Kevin Colbert Says Steelers Starting Left Tackle For Next Season Yet To Be Determined

Pittsburgh Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert is still wrapping up his media rounds and on Friday he was a guest on Trib Live Radio, where he answered several questions regarding the Steelers offseason outlook.

During the interview Colbert was particularly asked to weigh in on the progress of tackles Marcus Gilbert and Mike Adams, and if one or the other had risen in his mind as a left tackle candidate at this point for 2013.

“I\’m sure it\’s still to be determined, because they both unfortunately missed a lot of time last year with injury,” said Colbert. “Of course Marcus was put on reserve injured early in the season and then Mike, we kind of held him back because of the ankle and he didn\’t quite recover from that. At the time he tried to get ready, but it just didn\’t respond, and he needed more time, and of course we ran out of time. So, both of those guys will come back in and be healthy, and be ready to compete, but what mix of offensive linemen we\’ll have, I cant even venture to guess yet because it\’s too early in free agency, and whether we\’re able to keep a guy like Ramon Foster or Max Starks is yet to be determined.”

Some of the Pittsburgh media have already speculated that Gilbert will get the first crack at left tackle spot should Starks not return next season, but I tend the think that it might wind up the other way around with Adams getting the first crack at the left side instead. The Steelers have yet to hire a new offensive line coach to replace Sean Kugler, who left to become the head coach of UTEP, so until that happens, I truly do believe Colbert when he says that it is a position that is yet to be determined.

Gilbert, who suffered a tendon injury to his right ankle in the Week 6 loss to the Tennessee Titans, said on Friday via his Twitter account that he was currently headed back to Charlotte, North Carolina to get a checkup on his ankle, which ended up requiring surgery.

Adams, who suffered a high ankle sprain in the Week 12 loss to the Cleveland Browns, should also be good to go by the time mini-camp rolls around.

Starks and Foster, who were both mention in the reply that Colbert gave, are unrestricted free agents. Both will be allowed to test free agency once it begins in mid March according to the comments made by Colbert earlier in the week.

  • steeltown

    I would do everything I could to sign Foster and K.Lewis long term AND keep Starks and Foote for ONE more season.. and that includes restructuring Ben, Brown and Timmons, releasing Harrison & Colon and letting all UFA’s and RFA’s leave via FA (except Will Allen, McLendon, Sanders & Dwyer) and possibly even releasing others like LB Chris Carter and DL Al Woods (though Im not sure those two wouldnt create more dead money then cap savings)

    I guess what i’m saying is I personally think Starks and Foote are vital for success in 2013 and I think K.Lewis and Foster are important for the long haul

  • Mark Zeigler

    Would love to see both of these guys stay healthy for a full year.. This young line has tons of potential. Release Colon, and find a way to keep Foster. Keeping Foster would solidify them not having to burn an early draft pick on the line… Also, we wouldn’t want Beachum to be forced to start, he could be the ultimate utility player…

    Can’t see Stark’s coming back next year, he has earned better than what the Steeler’s can offer him.

    I would love to see what this line could do, if it stayed HEALTHY. It’s the same problem every year.

  • dgh57

    I can’t believe the Steelers wouldn’t bring Starks and Foster back for next season!!

    Gilbert for the 2nd year in a row can’t stay healthy and Adams in his 1st year is already missing games!! I mean everyone wants to talk about Colon and his injury problems! If Colon is released then that means 3 members of last years O-Line will gone. HOW IS THAT SUPPOSED TO IMPROVE THE O-LINE AND PROTECT BIG BEN?!!!!

    Surely a o-lineman will be taken in the draft if the above was to happen. I’ll take Chance Warmack or Barrett Jones from Alabama! I know that means 1st round but has Gilbert or Adams panned out? In my book NO!! Backups for now maybe!!!

  • steeltown

    Problem is, with Arians as the new HC in Arizona, I think he snags Starks off the free agent market and I also think he makes a move for Foster too, no bueno

  • Maurice_hill_district

    EVERY “position is yet to be determined” according to Colbert now. I understand asking him who will start but he’s not gonna answer any question of who will start at any position now, except QB starter. GMs & staff do that, except right-before gametime then they’ll tell ya. So its not news that a staff member isnt answering that question now. Sorry, I wish they culd say at-least what they are thinking, but they aint. I think many veteren interviewers know they wont get an answer, but they hav to ask.

  • zyzak

    Keith Butler to AZ soon very soon

  • steeltown


  • Ronk25

    This is a silly headline as far as I’m concerned. The way the offensive line performed this past season every position on that O line should be undecided for 2013. I thought they were totally underwhelming. And to suggest that some of them are inked (vs. penciled with eraser) in is just foolish and part of the reason why the Steelers have so much trouble in their lives – lack of internal competition – lack of discipline – people suggesting that they are in like flint. Whatever happened to you gottta go out & make the team? Whatever happened to using the off season to get in shape or you may lose your job ?

  • steeltown

    I REALLY hope the new OL Coach (Mike Tice {fingers crossed}) takes a no nonsense approach, like you are saying nobody has a job till they prove that they deserve to start, period

  • JohnnyV1

    While we’re talking offensive line, and it was mentioned not having an offensive line coach yet. And there isn’t even any news on candidates coming in for visits to fill that position. Why? With all those coaches getting released at season’s end, why are the Steelers the last to fill their open position? You know what you need, got get them before someone else does.

  • Maurice_hill_district


  • Maurice_hill_district

    Agreeing with that.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Haheh, u threw that wrench in just to yank people’s chain. And I thot i was negativ. Im negativ because I thought staff culd hav prepared more on offense. STs too, & defense last preason becaus D started season with Mundy & Carter when already knew those stunk.

  • LucasY59

    they already have Horton as a DC unless he quits because he didnt get the HC position

  • Tom

    Horton left AZ to go to Cleveland……….

  • Whatever happened? How about millions and millions of dollars spent investing into players.

  • Ahmad

    Unless your name is Pouncey, no one on the OL should be guaranteed a starting spot next year.

  • Ahmad

    True. When the line is healthy, they are a pretty good unit.