Steelers To Pick 17th In 2013 NFL Draft

The mystery is now over as it relates to where the Pittsburgh Steelers will pick in the 2013 draft. Thanks to the Steelers win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, combined with the Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints and the St. Louis Rams all losing, the Steelers will own the 17th pick in the first round of the 2013 NFL draft.

2013 NFL Draft Order

1. Kansas City Chiefs

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

3. Oakland Raiders

4. Philadelphia Eagles

5. Detroit Lions

6. Cleveland Browns

7. Arizona Cardinals

8. Buffalo Bills

9. New York Jets

10. Tennessee Titans

11. San Diego chargers

12. Miami Dolphins

13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

14. Carolina Panthers

15. New Orleans Saints

16. St. Louis Rams

17. Pittsburgh Steelers

18. Dallas Cowboys or Washington Redskins

19. New York Giants

20. Chicago Bears

2012124David DeCastroG
2011131Cam HeywardDE
2010118Maurkice PounceyC
2009132Evander HoodDE
2008123Rashard MendenhallRB
2007115Lawrence TimmonsLB
2006125Santonio HolmesWR
2005130Heath MillerTE
2004111Ben RoethlisbergerQB
2003116Troy PolamaluS
2002130Kendall SimmonsG
2001119Casey HamptonNT
200018Plaxico BurressWR

  • RW

    Weird to see that 10/12 of the last 12 years of draft picks have stuck around…

  • opie1280

    18 would actually be St. Louis or Dallas. Washington doesn’t have a first round pick.

  • HoustonJr

    People put too much stock into where their team is drafting every year. A good GM finds value regardless of draft position. Ask fans of Cleveland or Oakland how is it to draft high every year. They’ll be the first to tell you they’d much rather be drafting low.

  • HoustonJr

    On a side note, look at the players above that we drafted at pick 17 plus or minus 2: Pouncy, Timmons, Polamalu & Hampton. This gets me excited for draft day.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    What do you guys think of Marquise Goodwin from Texas as a possible replacement for Wallace? The guy has speed.

  • Guest

    Or ask the Texans what it’s like to pick first every year.

  • Michael Lepley

    Don’t be shocked if the Steelers move down to obtain extra picks. They have a lot of holes, and are already over the cap with only 34 players signed. NT and ILB are obvious needs. G could be an issue with Legursky and Foster both Free agents and Willie Colon always broke. If Lewis signs elsewhere CB could be a need as Taylor is getting older, Allen is not proven and I wouldn’t want Brown as my nickleback. Polamalu only has 2 years left under contract and has missed 33% of the games played in the last 6 seasons. I know everyone loves Troy, but is he worth $10 mill at this point. I don’t see him signing another contract with the Steelers unless it’s an extension that gives him an extra year or two with a cap savings for the club. RB well no one RB was consistent enough to win me over. TE Heath Miller is still playing hot, but the Steelers could do well with a 2 TE set.

    I think the Steelers will get a deal done with Lewis so CB will be out as will S after they resign Will Allen who I feel earned serious consideration with some great play this year. ILB would be great but there is only 1 that would make sense and he’ll be long gone by 17. This is a weak draft for ILB, S, and RB. That leaves NT, G, and TE. The Steelers are just learning to use 1 TE properly we can probably forget 2. I like NT Jesse Williams or G Chance Warmack.

  • JT

    I’d be shocked if they invested another first rounder in the O-line. There’s really no need. You’d have an interior of 1st rounders. Maybe somebody in the 3rd if they are worried about Colon and somehow lose Foster and Legs. As for NT, I think they’d have to like a guy a whole lot. Considering how well McClendon handled himself and that they traded up for Ta’amu, I don’t see them going so high on NT either. Is NT really worth a 1st rounder anymore?

    If there’s a CB there, you take him. Never enough good corners. Beyond that, pass rush is obviously the issue with the D. No matter DE or OLB, I think you take the best pass rusher available. I know it would hurt to have three 1st rounders invested in our ends, but I don’t think Hood has shown himself worthy. And is Worlids really more than a good backup?

    As bad as the offense performed, I think you have to invest in the D high. It’s what the team is built on, and where the age is. You don’t need a first round WR, or RB. The line has plenty of top picks lined up. Maybe a TE if someone like Heath or the new prototype is there. Heath is a question mark with such an injury at his age, and you have no one besides Paulson lined up for the future.

