2013 NFL Restricted Free Agent Tender Amounts Announced

Albert Breer of the NFL Network tweeted out the 2013 restricted tender amounts for the upcoming offseason as we move towards the start of free agency. The numbers, as expected, only increased by the minimum 5%, as per the CBA, which shows that the 2013 salary cap won\’t rise much in 2013.

2013 Restricted Free Agent Tender Amounts

First-round tender $2.879 million

Second-round tender $2.023 million

Original round tender $1.323 million

Right of first refusal tender $1.323 million

The Pittsburgh Steelers have six restricted free agents this offseason that they will be able to restricted tender if they so choose and those players are: running back Jonathan Dwyer, punter Jeremy Kapinos, nose tackle Steve McLendon, running back Isaac Redman, line backer Stevenson Sylvester, and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

Last offseason the Steelers tendered offers to six of their restricted free agent players and they were wide receiver Mike Wallace, cornerback Keenan Lewis, safety Ryan Mundy, tight end David Johnson, offensive guard Doug Legursky and offensive guard Ramon Foster.

Last year Wallace received a first round tender of $2.742 million, while the other five players received the lowest tender amount of $1.26 million. Wallace of course refused to sign his tender until the end of training camp as he was unhappy that he couldn\’t reach a long-term contract extension with the Steelers during the offseason.

When a team offers tenders to their restricted free agents they reserve the right to retain said players by matching any offer sheets that those players might sign with another team during the free agency signing period. Should they decide not to match the offer sheet, they would receive as compensation a draft pick from the team that matches the level of the tender offered the player.

For example, should the Steelers decide to tender Sanders at a second round level they would receive a second round draft pick from the team that signs him away should they decide to not match the offer sheet that Sanders signed. Should the Steelers only place an original round tender on Sanders instead, then they would receive a third round draft pick from the team signing him away as compensation as that was the round that Sanders was originally drafted in.

As far as players who were originally signed as undrafted free agents such as Redman and McLendon, the Steelers would not receive any draft pick compensation should they place the lowest right of first refusal tender on either of them. They would have the right, however, to match the offer sheet that either player were to sign.

  • steeltown

    I see them tendering all players mentioned… Sly and Kapinos have their work cut out for them though, unless Foote is not re-signed then Sly will definitely be given every chance to play a significant role in the middle of the Defense, but even then he’ll be in a camp battle with Spence, Rolle and Mcfadden

  • steeltown

    With Colons health history I REALLY wish they wouldve locked up Foster before last season, he wouldve been soo cheap at the time

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    What is the minimum salary for 3rd and 4th year players?

  • NW86

    I don’t really understand why tender amounts and league minimum amounts keep going up at all when the cap is flat. It just makes it harder to fit under the cap when your more expensive guys already have their contracts, and it costs more to fill in the roster with the lower level guys.

  • NW86

    I believe 3rd year is $555,000 and 4th is $630,000 in 2013.

  • SR88

    Would like to see Kapinos nontendered and original round on Sanders, if somebody is willing to give up a 3rd round pick on a slot receiver, we can use it. Team needs to get younger, so it would be smart to let easily replaced players go and take the draft picks. Having said that, the WR they draft would have to become effective right away without Wallace or Sanders around

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Thanks 4that helpful breakdown.

    Im glad its not time yet for anyone to suggest/write “Tender Colon”, bcaus that sounds painful.

    – Shuld tender McClendon enuff to make sure we keep him.
    – Re Dwyer, see if we can wait til after draft to determine which of those tender amounts right for Dwyer. Assuming Steelers can wait til after the draft, see however high of RB we draft this year. We’ll probly draft a RB who is starter material. Then tender the minimum to Dwyer IF Dwyer commits to staying in shape.

    On 2nd thought, because we tendered Mundy last offseason, by that standard we shuld tender EVERYONE.

  • Bradys_Dad

    I’d like to see us keep Sanders, Lewis, Foster and McLendon for sure. It’d also be smart to keep Legursky and Johnson. The rest – not so much.

  • steeltown

    I think David Johnson is the most expendable of the group, I truly think they found a hidden gem in Will Johnson this past offseason

  • Guest
  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    Although I would want guys like Redman and Sylvester to come back, I don’t think I’d tender them at that amount. I might offer them a multi year deal that averaged around the tender with a pro-rated bonus or I’d just let them hit free agency and try to sign them at a lesser amount. To me, this is where Khan has to earn his salary. The contributions these guys are projected to make don’t always justify the tender amount even when you want them on the team.

  • steeltown

    I think the cap went up around 400k for 2013.. but yea doesnt justify raising the tender amounts though, as it could nullify the cap increase based on the amount of RFA’s a Team has

  • steeltown

    Sly is really on the bubble, especially if Foote is retained for one more year, they drafted Spence and brought in Brian Rolle AND they could very well draft another ILB as well… Sly might not even be tendered based on the Foote decision

  • Ahmad

    I’d really consider putting the 2nd round tender on McLendon because I can see a team scooping him up if we put the original round tender on him. Yeah the Steelers can match, but it would probably be more than what the 2nd round tender is.

  • Tenders

    Thanks for publishing these details online.