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Season 3, Episode 56 of The Terrible Podcast is up and co-host David Todd and I as you can imagine have a ton to talk about following the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-24 loss in overtime Sunday to the Dallas Cowboys. We talk about the comments made by quarterback Ben Roethlisberger after the game as they relate to the future of offensive coordinator coordinator Todd Haley. The elephant is in the room so David and I acknowledge it sand talk about it thoroughly.

There of course is a loss to discuss so David and I go over the good and the bad and talk about the play of the young secondary and sloppy play of Antonio Brown. There is plenty of negative to talk about and a few positives as well. We go through most of the game in the allotted time and will wrap up more of our post game thoughts in the Wednesday episode.

Quite a few more talking points are included that I have failed to include ion this recap.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 56 of Season 3 now of The Terrible Podcast.

The Terrible Podcast - Steelers Podcast

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  • steeltown

    I still cant believe how far they’ve fallen. especially a year when the rival Ravens are beat up and playing terribly. It all comes down to turnover ratio, we cant create any turnovers and yet we’ve turned the ball over on Offense more times this year than any one season I can remember

  • alex

    7-7 steelers frustrations boiling over across the land and in the clubhouse…this year you can blame; rotating batches of injuries to LB/OL/RB/WR/ now DB, early season penalties, WR drops, 4th Q D flops, and now gag me field position…

    we have had far too many opportunities…excuse me, missed opportunities…

    and, if the motto is ‘man up’, then were either short on men or short on scheme/planning…

  • alex

    oh, did i forget turnover margin?

  • steeltown

    18 turnovers in the last 5 weeks, that’s more than 3 a game and MOST in the NFL

  • Mike Carroll

    Wow, I was not aware the Steelers could STILL win the division, though I don’t know if that is going to matter. As for the Cincinnati game, I would point out the Bengals have been a better road team this year and in the recent past. And there have been quite a few instances where these teams have split the season series, each winning on the opponent’s turf. So I would not put too much stock on the Steelers having it at home. And, unfortunately the Steelers secondary is in shambles compared to the first meeting. Then consider the Bengals actually create takeaways and the Steelers have not for two seasons now. Throw in the fact that Cincy has an extra 4 days time to prepare to finally get over the hump vs Pittsburgh/Baltimore in the division, and this is a very scary game for the Steelers.

    I’ll be rooting like hell come Sunday. But, the end of the season could be a mere week away. Let’s go Steelers.

  • I don’t think Dave is correct. Even if the Steelers win out and Baltimore loses out, Baltimore still wins the division via a better conference record.

  • Mike Carroll

    For a three way tie in division, which would be the case here, the first tiebreaker is best winning percentage in games played between those three teams. Steelers would be 3-1, Ravens 2-2, and Bengals 1-3, so the Steelers would indeed win the division.

  • awlcohen

    Thought you two were going to swing your purses at one another for a while there…nice to hear some actual healthy disagreement instead of the love feast between Dave and Dave this podcast typically is.

  • Excellent. Thank you for the clarification. I hadn’t even thought about a three-way tie.