  • Mikey Hoje

    4 NFC teams went 7-9 and had Steelers(lost) been 7-9, by simple math they would’ve jumped may be 2 spots to 15 instead of 17…

  • Pete

    With the 17th pick, the Steelers could revitalize the team. Colbert has done well especially with late round selections. But I believe they’ll get better quality in the 1st four rounds plus the higher picks allow more flexibility to move up or down. I’m hoping for a monster draft.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Agreeing. Really need about 8 1st round picks to fill all the glaring needs, so all we can do is trade down.

  • steeltown

    Obviously they always go ‘ best player available’ but I would hope OLB, Safety or TE in the first, maybe RB in the 2nd and if they dont re-sign K.Lewis (which would be insane after grooming him for a few yrs) they might grab a CB somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd Rds

  • steeltown

    You have to like the degree of players they’ve gotten picking in the teens, from Ben to Troy to Timmons, they have knocked it out of the park picking that high

  • steeltown

    Thats also because Cleveland and Oakland not only have poor front offices, but they have very poor player development within their systems

  • steeltown

    Excited to be picking there. Not sure yet what all the needs will be. If they re-sign K.Lewis and re-sign W.Allen then the DB/Safety position will be fine for another year (unless a TOP safety prospect falls to us in the early Rds) with Clark still playing lights out and the development of Cortez Allen we could wait one more year

    While I like Paulson, the TE position could be a possibilty, we’ve all seen what Teams can do with two great TE’s, but more than anything I think LB is a must with Harrison getting older and Woodley getting pushed around by lesser competition. Worilds had more sacks in 2012 than Woodley. Also if they let Foote walk (which would be crazy) then they’ll need more ILB depth, Marshall Mcfadden can serve as backup inside, he has potential. Maybe get a RB in the 2nd Rd? Of course ‘Best Player Available’ is their norm, but man we do need LB’s ..Carter & Sylvestor dont look like they’ll pan out and B.Johnson is all but gone. I like A.Robinsons upside but if Worilds moves to a starting role, then we’ll need another good LB outside for depth


    The season has ended and as fans of a team that is not very active in free agency we know the next big on the agenda is the nfl draft. The Steelers were ravaged by injury this year and I personally believe we are one of the better teams picking before 20. Picking at 17 overall places Kevin Colbert in a position he must capitalize on. As far as needs go we will know alot more after the start of free agency but for now they appear to be:

    CB- If Keenan Lewis leaves cornerback could be addressed

    S- The Steelers are very strong at safety when healthy but with two injury-prone starters backups at this position are important.

    OG- Willie Colon’s play was above the line at his new position this season before being injured. The problem is this was his 3rd consecutive season ending on IR, but in a year where everyone seemed to end up on the IR, isn’t it worth one more shot? I don’t think it is. Colon has been a valuable member of the Oline since early in his career but I read in one of Dave Bryan’s earlier post that the team can save 5.5mil by cutting him. The play that he injured his knee on was not an abnormal NFL play so I really do believe at this point Willie is injury-prone. Aside from the money I think the Steelers may want to upgrade the position anyway. Todd Haley was brought in and told to run the ball. Todd Haley definitely tried but again the Oline was not up for the task and we finished 26th in rush offense. Steelers fans should not be upset if they see the Steelers spend a first round selection on a Guard.

    RB- Running backs come a dime a dozen but the Steelers can’t seem to find one. Rashard Mendenhall appears to be out the door, giving Dwyer a contract scares me because of how many times hes shown up to camp out of shape, and Redman still needs to show improvement. Running back is the most injury prone position and there seems to be so many of them taking one high is not something I’m fond of, but the Steelers could take a back this year as early as Joseph Randle in the 2nd.

    WR- If Mike Wallace is not retained then the Steelers will have a hole at WR. I am very interested to see what happens with this position. Do the Steelers intend on using Cotchery as a full time 3rd? If they draft a replacement to play then he’d probably be picked in the first 3 rounds, but throwing game snaps at a rookie is not the Steelers style.

    MLB- This position can be upgraded in a few ways. Larry Foote needs to be replaced and the depth needs to be upgraded.

    TE- Competition for David Paulson could be obtained. A lesser need.

