Former Steelers S Will Allen Signed One Year Minimum Qualifying Contract With Cowboys

Last week it was reported that former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Will Allen signed with the Dallas Cowboys and today we have learned the contract details.

Allen reportedly signed a one-year veteran qualifying contract with the Cowboys that consist of a $840,000 base salary and a $65,000 signing bonus. This kind of contract is proof that the Steelers simply had no interest in bringing back Allen, as they could have easily afforded that kind of contract which comes with a reduced salary cap charge.

As I wrote recently, the Steelers are moving on to the future at the safety position as they had no interest in stopping Allen or Ryan Mundy from leaving via free agency.

Allen played well when asked to replace the injured Troy Polamalu, but over the course of his three seasons in Pittsburgh he played less than 500 snaps on defense with over 430 of those coming last season.

  • steeltown

    Wow… makes no sense
    I understand its time to start grooming Polamalu’s replacement, but damn with Mundy gone there was already an open roster spot for a new rookie prospect, now, even if we draft 2 Safeties in the upcoming draft, we’ll have Golden and two rookies as backups on the depth chart.. not alot of experience there

  • TheBlitz

    I agree. There was already an open spot. This doesn’t make sense. They brought in James Sanders for a visit. I guess he must be really good or better than Will Allen at this point in their career. I guess it’s just another head scratching moment this off season.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    I take it as a good thing that they have this much confidence in Cromartie-Smith and Golden. A safety in the top half of the draft is still likely, but I don’t think it is a foregone conclusion as much as I previously did.

  • Josh

    I agree that this doesn’t make much sense. No experience now behind the starting safeties and Allen was a solid enough replacement who doubled as a special teams ace.

  • You left out the part in the contract that says it’s most likely for a STARTING POSITION on the Cowboys team. I wouldn’t say the Steelers had no interest in resigning him. They probably let him test the market and he found a team where he could start, and that’s worth more than money to him.

  • Maurice_hill_district

    Could be Steelers wanted him for the vet minimum. Because it is still the Steelers/Rooneys, and vet FAs who turnstyled through interest from Steelers this offseason left because they might have been told vet minimum or nothin. Yes $900K is crazily cheap, but I dont remember Will or his agent or Colbert saying they wouldnt want Will at a cheaper price.

  • SteelSpine

    I agree that it makes no sense. That tells me something happened between Will & a coach or Will vs our FO like some snap comment (or a 1st failed drug test) that a FO does not admit. I never heard any problem with Will & I’m not startin any rumor that he had any problem. Just saying when the need is there, the ability & good health & ok age, it smells of something which FOs cant say.

    One thing’s for sure: once a player signs with a new team, there are interviews for the next year with many media welcoming the player to the new town & in those interviews an interviewer i.e on radio will prod player into answering why his ex-team didn’t sign him for even that cheap. So stay tuned & you will hear why Steelers didn’t re-sign him. You might need to wait, but a player eventually cant resist getting it off his chest.

  • Tom

    Not resigning Allen was a very bad move. He did a nice job filling in for Troy in 2012.

    Not making him an offer, letting him walk for minimum, and creating another hole on your roster makes absolutely no sense. And………given Troys injury history, you better have a capable body, ready to play.

  • steeltown

    True. He already blasted the Offense in an interview, saying they were not on the same page in ’12 and not buying into Haley’s system

  • TsarPepe

    Another head-scratching move indeed. In recent news: the Cards are about to sign Carson Palmer, which means that Hoyer can be had for cheap. This, reportedly, is whom the Steelers really wanted as backup to Ben. But they rushed to sign Gradkowski. What was the rush?