Will LB Ray Lewis Ascend Into Heaven If The Baltimore Ravens Win The Super Bowl? – SNL Skit Video

The theatrics of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis certainly haven\’t gone unnoticed over the course of the last several weeks. Lewis, who has said that he will retire after the Ravens play the San Francisco 49ers next Sunday in Super Bowl XLVII down in New Orleans, was mocked on the Weekend Update segment of Saturday Night Live last night by cast member Kenan Thompson, who has also portrayed Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison in the past as well.

Thompson, as you can see in the SNL video on Hulu below, does a great job of capturing all of the relevant theatrics currently related to Lewis. At the end of the segment Seth Meyers asked the Lewis character what will happen if he wins the Super Bowl.

“Seth … if we win the Super Bowl … I\’m going to go to the 50-yard line of the Superdome … kneel down … and then I\’m gonna ascend into heaven,” said the Lewis character. “I\’m going through the roof, Seth. That\’s going to be a sight.”

At the end of the skit Thompson gets out of the chair and performs the Lewis “squirrel dance”.

Just think, we still have one more week to go until the Super Bowl and media day takes place next week as well. Yippee.


  • zyzak

    God Bless Ray Lewis. He is one of his disciples on earth

  • mghjr88

    This is truly an unfortunate circumstance for Steelers fans, football fans and the general public whom are bystanders of Ray Lewis’s atrocious behavior and glorified bs. He reminds me of a child. Not sure how his teammates can put up with it. Please Ray, shut up already.

  • LucasY59

    I hope he takes Ed Reed with him

  • The one45

    You all can mock him all you want, but you can never mock GOD. Praying is not theatrical. You haters have much malice in your heart for a man that’s done nothing to you. He doesn’t ask the cameras to come around him.

  • zyzak

    SNL mocked him, Ray is a hypocrite he didn’t come clean about a double murder

  • RayJnr

    Get a good laugh out of it, and that should be it. There is no need to bash Ray Lewis. We all know he’s a great player, and if there’s any player I as a steelers fan would even consider wanting from the ravens, its Ray!

  • The one45

    Self defense isn’t murder babe. Come at me with a glass champagne bottle, and it might not end well you either. Don’t cast stones at a glass house, I bet you’re a hypocrite!!

  • steepens

    I hope Ray gets his SB ring. Ed Reed too. Ed is too great of a player to not have one.