Steelers Injury Report: Brett Keisel Will Not Need Surgery On Sprained MCL

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin held his final press conference of the 2012 season on Monday and he gave a thorough recap of the injured players heading into the offseason.

Rookie tackle Kelvin Beachum (concussion) suffered a concussion in the game Sunday but they do not expect any long-term issues because of it. Rookie guard David DeCastro (stinger) suffered a severe stinger in the game in addition and that too should not be an injury that lingers.

Defensive end Cameron Heyward (rib) suffered a rib fracture against the Browns and defensive end Brett Keisel (knee) suffered an MCL sprain but it will not require surgery according Tomlin. The same thing goes for cornerback Keenan Lewis (knee) as he is dealing with a right MCL sprain.

Safety Ryan Clark (quad) suffered a severe contusion to his left quad and was hospitalized overnight as a precaution. He has since been released from the hospital.

Heath Miller (knee) had his ACL and MCL reconstructed last week and there is no timetable yet as far as his recovery goes. Cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke (shoulder) had his shoulder reconstructed last week and running back Baron Batch (arm) had surgery last week to repair his broken arm by having a plate inserted.

Tackle Mike Adams (ankle), cornerback Curtis Brown (ankle) and cornerback Ike Taylor (ankle) should be able to get healthy and none of the three will require surgery in the offseason. They will be monitored during the offseason.

Tomlin did also add that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will not need any offseason surgeries.

  • RW

    Seems like the injuries over the last two years have been devastating. Can’t quite shake the feeling that the offseason workout/conditioning and stretching have been lax. The fact that the veterans don’t practice until Wed/Thurs at the earliest during the week may also contribute to in-game injuries. There’s something to be said for preparing your body during practice to play in games. Then again, guys are getting bigger, faster and stronger. My guess is that it’s some combination of both. Hopefully we don’t have as many injuries to as many key players next year. I was impressed that we were as competitive as we were with the hand we were dealt each and every week.

  • steeltown

    Strange, the most physical guys, the guys in on every play, the guys with the most tackles and chances of injury (Foote, Timmons, Clark) stayed basically healthy the entire season

  • Mike Carroll

    The injury plague has become NORMAL the past two years and that is something that should no longer be passed off as bad luck. Instead, the team should consider the injury plague as one of the biggest issues facing the team heading into the offseason. There is every reason to believe the team will be hit with just as many injuries next year unless they team does something more to address the issue.

    I think you can point to conditioning for some of the issues, but I think the biggest issue relates to how the team plays the game – less speed, less physicality, more reactionary rather than forcing the pace, etc. And that in turn, is a statement on the current roster. Hopefully, the team does not simply accept the idea injuries are part of the game and at least considers reasons why they have been hit so hard the last two years.

  • RW

    I mean from a physics perspective that makes a whole lot of sense – if you’re hitting with more force than the person that is colliding with you, the net force is transferred to that person. Intuitively it also makes sense for most parts of your body (with the exception of your head, which can be damaged at any point regardless of whether you’re playing scared or not) – when you play scared you usually get hurt (I can honestly say that I saw some players play scared this year, but not enough to justify all of the injuries). I also think that a big part of hitting in football is getting your body adjusted to hitting (and getting hit) at game speeds. It takes some time to get used to that from week to week and it shouldn’t have to happen in games (notice all of the slow starts we got off to this year, particularly in the running game). Tomlin needs to have his players practice during the week from the start of the season, veterans or not.

  • Mike Carroll

    A further thought:
    I don’t think the Steelers should believe they will be a better team when the injuries (magically) stop. Rather, the injuries will stop when the Steelers become a better team.

  • Mike Carroll

    I agree completey. These guys brought the game to the opponent, rather than the other way around.

  • steeltown

    Makes sense. I also think the League and its rules and regulations for practice and things of that nature might be having an effect as well. I mean they only allow a certain amount of days/hours of practice during the week and certain amount ‘in pads’ throughout the season, now I know its mostly FOR safety of the players, but maybe its also equating to less conditioning for those same players….. just strange to me

  • RW

    Yeah I had those same thoughts – the league’s intention for player safety may actually be putting players at a greater risk for injury given that they have less time in pads each week than in years past. I’d like to see some data on the number of minor injuries (non-concussion related) from year to year over the last 5 years. I know it’s not a big sample size but it’d be nice to see whether the leagues policies are actually effective during the season for players and not just long-term effects after retirement. In any case, the organization needs to do something to get these players in game shape and prevent injuries on a weekly basis.

  • steeltown

    ..and Woodley needs to work out with Harrison, McLendon and Hood

  • Maurice_hill_district

    I agree with not assuming the Steelers will be healthier next year. Because we dont know.

    Vs I anticipate some fans will say Dont worry, odds are we wont have as many Steelers injured next year. But we dont know. In fact the only thing we do know is sll of them will be a year older. Harrison & Troy & Keisel & Starks will not be healthier next year than this year.