Georgia WR Tavarres King To Have Pre Draft Visit With Steelers

According to Georgia wide receiver Tavarres King on Twitter, he is headed to Pittsburgh for a pre drafty visit with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

King, who measured in at the NFL combine at 6002 and 189 pounds, ran a 4.40 40 yard dash in Indianapolis and also posted a 36.5 vertical jump, a 10\’03” broad jump, a 4.33 short shuttle time and did 11 reps of 225 pounds on the bench.

In 56 games played at Georgia, King recorded 136 receptions for 2,602 yards and 21 touchdowns.

Possessing 33 inch arms, King has a better than average catch radius. He was targeted 68 times in 2012 and caught 42 of those passes for 950 yards. That equates to a stunning 22.6 yards per reception average. Despite being a deep threat, King did have his share of drops and is known to struggle at getting off of the line of scrimmage against man-press coverage.

Headed into the draft, King is slated to be drafted in either the fourth or fifth round.

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  • steeltown

    I like this kid.. very fast and good route runner.. think E.Sanders but slightly taller and with more meat on his bones.. good value in the 4th-5th Rd, could be the eventual replacement for Sanders in 2014??

  • Michael Mazanowski

    Good point! From what I’ve read today it doesn’t seem like Sanders wants to stick around after this season–even more reason the Steelers should have let him go. I believe we have to draft 2 WRs this year! I know I’m going to catch flack for this statement but oh well! I think 2nd round and possibly 5th–King would be good value in 5th.

    The irony here is: CBS compares King to Emmanuel Sanders, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers — King has the agility and straight-line speed to achieve success in the NFL, but his lean frame and inconsistent hands may make him a better complementary option rather than a front-line starter.

  • Thom Kay

    He looks like A.J. Jenkins. Their workout numbers are very similar, too. Great looking deep threat.

  • $19122620

    I’d rather them draft Boyce.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    eh doesn’t seem like a bad prospect

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Agreed Boyce to me is much better

  • steeltown

    Regardless of what Sanders wants he might not be around in 2014.. he just might have a big year and that most likely means another Team will overpay and he’ll be leaving via FA, so that with the fact that Cotchery and Burress are also not guaranteed to be around in 2014, makes me agree I could see a 2nd and a 5th-6th spent on WR this year

  • David Edward

    Funny thing is…if you watch the video you can see why he’s called a Sanders clone. Skinny kid who has some speed, good hands but can drop some (maybe loses concentration at times)…isn’t going to break tackles or make people miss on WR screens. However, on the third day (4th or later) not bad. I would still like them to bring in a few of the upper tier WR prosoects too. A WR corps of Brown, Sanders, and King seems a bit smallish.

  • steeltown

    I think they met with some of the top guys at the combine and proday workouts.. now they are meeting guys that either werent invited to the combine or didnt get a chance to be present at the proday

    I think King would be Sanders replacement, I dont think the Steelers are going to give Sanders the “good deal” that he and his agent are seeking.

  • Tom Yun

    Completely disagree. King has flown under the radar but will surprise everyone by not lasting past the 3rd round. Well not everyone, he was clearly the best receiver in the SEC title game.

  • GoSteelerz

    He has instinctive body positioning to shield the defender so he can get the ball. He’s open even when he’s covered. That is a tough skill to teach. I like him, too. If he’s “flying under the radar,” he may be a good value in the later rounds, making him an ideal guy to double dip at WR in this draft.