Steelers Covet RB Steven Jackson? Don\’t Believe It!

According to a Monday evening report by D. Orlando Ledbetter of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Pittsburgh Steelers are one of five teams that “covet” free agent running back Steven Jackson, who recently voided the final year of his contract with the St. Louis Rams.

Ledbetter uses the term “reportedly” in his story, but he doesn\’t point to where those reports are. What does that mean? It means that his report doesn\’t hold any water.

I hate to burst your bubble, but the Steelers do not have the cap space to “covet” a 30 year-old Jackson, who will be wanting pretty decent money. As good as Jackson has been over the course of his career, he has a lot of miles on him.

Sure, there is coveting of Jackson going on by some Steelers fans, you know, the ones that don\’t live in the real world, but not by the Steelers organization.

In case you are wondering, Ledbetter names the Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals and Green Bay Packers as the other four teams that “covet” Jackson, reportedly. I can\’t speak to the level of covetousness of those four teams.

Move along now, as there is nothing to see here and certainly no coveting going on.

  • steeltown

    Man.. just read that WASH released CB Deangelo Hall.. thats yet another high profile CB on the market……… betters our chances for retaining Lewis

  • SteelSpine

    Thanks for including that the guy’s “reportedly” could mean he does not have any reliable source. Otherwise I woulda said who the #### is D Orlando Ledbetter, heheh.

  • Fivesevenzero Sports-Radio

    Hall is far from high profile.. too old, Keenan has much more upside, unfortunately wont be back in the Burgh.

  • Garrett Hunt

    Can you teach me how to be a psychic too?

  • Kolie Oak

    Man, I’m so against your theory…
    But I can’t help but wonder why they haven’t come to terms yet?????
    Losing Lewis will be larger than most know.
    We ABSOLUTELY have to retain both Lewis and Allen…

  • rob.pghsteelersfan

    He doesn’t have many good years left. Too old for an RB. I wouldn’t want him on the Steelers if they had the cap space.

  • dgh57

    The only guy I “covet” is the 17th pick in this up coming draft!!

  • CW

    Truthfully the more cornerbacks that are on the market the better for the Steelers to have any shot at holding onto Lewis. The real reason that Lewis could be retained has more to do with his failure to intercept the ball much at all and his developmental issues than the total market.

  • dgh57

    Yes, but I think the biggest thing going for the Steelers is Carnel Lake!! If Lewis is smart he’ll stay with the guy who got him where he is today. As he continues to improve the interception should follow, at least I’m hoping so!

  • Superdriller316

    That’s because the Steelers don’t want to put a starting price tag on him. They would rather see what other teams want to pay for him. Hopefully with all the other CB’s out there will keep Lewis’s number down. IMO, I think Lewis is gone. Cleveland has a ton of money to spend and Horton is the DC. If he does go, hopefully Lake can get the others up to speed. Personally, I think Allen has the higher up side, he has better hands.

  • RMSteeler

    Would much rather get some young draft or UDFA’s for Lake to work with. Horton was a waste with Lewis for three years. We may all be surprised with what comes of the ones that Lake had last year to prep. Steelers need to start players earlier in real games. Loss of veterans this year may force the issue, but look what happened when Gilbert, Adams and Beachum were forced into action much earlier than expected. Defense needs to do the same, as in Adrian Robinson. If Lebeau’s defense is too tough to learn, maybe they should just draft players from the Ivy League and Stanford! With Horton, when the Steelers were ahead, they’d go into a “Prevent”, bend AND break defense to lose the game on an 80 yd drive in the last minute. With Lake, Steelers allowed to play more man and press coverage due to his leadership and confidence instilled in the youngsters. Wish Butler would do that with the LB’s. I’m really leary of him taking over from LeBeau in the future. The Ravens coach has kicked his a** in developing LB’s the past few years!

  • steeltown

    Ha! He’s only 3yrs older than Lewis.. Hall’s stats are impressive, statistically blows Lewis out of the water.. but personally I dont like Hall.. im just saying