Keenan Lewis Waiting For Teams To Come Get One Of The Best Young Corners

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Keenan Lewis is set to be an unrestricted free agent come Tuesday evening and already it has been reported that he has the interest of the Cleveland Browns, which is not surprising being as their new defensive coordinator is Ray Horton, Lewis\’ former defensive backs coach in Pittsburgh.

On Saturday Josina Anderson from ESPN talked to Lewis and she asked him what his expectations are for free agency.

“I\’m just waiting in the wind until Tuesday to see if the Steelers or another team will be willing to get one the best young corners in the league on their team,” Lewis said. “I feel as though I am one of the best.”

Lewis certainly has the right attitude as there is nothing wrong with being sure of yourself. The Steelers former third round draft pick said last May that 2012 was going to be a big year for him and he was right. In his first full season as a starter Lewis was tested quite a bit and finished the season with 23 passes defensed, which ranked him second in the league behind Richard Sherman, who considers Lewis to be one of the top young cornerbacks in the game.

The only real drawback on Lewis is his lack of interceptions. He didn\’t record any last season and only has one in his career. Lewis also has a lot of company in the cornerback free agent market this year, which could hold his market value down as a result.

Despite the competition, Lewis doesn\’t figure to have to wait in the wind long. His future will likely be decided with the first 96 hours of free agency. Hopefully the winds wind up blowing him back to Pittsburgh, but it will only take one team willing to overpay for him to blow right out of the Steel City.

  • Lewis didn’t thrive under Horton, I hope he takes that into consideration when deciding where to sign. But money talks…

  • Jollyrob68

    Hope we keep him and watch lewis & Allen together for years

  • RW

    They really oughtta resign this guy. They’re not going to get a top corner in the draft at 17. Makes me worry about our future. Curtis Brown has been a joke, and Victorian is a dime CB at best.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Brown is looking like a special teams ace at best. I think that’s why we picked up Gay. I believe the Steelers will sign Lewis as that was the plan all along.

  • Jason White

    I would say if I had to choose I would rather cut Ike and resign Keenan. Now I am not saying I want to cut Ike cause I don’t but thinking of the future I believe Cortez and Keenan are the future and Ike is a damn good corner who’s years are numbered in Pittsburgh. I would hate to lose Keenan now and Ike shortly after. After a long time of having our CBs be a weak spot they are now a strength when healthy. For the next week or until this is resolved I am gonna be nervous about this situation with Lewis. I hope they can get him signed to a longterm deal that is fair for both sides and they can go focus on winning number 7.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Money talks…and Cleveland has a lot of it. I just think we will not be able to come close to what the Browns will offer.

  • RMSteeler

    This all could have been avoided if Lewis played well earlier. Without Lake, he’d be on his way to being cut and trying to get a minimum somewhere. Probably Arizona 🙂

  • Clint Martin

    Only my opinion but. Steelers organization should of been starting him his second year instead of GAY.

  • You are probably right.

  • If it came down to the two, I would take Lewis as well.

  • You also have to take in consideration corners don’t get paid for interceptions even tho their nice, I rather have a corner that can disrupt passes without P I.

  • Guest

    Clint, I agree 100% with you. It’s ridiculous how we seem to be in love with William Gay, meanwhile he is barely adequate, at best

  • Guest

    William Gay sucked for 2 full seasons before he stopped sucking.
    Gay got 3 seasons. Brown got 1 game.

  • CrRe

    Are we sure we can declare that a guy will have a career filled with low INT totals just because he didn’t have one in his first year as a starter? While he may it might be premature to say this is who he is as a corner. After another season of low to no INTs I would be more inclined to side with that assessment but not after only one year. If a player is getting a high total of PD he is at least on his way to getting INTs. I personally think he will do better in that area next year.

  • Allen seems to me like the better playmaker of the two. I think the Steelers would really like to have Lewis back but they are not afraid to have Allen start if he leaves. They would need to start grooming a draft pick/young one to possibly take over for Ike when he leaves in a year or two though. The way Ike trains, he may be here 3-4 more years.

  • Agreed!

  • Jazz

    No, it’s not fair to say that; however, would it be smart to pay a player based off of what you think he might do? Or, would it be smart to pay a player based off of what he has done over the course of his career? Keenan Lewis – 0 int’s in 2012; 1 int in four years. He isn’t worth more than $7M a year; if another team wishes to throw the bank at him, so be it.

  • Jazz

    Agreed! I think he is an above average player at best; more the system than the player. And we shall see this if he departs. I hope they all leave; there is a reason that team went 8-8 in 2012; although they went 12-4 in 2011, there is also a reason they were bounced in the first round by Tim Tebow. Enough said.

  • Jazz

    No, this will be Cortez Brown’s 3rd year. He better step in 2013, or I think he will be gone after the season.

  • LouPGH

    If Lewis leaves, Brown will get plenty of opportunities to see the field. Gay is a decent Nickel. This season we’ll find out which of the two is better.

  • LouPGH

    I don’t think the Steelers have much control over whether they resign Lewis. It will depend on what price he can fetch on the market.

  • SteelSpine

    Some good points there. If we don’t re-sign Allen:
    – We are 1 ding of a CB away from Victorian being starting CB. That can’t be comforting to LeBeau & it doesn’t see fair to LeBeau.
    – We cannot afford to have to also spend any high draftpick on a CB, we have too many other high positional needs. If all we have is Ike at end of his career & Cortez, then this should be a year to draft a good CB, but if toss CB into the high-priority needs list, that’s too many positions of high need.
    – Figure Curtis Brown sees the opportunity he has, but cant bet for-sure that he rebounds, because in end of last season he was on his way down, coaches even moved Victorian ahead of him on depth chart, that says something about Curtis.

  • alex

    part of me says that the steelers know what theyre doing, cause Lake is doing a FAB job, we have a stock of young talent, and Guy is a good value and can improve w/ Lake…at the same time, they continue to sign draft picks for three years on D and never play them till there contract year, and oops they really are good, then say goodbye cuase they cant afford them. (next on that list is Worilds)…

    finally, we would all want to have Lew back, but you cant pay both him and Allen unless he gets undervalued in FA or you dump Ike next year…