Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Chargers – Week 14

Below are the coverage stats for the Pittsburgh Steelers following their 34-24 loss Sunday to the San Diego Chargers. The completion percentage of 51% looks good on paper, as does the 4.88 yards per attempt, but when you factor in the Chargers were 12 for 22 (55%) on 3rd downs and Philip Rivers was 11-of-19 (57.9%) 118 yards with 2 touchdowns on 3rd down, you can clearly see why the Steelers lost.

Curtis Brown was thrown at 6 times and allowed 6 receptions for 84 yards and a touchdown. 5 of those 6 were on 3rd down and all 5 of those moved the chains.

Cortez Allen was targeted 8 times in total and allowed 6 receptions for 86 yards. 3 of those 6 catches were on 3rd downs and all 3 moved chains.

Ignore the Ziggy Hood coverage stats.

Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Chargers


Steelers Chargers Pass Attempts By Play

111:48110PIT 4800INC24-R.Mathews96-Z.Hood
111:42210PIT 4800INC85-A.Gates96-Z.Hood
111:37310PIT 4800INC30-R.Brown50-L.Foote
18:0334SDG 3761COMP85-A.Gates50-L.Foote
16:0538SDG 45112COMP87-M.Spurlock28-C.Allen
13:2329PIT 3300INC85-A.Gates50-L.Foote
13:1439PIT 3300INC85-A.Gates94-L.Timmons
214:0724SDG 2400INC84-D.Alexander28-C.Allen
214:0234SDG 2460COMP87-M.Spurlock31-C.Brown
213:36110SDG 3000INC85-A.Gates43-.T.Polamalu
213:29210SDG 3000INC85-A.Gates50-L.Foote
213:25310SDG 30105COMP87-M.Spurlock31-C.Brown
213:03110SDG 4061COMP84-D.Alexander28-C.Allen
212:2424SDG 4634COMP80-M.Floyd23-K.Lewis
29:2029PIT 4500INC80-M.Floyd23-K.Lewis
29:1639PIT 4500INC84-D.Alexander28-C.Allen
26:57210PIT 3600INC17-P.Rivers96-Z.Hood
26:49310PIT 3600INC85-A.Gates23-K.Lewis
24:3428PIT 46711COMP30-R.Brown28-C.Allen
23:4831PIT 393910TD84-D.Alexander31-C.Brown
21:29210PIT 4700INC80-M.Floyd23-K.Lewis
21:24310PIT 47125COMP87-M.Spurlock28-C.Allen
21:16110PIT 35140COMP85-A.Gates31-C.Brown
21:09110PIT 2100INC30-R.Brown50-L.Foote
21:05210PIT 2100INC80-M.Floyd43-.T.Polamalu
20:59310PIT 2100INC80-M.Floyd23-K.Lewis
314:1629SDG 23811COMP84-D.Alexander25-R.Clark
313:3331SDG 3182COMP84-D.Alexander31-C.Brown
312:52110SDG 3900INC88-D.Rosario94-L.Timmons
312:0233SDG 4651COMP87-M.Spurlock28-C.Allen
310:08110PIT 3800INC33-L.McClain96-Z.Hood
39:3535PIT 3371COMP84-D.Alexander31-C.Brown
37:48213PIT 2900INC80-M.Floyd23-K.Lewis
35:3331PIT 330TD80-M.Floyd23-K.Lewis
31:5129SDG 2171COMP87-M.Spurlock25-R.Clark
31:2032SDG 2800INC84-D.Alexander35-J.Victorian
415:00210SDG 3240COMP80-M.Floyd23-K.Lewis
414:1936SDG 36116COMP85-A.Gates94-L.Timmons
413:39110SDG 471313COMP87-M.Spurlock25-R.Clark
412:2629PIT 3955COMP84-D.Alexander28-C.Allen
49:5228PIT 15150TD84-D.Alexander35-J.Victorian

  • steeltown

    This just further proves they need to retain K.Lewis

  • steeltown

    C.Brown is nowhere near ready to be a starter on Defense, I blame the coaching staff for never giving him much playing time

  • Pete

    Brown and Allen are not ready to be everyday starters but they’ll get better. Look how long it took Lewis to develop. The Steelers are big on Brown and Allen. It’s just unfortunate they were thrown into the fire when Ike when down. They’ll learn from this and continue to get better. Trust in Lake.

  • steeltown

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Cortez and Brown both, just dont think Brown is anywhere near ready to start on the outside in the nickel defense

  • Tim Culligan

    I was excited about 31 and 28 coming into the year, I though they both could be good #3 corners. Allen has had very spotty play lately but I thought Brown would be better. Granted he really only plays special teams for them as of now (and hes not too shabby at it either), but he needs to put in the work to get better over the next few years.