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Steelers Cowboys Inactives – Week 15

Below is the inactive list for the Pittsburgh Steelers week 15 game on the road against the Dallas Cowboys. The 7 inactive players are announced 90 minutes before kickoff.

Steelers Inactives
CB Cortez Allen
T Mike Adams
CB Ike Taylor
WR Plaxico Burress
QB Byron Leftwich
G Willie Colon
DE Al Woods

Cowboys Inactives
CB Morris Claiborne
S Charlie Peprah
RB Phillip Tanner
G Kevin Kowalksi
C David Arkin
T Darrion Weems
DT Jay Ratliff

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About Dave Bryan

I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • Mike Carroll

    I’ve heard enough about the great young wide receivers for the Steelers. Sanders fumbles on long pass play at start of game. Luckily called incomplete because it really was a fumble. These guys, all 3 of them are TOO SOFT. Ben does himself, nor the team any favors when he heaps praise on them calling them the most talented group on the team. What a joke. And the team did themselves no favors by snubbing Ben and voting Brown as team MVP last year. The guy’s head is the size of a house now.

  • Mike Carroll

    Sad to watch Troy P. now. He has not helped since returning from his latest injury.

  • Mike Carroll

    Is Lebeau kidding? Who does he expect Harrison to cover 20 yards downfield? Maybe a guy with a broken leg, but nobody else.

    Once again no pass rush. I suppose that was one of those quick releases Woodley has been complaining about.

  • Mike Carroll

    This team has NO pass rush. The Browns sacked Romo about 7 times and we can’t touch him.

    Nice play by Victorian guarding for 6 seconds.

  • Mike Carroll

    Heath Miller has taken over for Hines Ward. Too bad young money couldn’t step up. I suppose Brown counts as poor man’s (almost broke) version of Hines.

  • Mike Carroll

    Woodley is not the playmaker the Steelers paid him to be. His streak is now up to 23 games without making an impact. He can complain about “freak injuries” and how the other team is getting rid of the ball so quickly, but I can’t imagine any Steeler fan who wants to hear it. The guy is out of shape and has let the team down.

  • Mike Carroll

    First Brown fumbles because he is weak and holds the ball like a loaf of bread. Then he fails to make a simple fair catch costing the team 20 yards in field position.

    And now he runs out of bounds?!?!?

  • Mike Carroll

    Two times in the same year Ben blows a game at the end. Not good.

    No surprise Wallace did nothing to help on the play.

  • Mike Carroll

    Another game losing the turnover battle. And more injuries. Surprisingly no penalties.

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