    As of now there are not an over whelming amount of options at #17 for the Steelers but it is very early and the draft is a 7 round process. So, here are a few prospects Steelers fans should be familiar with that maybe available after the 1st round:


    Darius Slay-Miss State

    Teammate of the highly heralded Jonathan Banks, Slay is a big physical corner who makes few mistakes in coverage. Both Jonathan Banks and Darius Slay are good scheme fits for our off-man coverage.


    Tony Jefferson-Oklahoma

    Tony Jefferson maybe the best safety prospect in this class. He is very instinctive and naturally gifted. His ability to stop running backs at the line of scrimmage from his safety position is very impressive. He consistently covers his assignment and is the member of his secondary who regularly comes up with interceptions.

    Philip Thomas-Fresno State

    Philip Thomas is a crafty player who plays an important role in Fresno State’s run defense. Philip Thomas fills gaps, takes on blockers, and makes plays off the edge in the run game. He also has a nation leading 8 interceptions.


    Larry Warford-Kentucky

    A pure road grader, Larry Warford had his way with some off the best talent in the nation this season. Sheldon Richardon and Sharrif Floyd were both thrown around by Warford this season.

    Travis Frederick-Wisconsin

    It was my opinion that Travis Federick was the better than Kevin Zeitler last year. Frederick moved to center this season and Mike Tomlin values position flexibility.


    Theo Riddick-Notre Dame

    Riddick plays behind Cierre Wood but anyone who watches Notre Dame will tell you Mr. Riddick is nothing to sneeze at. Riddick is physical, lightning fast and is polished in the slot. He is a converted WR.


    Stedman Bailey-West Virginia

    Stedman Bailey(5-10 195) fits the profile of the type of receiver the Steelers have had success in drafting in recent years. Stedman Bailey should get credit for running a very polished route tree for West Virginia, as his teammate Tavon Austin handled the more gimmicky aspects of their spread offense.


    Sio Moore-Connecticut

    Right now Manti Teo is the only legitimate 1st round prospect the Steelers would consider for the Buck position but I encourage Steeler fans to give Sio Moore a good look. In everything I’ve seen hes shown strength at the point of attack, instincts to get to the ball carrier, great blitzing and rushing ability, and good feet in coverage. Keep a look out for Sio Moore.


    Philip Lutzenkirchen-Auburn

    He has had a somewhat injury riddled career but he has been one of Auburn’s best players over the past 4 years. Lutzenkirchen is a strong in-line and lead blocker as well as a very capable receiver.

  • steeltown

    Thanks for the info… I disagree about Foote though, he does not need to be replaced, he just had one of his best seasons ever. I’d give him a 1-2year deal till Spence gets his feet wet or they can groom another potential draft pick. I also doubt they draft OL in the first Rd, they just drafted an OG last year and Colon under contract and the dead money involved if he was released is high. I dont believe its a 1st Rd need, especially if they re-sign Foster. I pretty much agree with all other assessments, especially Safety because Troy, Clark and Will Allen are all aging, they’ll need some young talent there for sure and soon. I do believe Cotchery could easily be the 3rd WR

  • Michael Lepley

    I agree the pass rush needs an overhaul, but Given The money they have invested in Woodley and the fact that Worilds has been serviceable in spot play I don’t see OLB in the first 2 rounds. The Beard will be back next year, but I hope Heyward takes over as the starter by mid season if not earlier. I don’t think they have given up on their 2 1st rnd DEs so that is out. You don’t seem to understand the importance of a NT as it pertains to the pass rush. Think about when Hampton was younger and was always double and sometimes triple teamed. That left TEs and RBs to stop the outside rush instead of Ts on both sides. As it is with McLendon and Hampton they rarely get double teamed so they can at times apply the pressure themselves, but it is better to have speed off the edge. This season the OLBs had Ts on them or they were double teamed. Trust me a NT will do more than improve the run defense he is the linchpin of the pass rush as well. Joel Steed and Hampton, when they were healthy and young, it didn’t matter which OLBs the Steelers threw out there.

  • Michael Lepley

    This is off. The draft is by reverse strength of schedule. The Steelers strength of schedule was only 46.5%. The Rams had a tie so they would have moved to 17th.The Saints and Panthers are at 52%. The Bucs and Dolphins are at 50%. That puts the Steelers at 12th maybe 11th. The Chargers are also around 46.5% so I’m not sure who would be 11, but the Steelers would have been 11th or 12th. That would put them in a better position to get a good CB or NT, but they would probably have traded down unless the right underclassmen opt to enter the draft.