Report: Teams Being Told 2013 Cap Number Will Be $121.1 Million

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, teams are being told that the 2013 salary cap will be $121.1 million.

If indeed that report is correct, the $121.1 million number would be $200,000 more than John Clayton of ESPN reported in early January. Clayton reported at that time the number was expected to be $120.9 million.

Last year the salary cap number was $120.6 million, so the increase this year over last year looks to be $500,000.

In all of my recent salary cap post I have been working off of the $120.9 million number, so obvious this slight increase does not change things too much. However, more cap room is always better than less cap room, especially where the Pittsburgh Steelers are concerned.

As previously reported, the Steelers also have a credit of $758,000 which is a carry-over of unused cap space from 2012.

  • steeltown

    Every little bit helps… hope those numbers are correct

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Dave, when do these new TV contract revenues kick in? Originally we were told the 2103 season. Now they’re saying the 2014 season. Could it be 2015? What’s the truth here?

  • Nolrog

    The new TV deal kicks off in 2014, however, people’s expectations that the cap is going to make this massive jump are false. In fact, they are projecting a relatively flat cap for the few years (somewhere around 125 in 2015; 130 in 2016 or something like that.)

    The TV contract amount builds over the length of the deal. It doesn’t just make a huge jump in the first year, which means a slow steady increase of the cap starting around the 3rd year of the deal (first two years are relatively flat.)

  • steeltown

    As ‘Nolrog’ stated, the cap with gradually increase over the life of the contract.. by 2024 the cap will have increased by maybe $40-50million, but it wont seem like that much because of the time it took to get there

  • Maurice_hill_district

    But it helps all the teams. Expect all teams to use their increased revenue, to sign their FAs & to attract talent. So maybe it comes down to who uses their money best, I guess we’ll see.

  • steeltown

    Yes, but there are only a few Teams in a worse position then we are (Panthers, Saints and Jets come to mind, Jets being the worst) so most Teams dont need help regardless.. we on the other hand can use all the help we can get

  • SteelersDepot

    2014 cap is only projected to be about $122 million, according to Ravens team president Dick Cass today.