as cap space goes. Once again they will not be active in free agency outside of trying to sign a few of their own unrestricted players and one or two veteran bargains.

There might be a cap casualty or two of the players under contract below and the two obvious candidates would be Jerricho Cotchery and Brett Keisel. Those two, if released, would clear $3.835 million, but it might not have to come to that.

UPDATED 12/28/12 – Added Marshall McFadden, Damon Cromartie-Smith and Jamie McCoy.
UPDATED 1/12/13 – All futures added & Chris Rainey released.
UPDATED 1/30/13 – All new futures added.


Ben Roethlisberger$2,600,000$13,595,000
Troy Polamalu$7,500,000$10,137,500
Ike Taylor$6,000,000$9,454,166
Lamarr Woodley$3,600,000$9,190,000
Heath Miller$5,162,000$7,958,500
Willie Colon$5,500,000$7,650,000
Lawrence Timmons$750,000$5,816,250
Brett Keisel$2,825,000$4,900,000
Ryan Clark$3,500,000$4,750,000
Antonio Brown$650,000$3,120,000
Ziggy Hood$715,000$2,990,860
Maurkice Pouncey$977,250$2,527,875
Emmanuel Sanders$2,500,000$2,500,000
Larry Foote$1,500,000$1,833,333
Cameron Heyward$984,548$1,828,644
David DeCastro$745,177$1,775,886
Shaun Suisham$1,425,000$1,762,500
Jerricho Cotchery$1,000,000$1,500,000
Ramon Foster$1,100,000$1,500,000
Steve McLendon$900,000$1,458,333
Isaac Redman$1,323,000$1,323,000
Jonathan Dwyer$1,323,000$1,323,000
Bruce Gradkowski$1,000,000$1,283,333
William Gay$1,000,000$1,166,666
Jason Worilds$630,000$985,000
Matt Spaeth$825,000$962,500
Marcus Gilbert$668,402$880,204
Mike Adams$480,000$805,375
Justin King$715,000$715,000
Curtis Brown$555,000$685,300
Cortez Allen$555,000$652,875
Sean Spence$500,000$636,345
Al Woods$630,000$630,000
David Johnson$630,000$630,000
John P Wilson$630,000$630,000
Stevenson Sylvester$630,000$630,000
Greg Warren$840,000$620,000
LaRod Stephens-Howling$715,000$620,000
Plaxico Burress$940,000$620,000
Chris Carter$555,000$595,700
Brian Moorman$940,000$555,000
Brian Rolle$555,000$555,000
DeMarcus Van Dyke$555,000$555,000
Guy Whimper$715,000$555,000
Kion Wilson$555,000$555,000
Shamarko Thomas$405,000$518,287
David Paulson$480,000$491,474
Kelvin Beachum$480,000$491,474
Adrian Robinson$480,000$481,666
Drew Butler$480,000$481,666
Robert Golden$480,000$481,666
Alameda Ta\’amu$480,000$480,000
Baron Batch$480,000$480,000
Da\’Mon Cromartie-Smith$480,000$480,000
David Gilreath$480,000$480,000
John Malecki$480,000$480,000
Josh Victorian$480,000$480,000
Ross Ventrone$480,000$480,000
Will Johnson$480,000$480,000
Zack Pianalto$480,000$480,000
Vince Williams$405,000$424,670
Nik Embernate$405,000$412,500
Mike Golic, Jr.$405,000$412,500
Cordian Hagans$405,000$410,000
Chris Hubbard$405,000$409,500
Reggie Dunn$405,000$409,000
Omar Hunter$405,000$409,000
Curtis McNeal$405,000$408,000
Joe Madsen$405,000$408,000
J.D. Woods$405,000$407,500
Alan Baxter$405,000$407,500
Terence Garvin$405,000$407,000
Brian Arnfelt$405,000$407,000
Mike Farrell$405,000$407,000
Luke Ingram$405,000$406,500
Danny Hrapmann$405,000$405,000
Derek Moye$405,000$405,000
Hebron Fangupo$405,000$405,000
Isaiah Green$405,000$405,000
Jamie McCoy$405,000$405,000
Jarvis Jones$405,000$405,000
Joe Long$405,000$405,000
Justin Brown$405,000$405,000
Justin Cheadle$405,000$405,000
Kashif Moore$405,000$405,000
Landry Jones$405,000$405,000
Le\’Veon Bell$405,000$405,000
Markus Wheaton$405,000$405,000
Marshall McFadden$405,000$405,000
Nicholas Williams$405,000$405,000
Terry Hawthorne$405,000$405,000
James Harrison*$4,930,000
Alameda Ta\’amu*$344,824
Chris Rainey*$136,239
Toney Clemons*$37,368
Terrence Frederick*$34,422
Baron Batch*$23,256
Ivory Wade*$4,000
Ryan Lee*$3,334
Terry Carter*$3,334
Ikponmwosa Igbinosun*$3,334
Marquis Maze*$3,334
Brandon Lindsey*$2,667
Jake Stoller*$2,667
Anthony Rashad White*$2,000
Connor Dixon*$1,667
Weslye Saunders*$1,334
TOP 51 TOTAL PLUS DEAD*$123,968,828
2013 CAP ADJUSTMENT*$1,168,000
GRAND TOTAL*$122,042,017
UNDER CAP*$957,983