Steelers Injury Report: Cortez Allen Doubtful; Flu Bug Hits Several Players

The Pittsburgh Steelers wrapped up their practice preparations on Friday for their Sunday road game against the Dallas Cowboys and the Friday injury report is now out.

Pretty much as expected, cornerback Cortez Allen (groin) did not practice on Friday and he was listed as doubtful as a result. Allen injured his groin last week in the loss to the San Diego Chargers and is expected to be one of the seven inactive players on Sunday. With both Allen and cornerback Ike Taylor (ankle) sidelined, cornerbacks Curtis Brown and Josh Victorian are expected to see a lot of playing time against the Cowboys with DeMarcus Van Dyke dressing for depth purposes.

The flu bug is making its way around the Steelers locker room this week and it resulted in wide receiver Antonio Brown (illness), linebacker Stevenson Sylvester (illness), and long snapper Greg Warren (illness) to all miss practice on Friday. Linebacker James Harrison (illness), has been sick all week, but is listed as practicing fully on Friday. All four of the sick players have been listed as probable on the Friday injury report and should play.

Wide receiver Plaxico Burress (not injury related) was a Friday addition to the injury report and is listed as probable after being limited.

Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders (shoulder), safety Troy Polamalu (not injury related), cornerback Keenan Lewis (hip), and linebacker LaMarr Woodley (ankle) all head into the weekend listed as probable after working fully on Friday. This will be the first game back for Woodley after missing the last two with ankle injury.

Tackle Mike Adams (ankle) and guard Willie Colon (knee) have long been ruled out for the Cowboys game along with Taylor. Adams could be back next week for the game against the Cincinnati Bengals while the status of Taylor for that game is still very much up in the air. Colon had surgery on his knee this past Monday and is a candidate to go on injured reserve pending his post surgery outlook.

  • NW86

    Ouch, I was still holding out hope for Cortez but it looks like a no-go. Here’s hoping that Brown and Victorian are benefitting from the increase in practice time this week and will be able to hold their own on Sunday. Also, I’m sure the players with the flu bug will play, but I hope they’re back to full strength. Wouldn’t want them to be a half-step off due to not feeling 100%.

  • Clint Martin

    We are probably going to get smoked on Sunday! If I am the Cowgirls I am spreading the field and passing it all game!

  • Josh

    Ok – crazy idea…why not put Polamalu at corner? Didn’t Carnell Lake shift over way back then? Best 11 on the field.

  • steeltown

    ..and the hits just keep coming.. Cortez doubtful… and the Flu now!? gheez

  • steeltown

    I almost think Will Allen at CB would be an option

  • Jonathon Bert Schade

    I’m afraid so.

  • Garrett Hunt

    As good as Polamalu is, man coverage skills are not his strong suit

  • zyzak

    Ben will have to outperform Romo and it’s about time he had a good game

  • Garrett Hunt

    Meanwhile in Next-man-up city…..

  • I would prefer Allen there actually. G_Hunt is right, coverage is not Troy’s strong suit.

  • Steve Duncan

    Luckily Romo generally sucks in December. Too bad our CBs can’t catch as he is usually good for one turnover fest a year in Dec.

  • Steve Duncan

    Yeah, I would prefer the move Allen out there before Troy.

  • Ahmad

    This will be the first time since the Eagles game that Harrison, Woodley, Clark, and Polamalu were all on the field at the same time.

  • Douglas Andrews

    id be surprised if we dont get taken to the woodshed again!

  • Dan

    Well look on the bright side. How many times have you heard about an athlete with a flu or some sever sickness, then come game time they have the game of their life? Maybe there’s something about an illness that helps a player perform better right after? Or maybe these stories are the ones that make the news, and the other 99% of the time the sickies get mopped up. Oh well. 😐

  • Maurice_hill_district

    No wonder the Cowgirls receivers all are pushing to get to play this game, they smell blood on the water, in the form of our CBs being CurtisBrown & Victorian. This could get ugly.

  • Henry

    Of course it (flu) has.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Exactly. Is it too much to ask to ask our recevers & Ben to be on same page to carry our team for this one game. Our passing game will have to be ready to score alot otherwise this game could get way out of hand.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Good point, but too bad this game isnt in the northeast out if doors thats when in December the Cowboys count it as a loss ahead of time.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Nothings too crazy. This reminds me Polamalu would have been a good CB or even a great receiver if he had wanted to be that instead. When he is on the field he has the best hands in the field & that includes the opponent’s recevers.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Good idea.

  • Garrett Hunt

    If we win this game I hope none of you doubters find your way back to this comment section!

  • Mike Carroll

    I actually think we could get an interception or two this week because of the shakeup in the secondary. Romo may be less cautious, and the new guys won’t play the same as the regulars.

  • Mike Carroll

    Who is Woodley? LOL, I’m just a little bitter with the utter lack of production from him for the last year and a half. The last time he made a big impact on a game was against New England last year, 22 games ago. It’d be great if he could return to form and start earning his paycheck. And I like Woodley, but if you’re being paid $10mil+ per year and your coaches are asking you to get in shape, then please get in shape.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Pom poms arent enough, This is why cheerleader girls cant evaluate football.

  • Garrett Hunt

    While pom poms aren’t enough, the players we have in the game are. Last I checked most of our staters are playing and our back ups are in the NFL for a reason. We have more than enough talent to win a game against any NFL team right now, and if you think we have no chance against the Cowboys you should be ashamed to call yourself a Steelers fan.