Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Cowboys – Week 15

Below are the coverage stats for the Pittsburgh Steelers following their 27-24 overtime loss Sunday to the Dallas Cowboys.

The completion percentage of 71% is down right awful as is the 8.1 yards per attempt.

Josh Victorian was targeted 9 times and allowed 7 completions. I should note that a few were screens, but the yards after the catch, 42 to be exact, is something a Steelers corner should never let happen. It wasn\’t just Victorian either, as yards after the catch for the whole team was bad.

The Steelers will hopefully have both Cortez Allen and Keenan Lewis in the lineup this week against the Cincinnati Bengals. If they don\’t, I hate to think what A.J. Green might do against the likes of Victorian or Curtis Brown.

Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Cowboys


Steelers Cowboys Pass Attempts By Play

113:07110DAL 12171COMP19-M.Austin25-R.Clark
112:0327DAL 3263COMP11-C.Beasley56-L.Woodley
110:48110DAL 4693COMP85-K.Ogletree35-J.Victorian
19:38110PIT 3400INC19-M.Austin35-J.Victorian
18:5238PIT 3200INC88-D.Bryant23-K.Lewis
14:0724DAL 2685COMP19-M.Austin43-T.Polamalu
13:26110DAL 34190COMP19-M.Austin35-J.Victorian
12:37110PIT 47121COMP19-M.Austin35-J.Victorian
10:5517PIT 700INC47-L.Vickers92-J.Harrison
213:1026DAL 461613COMP84-J.Hanna50-L.Foote
212:23110PIT 3825COMP19-M.Austin56-L.Woodley
211:54118PIT 462913COMP84-J.Hanna92-J.Harrison
211:07110PIT 17170TD82-J.Witten21-R.Golden
26:03110DAL 2082COMP19-M.Austin35-J.Victorian
24:00110DAL 32159COMP88-D.Bryant23-K.Lewis
23:27110DAL 4700INC19-M.Austin35-J.Victorian
23:19210DAL 4700INC82-J.Witten25-R.Clark
315:00110DAL 20710COMP88-D.Bryant23-K.Lewis
310:4626DAL 241513COMP47-L.Vickers35-J.Victorian
39:59110DAL 3943COMP29-D.Murray50-L.Foote
39:1326DAL 4372COMP17-D.Harris35-J.Victorian
38:07223DAL 371821COMP17-D.Harris35-J.Victorian
37:2835PIT 4582COMP11-C.Beasley21-R.Golden
36:52110PIT 371316COMP19-M.Austin94-L.Timmons
36:10110PIT 24240COMP88-D.Bryant23-K.Lewis
34:16110DAL 2099COMP29-D.Murray92-J.Harrison
32:52110DAL 4150COMP82-J.Witten94-L.Timmons
412:30110DAL 201312COMP29-D.Murray50-L.Foote
411:18120DAL 2363COMP82-J.Witten94-L.Timmons
410:33214DAL 2900INC82-J.Witten94-L.Timmons
410:26319DAL 2400INC88-D.Bryant23-K.Lewis
410:03110PIT 44130TD88-D.Bryant23-K.Lewis
48:3828PIT 2994COMP82-J.Witten43-T.Polamalu
47:54110PIT 201719COMP17-D.Harris23-K.Lewis
47:0813PIT 300INC88-D.Bryant23-K.Lewis
47:0323PIT 300INC88-D.Bryant23-K.Lewis
42:54110DAL 1200INC88-D.Bryant43-T.Polamalu
42:50210DAL 1254COMP29-D.Murray21-R.Golden
42:1135DAL 1740COMP17-D.Harris31-C.Brown
40:47110PIT 4900INC19-M.Austin21-R.Golden
40:43210PIT 4962COMP82-J.Witten92-J.Harrison
40:3634PIT 4300INC82-J.Witten94-L.Timmons

  • steeltown

    Man.. Victorian not only has the worst comp% but he allowed the most yds after catch as well.. that’s not good. Is he really that much better than Curtis Brown?? Atleast Brown can Tackle!

  • Pete

    Is Will Allen injured, dressed, inactive? Why is Golden playing instead of Allen?

  • steeltown

    im not sure what the reasoning was.. Will Allen has been playing great and Golden has almost no in-game experience, it doesnt make sense

  • steeltown

    He was active

  • Andrew Grigsby

    I wondered about Will Allen too why play Golden over him??,i didn’t get that either. Hopefully we can get some safety help in the draft next spring. Sure need it.

  • Josh Victorian, Curtis Brown, and Robert Golden are at the 2002 Hank Poteat level…can’t cover or tackle and allows 1st downs on almost every 3rd down.

  • Josh Victorian looked like 2002 Hank Poteat in that playoff game against the Clowns.

  • steeltown

    Im not really ready to pass judgement on Golden yet.. yes, he blew it on that TD, coincidentally his first play of the game, but he made some plays after that playing at the CB position. He is pretty raw and young, he could have potential as a backup Safety (maybe finally get rid of Mundy) Golden hasnt seen the field all season, except for ST. If he gets another year under his belt and still plays mediocre, then I’ll agree with you