Steelers CB Ike Taylor Back Training Full-time In Florida With Tom Shaw As Of Monday

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor said Tuesday on Trib Live Radio that he is back on the field training down at the Wide World of Sports complex with renowned trainer Tom Shaw.

Taylor, who fractured his right ankle early in Week 11 game against the Baltimore Ravens this past season, said that he is a full go now as of Monday and that he is running up and down the hill, doing field work, and running in the sand pit.

“It\’s hard for me just to sit down,” said Taylor. “I understand this game. You can only play for so long, so they might ask you to take a rest, or take weeks off, or you might want to take a month off, but it\’s not in my blood to do that. So, I can\’t do that.”

Taylor unfortunately had his 135 consecutive game streak snapped thanks to the ankle injury, but his work ethic during the offseason should assure that he once again shows up in tip-top shape for training camp. Taylor swears by Shaw, who he has trained with for several years during the offseason.

You can hear the entire episode of the Ike Taylor Show below or listen to it on iTunes here.


  • Kolie Oak

    Ike holla at ya boy Lamarr, Tell him to take a page from ur book…..

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Some times I wish work ethic like that was contagious

  • Bradys_Dad

    Just a thought – move Ike to safety (ala Rod Woodson later in his career), don’t draft a safety and re-sign Keenan Lewis to a long term contract. As much as I love Troy, the man has had a horrible string of bad luck healthwise.

  • steeltown

    Interesting thought

    I of course hope they re-sign Lewis long term regardless.. you dont groom players, sit through the tough, less then desirable years only to release them into the League when they finally get it.. you HAVE TO sign your young talent otherwise the Team WILL continue its decent into mediocrity

  • steeltown

    Ike.. you’re the man

  • zyzak

    Hope they get get one more year out of Ike. Dont’ think Lewis stays around. These guys want big money. Talib might be available

  • mghjr88

    Get it Ike

  • steeltown

    All the bs we just went through with Rainey and Ta’amu and you want Talib on roster?….no way

  • Bradys_Dad

    I agree with you 100%. I just keep thinking that Ike could probably eek out another 2-3 years if he switched to safety. The man is a physical specimen.

  • Ahmad

    Good man that Ike Taylor. I wish everyone on the team had his work ethic.

  • Bradys_Dad

    amen to that.

  • Mike Carroll

    That’s an interesting idea. It’s kind of unfortunate the team has real potential starters in waiting at Ike’s position, but lack such depth at other positions, especially safety. They really have to consider dropping Taylor and signing Lewis simply because of the age difference. But, I hate the idea of Taylor getting squeezed like that when other less durable and less productive players get to hang on because the team has little depth behind them. I agree Ike has something left in the tank and 2-3 years at safety seems possible. Carnell Lake himself had experience at both positions, though he did so in the opposite order. If the team was confident Ike could make the switch, I’d be OK cutting Troy and taking the near $5M in cap savings. In any event, I really have a feeling something unexpected could occur in the secondary this offseason.

  • dgh57

    ESPN reports that the Patriots may cut Talib because of his work ethic!! Don’t need anyone like that. We need more like Ike Taylor!!

  • SteelSpine

    Its what to do with big CBs who lose speed & who love to hit, that fit Rod Woodson perfectly, but not Ike. Ike will eventually retire as an old CB, seems Ike still has enough speed for CB.

    Instead I suggest try Cortez at free safety. Because Ike already has a starting job, whereas Cortez does not (unless Keenan leaves). In my scenario, I would move Clark to SS, because FS Clark moved to SS some games last year when Troy was out. Clark fit SS because SS’s generally don’t need as much speed as FS, & Clark plays physical.

    Rod Woodson was always a natural for safety (FS) even when he was drafted, it’s just we badly needed a starting CB back then. I remember when Steelers drafted Rod we badly needed a starting CB because we only had one (Dwayne Woodruff), the other side of field we had just 2 bums for CB (Harvey Clayton & tiny Sam Washington). Rod always had mindset of physical/safety (loved to come up drill RBs, & he loved to run all over the field making plays on anything), but we played him at CB because in college he had olympic-level speed at-least as fast as needed for CB. In the last year Rod was with Steelers, he had lost his great speed but would still make an ideal perfect natural FS in NFL. So Ravens played Rod at FS, & he anchored that secondary, as part of a great defense which carried Ravens to SB.

  • steeltown

    Agreed. Its going to be interesting to see what happens here in the next few months.

    If KLewis is not retained then Ike Taylor will be depended on for atleast the next 2yrs.. but if they re-sign Lewis, then I see 2013 being Ike’s final year, especially with Cortez Allens potential and Ike’s high cap hit ($10.4million in 2014)

  • Thomas Rancy

    shouldn’t the other corners be doin it too, you’d think with Ike being the top dog and leader in the CB room that some of the young guys (lookin at you cortez) with the mos promice should 2.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Woodley trained at the same place Ike did last year

  • walter mason

    Ikes the man! It was bad referees in the first few games.