Former Steelers WR Hines Ward Says Pittsburgh Locker Room Is In Disarray

Ever since the report by Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette surfaced last week in which an anonymous player was quoted calling out Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley for being awful and out of shape last season, several players have chimed in with their thoughts on the subject On Friday a former Steelers player made his thoughts known on the matter as Hines Ward was asked about it when he was a guest on NFL AM.

Ward was asked if he thinks the Steelers have legitimate issues right now.

“When you lose so much leadership in the locker room, that\’s when things present itself like that,” Ward said. “Guys start finger-pointing, calling out other guys. That is not the Steeler way. We\’ve always had a rule: We are a band of brothers. We\’ve always collectively kept everything in house.

“Jerome Bettis, when everyone said that he was overweight going into training camp, we didn\’t have to call out Jerome Bettis. When it came time for him to report to training camp he got the job done and he came in fit. But there was no finger-pointing and calling each other out. That\’s a total disarray, a locker room in disarray.”

Ward, who also said that he was still disappointed that the Steelers cut him loose last offseason, said exactly what you would expect him to say as a player that is looking at everything from the outside just as we are.

As I mentioned previously, this topic will not be going away anytime soon and you can expect every current and former Steelers player to be asked to give their thoughts on the state of the team leadership from now until the start of the season.


    Hines should just go get his hair did and his nails did and shut his yap.

  • Seems like Ward is still bitter. Come on Ward don’t be a Mcnabb

  • WilliamSekinger

    So if the talking heads ask a current/former player/coach about this once a week, they’ll have enough material to last until the regular season opens. This is old already.

  • Mike Carroll

    Nice comment werefive (above). It’s a bit self serving for Hines to blame this incident on a loss of locker room leadership. How was his “leadership” back when he ripped Ben publicly? I guess Farrior and A. Smith were absent that day, otherwise, they would have exerted their leadership to make sure Hines never did that.

    The biggest thing is several high priced players underperformed for one reason or another and that contributed to a disappointing season. Woodley becomes an easy target if players making 2X, 5X, 10X, 20X less than him believe he is not training as hard as they are. Players like Woodley just have to live with that as part of their big contracts, just as the Steelers have to live with the fact high priced players often times underperform their contracts for whatever the reason.

  • steeltown

    This whole thing is INSANE

    Its seriously front page of ESPN and NFL sites.. Any other Team and this wouldnt even be news.

    Getting very tiresome

    I like what Colbert recently said: “Whether you win the Super Bowl or go 8-8, there’s no 100 percent harmonious locker room, I don’t care where it is. That’s exemplified more when you’re 8-8. Quite honestly, I’m not concerned about our locker room. Coach Tomlin and I had an opportunity to speak to our players since the season ended. We have a very good finger on the pulse of where we stand. From a team standpoint, we’re comfortable with that.”

  • Dan

    Yeah no kidding. And one comment (one original comment, not all the comments on the comments) does not mean the locker room is in disarray. Maybe it is, but I don’t think we know enough or Hines knows enough to know that. We were 8-8 so everybody is pissy. Good. Do better next year.

  • Mike Carroll

    Agreed. I like the statement from Colbert. Hopefully this nonsense will die down once the team begins announcing their moves to get in compliance with the salary cap.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    This article is just crap. Nothing more….nothing less. Hines isn’t in our locker room any more, so he doesn’t KNOW anything. He is making assumptions. We don’t even know if was a player who will be back next year. Heck it could be a coach who wanted that info out there. Maybe a little bit of tension would be good for this locker room. Guys worried about whether they will play or not, get cut or not, it will make them compete harder. I hate the lack of urgency last year’s team played with. We saw it one game, the win vs. Balt. If they can play like that throughout the year, this team will be improved just from that one fact.

  • Pete

    Hines knows a LOT more about what’s going on in the locker room than you or I. No, none us wants to hear that there may be issues in the Steeler locker room. But Ward makes sense and his words are almost identical to Foote’s comments and similar to Brown’s and Clark’s comments. There was clearly a lack of locker room leadership last season and a minor storm from the anonymous comments about Woodley are a manifestation of this void. Eventually this will settle down and hopefully this event will force them together again like the band of brothers they once were.

  • Garrett Hunt

    For sure. Did you read the Rediculous article on NFL by Adam Schein?

    A little preview….. “The Steelers cornerback play has been poor for a while.”….. While it was a strength of our #1 ranked overall and pass defense.

  • steeltown

    Ha! Yea #1 Pass Defense TWO years in a row!

    Also, J.Hensley the AFCNorth blogger on ESPN recently wrote about Harrison and his contract and whether he would stay or go.. and he ended it with talking about Worilds and how the Steelers are not confident in his ability. Hensley: “I see the Steelers restructuring Harrison’s contract because they’re not confident Jason Worilds can step into a starting role” Haha meanwhile Colbert recently spoke about how Worilds has shown he can be productive and has played well when called upon.
    Funny, sounds like Colbert has confidence in Worilds to me

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Hines knows nothin about it, has not been in locker room last year.

  • walter mason