Teammate Says LaMarr Woodley Was Out Of Shape & Awful Last Season

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley has been criticized heavily for his play the last few seasons and several think that he is spending too much time in the media spotlight than under the lights of a weight training room.

Evidently a teammate of Woodley\’s thinks along those same lines, according to the latest piece by Ron Cook in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“He was awful,” one teammate said of Woodley\’s performance last season. “He tells us he works out, but we didn\’t see it. He wasn\’t in shape. That has to be a reason why he was always hurt.”

Those are some pretty strong words right there from a peer, but Woodley has maintained all offseason that his ankle injury suffered in the second half of the season is what slowed him down, not the hamstring injury that he suffered midway through the season in 2011 or the other one that he suffered in the Week 5 this season against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Woodley claims he will be training out in Arizona this offseason and said that he has turned down the offer from renowned trainer Tom Shaw, who offered to work with him down in Florida.

2013 needs to be one hell of a season for the Steelers 2007 second round draft pick as the team has a ton of money wrapped up him right now and potentially more from a future salary cap standpoint if he is one of the few players that are restructured this offseason.

  • Nolrog

    And I read a reply somewhere (about a comment on Jarvis Jones having a similar poor work ethic) that among others, Woodley would whip him into shape.

  • JPDQ

    I think there were three things that contributed to Woodley underperforming last season. He was nagged by injury, he was somewhat out of shape and he wasn’t motivated. I think that last thing could be said about most of the team, but that doesn’t give him a free pass, by any means. And I think the first two are obviously related. If he gets in better shape, his chance of injury goes down.

    Regardless, I’d be shocked if we don’t see a much improved year from No. 56. Big picture though – you can go ahead and book it that injury is gonna take down some of our key guys – it’s just a fact of life in today’s NFL. We can’t put all our eggs in the basket of Woodley and Harrison staying healthy. It just ain’t gonna happen.

  • RW

    Too funny.

  • grw1960

    No wonder Art Jr. mentioned the pass rush in his end of the season presser.And the Worst part is Woodley had them over a barrel after he restructured last season and this upcoming season too.
    The Steelers can gain no ground with Woodley on their salary cap in 2013 they actually take a bigger cap hit by cutting him than if they keep him. And if they restructure Woodley again that will mean another ( 7 figure) big cap hit in 2014.
    If there was ever a ——- if you do and ——- if you don’t situation. this is it.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    I think Woodley is the key evaluation the Steelers need to make this offseason. If this guy is not who they thought he was going to be, they can’t invest another $9M in him. The people in the building should know the answer to this. I know his past bonuses cause a lot of problems with this year’s cap if he is not restructured, but the bottom line is that they are better cutting him or his pay now instead of needing to account for another $9M in future years,

  • Superdriller316

    Yeah, and everyone wants to get Jones. Why get someone with poor work ethic? It’s not like we have a leader who can break that habit.

  • Buccos9

    The contrast between Woodley and James Harrison is striking. Harrison too had an injury to overcome, and by the end of the season had worked himself back into form. Everything I have ever read about Harrison suggests that there is nobody who works harder on the team, and he never uses injuries as an excuse for his play. I wish I could say similar things about Woodley. It’s never a good sign when a teammate feels the need to criticize a player anonymously.

  • mokhkw

    Accurate or not, I hate this whole “anonymous player criticizing team-mates” thing.

    Leave that stuff to the self-destructing Jets.

  • zyzak

    Steelers have no problems with Woodley. When you get nicked 3 times in two seasons its hard to compete. I think he could be in better shape but he has been big since he was drafted. Totally different player than Harrison. He plays the strong side he has to deal with a lot more.

  • zyzak

    Yeah who said that Cook?

  • zyzak

    Art Jr doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground

  • JohnnyV1

    His position coach said before the 2012 season, so this is nothing new. If I were the GM, I’d think twice before re-doing his contract and converting salary to bonus, thereby tying the team to him for longer. If it wouldn’t be such a huge cap hit, I’d consider cutting him in favor of keeping CB Keenan Lewis and Re-signing a guy like Steve McLendon. You don’t need overpaid laziness on a team.

  • grw1960

    Might as well keep him. It will cost almost the same amount against the salary cap to keep him as cut him. Because of last year contract restucture.

  • Kusko_Ken

    Last season i was listening to the radio show LaMarr did with Manny Sanders and Tunch. During the show LaMarr came across immature and unprofessional. Tunch asked the guys what they liked for late nights snacks, Manny said popcorn and LaMarr went on about eating an entire bag of gummy bears each night. I thought to myself, “heres a guy that obviously isn’t concerned about what he puts into his body.” At some point the conversation got onto LaMarr mentiong the Segway he brought to training camp one year so he wouldn’t have to walk from the dorms to the cafeteria. Tomlin told him to get rid of it. At first i thought it was just training camp antics like showing up in a Kubota but Woodley went onto say how he hates walking. He hates to walk? if the guy hates to walk i’m guessing running isn’t too high on the list either, what about weight lifting? I think Woodley got by with youth and natural ability for the first half of his career, he needs to realize his body has/is changing. he needs to work harder, every year he will need to work harder (and smarter) than the previous if he wants consistant play. It should be a telling sign if the FO doesn’t restructure him this year. Hopefully 56 is smart enough to realize what that means.

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    The more you comment, the bigger moron you make yourself out to be.

  • walter mason

    I actually think it might help.

  • JohnnyV1

    When building a team, any team, be it business, sports, whatever, people have to be accountable. Everyone knows what each other makes, sowhen the person making big money isn’t putting forth maximum effort and isn’t performing, it creates dissension in the ranks. Then other guys,who don’t make as much, may not want to play hurt, or say “if he doesn’t care, why should I”. So it’s more than just salary cap issues. Also, I wrote “If it wouldn’t be such a huge salary cap hit”. I’d give him this year, if he doesn’t significantly improve his conditioning, dump him in 2014.
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  • mokhkw

    Disagree, this is never a good thing.

  • mokhkw

    Yes, as reported by Ron Cook in the article Dave linked to. I haven’t read enough of Cook’s articles to know how much weight to put in this but if Dave thought it was suspicious I imagine he would have mentioned so.

  • steeltown

    Wow.. if thats true.. wow… a segway so he doesnt have to walk to the cafeteria?

  • steeltown

    Jesus.. if this is true.. Damn

    I know Woodley in the past has been a beast in the playoffs, but that doesnt mean much if we’re not making the playoffs. I agree with some others on this page, I hope they find a way to not restructure Woodley this year.. and wait and see if he underperforms again before we give him more guaranteed money

  • What a mess. I really hope Woodley comes back and has a great season so we can all forget about this. The bad part is that he really has the Steelers in a bad spot with his salary/cap number. This offseason is getting longer and longer..