Steelers 2013 Draft – Grade The Draft Poll

The 2013 NFL draft has now come to an end and the Pittsburgh Steelers selected nine players in total. I will have my extended thoughts on the draft along with my grade on Sunday, but first, I wanted to give everyone a chance to cast their vote in a poll and yopur comments below.

Tell us what players you liked specifically and what players you don\’t. In addition, tell us which players that were bypassed that you believe should have been drafted.

We will have quite a bit to chew on now for the next several weeks and I will be breaking down the players more in depth in future post.

Thanks to everyone for a record setting three days and I apologize that the server melted down from all of the traffic today. That won\’t happen next year.

Round    Name    Pos    School
1    Jarvis Jones    OLB    Georgia
2    Le\’Veon Bell    RB    Michigan State
3    Markus Wheaton    WR    Oregon State
4    Shamarko Thomas    S    Syracuse
4    Landry Jones    QB    Oklahoma
5    Terry Hawthorne    CB    Illinois
6    Justin Brown    WR    Oklahoma
6    Vince Williams    ILB    Florida State
7    Nick Williams    DE    Samford

  • JT

    I give it a solid B. Probably a B+ to and A- if some of the UDFAs pan out. This draft to me, shows a commitment to stick to physical football in Pittsburgh. I think it’s safe to be a bit concerned about Jarvis Jones and his health, but for now he seems like a perfect mold for a replacement of James Harrison. Like all rookies he has work to do, but there’s no denying the potential. Bell is a workhorse, no doubt. Was he a reach in the 2nd? Maybe. But with the run on RBs late in the 2nd, they still got their guy. I think Shamarko is probably most everyone’s favorite player and he will be exciting to watch. What will leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth in Landry. However, I think they’ve long undervalued the need for a backup due to Charlie’s consistency But as Ben ages, the need for a dependable backup only grows.

    Overall, to steal a saying from Mayock, the Steelers hit a bunch of solid “doubles” with this draft. Not a lot of flash, but hopefully a lot of substance. Bell will most certainly give the offense a new threat this year, and ST should be DRASTICALLY improved with some of the guys we picked up. It’s going to be an exciting preseason and training camp for sure.

  • zbluez1

    I give it a C+ grade. They filled in most of the holes with players that are more hard hat workers than rock-n-roll stars, some have upsides to possibly be more than hard hat workers but in my opinion they wanted and needed stability from these picks and they drafted that way; also this BS about not drafting for need, not so this year, they took need every time including a developmental QB over BPA, is what it is, an average draft.

  • steeltown

    I really like this draft class

    I am unsure about the Hawthorne, J.Brown and N.Williams picks, but I see the potential there. Hawthorne looks like a classic Steeler CB, tall and physical, J.Brown has good size and blocks well and Williams is very athletic for his size

    I love the Shark Thomas pick and I really like how we grabbed a young QB with tons of experience against good competition

    A few of the UDFA’s look promising as well

  • JT

    I’m much more confident about Hawthorne as long as Lake sticks around. Exactly the type of guy he’s shown can be developed in this system. I was scratching my head about Williams, but the presser showed how passionate they are about him so I’m optimistic. But I’d say Brown is most disappointing. But if he contributes more than Burress, that’s a plus I guess.

  • steeltown

    Agree with all of that

  • steeltown

    Yep, Brown is my least favorite… but we’ll see

  • Ray

    I gave a B-. The Wheaton pick seems solid, and I love the Shamarko Thomas pick – great way to take advantage of the deep safety class this year, even if giving up a 3rd next year hurts a bit. I’m trying not to be pissed about the Landry Jones pick – QB in the 4th round seems like a luxury pick, and there were some players available (Lattimore, Quinton Patton, Jonathan Franklin, John Simon) who arguably would have provided value while still meeting the team’s needs. Am I wrong that taking Bell as the second RB overall seems risky? Time will tell with Jarvis Jones: I know Dave B. isn’t sold, but he’s got enough fans out there that I’m undecided.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    Man i completely love this draft class I would say either B+ or A- We filled all of our positions of needs we got a top OLB and RB a good WR and a beast S and if Ben gets hurt next year Jones will prevent us from slipping like we did last year. The CB has a high ceiling could turn out to be great. J. Brown and N. Williams are projects now that seem to have a nice upside. Then we go out and pick up Reggie Dunn who is a complete animal in the return game. This draft could be exactly what we needed

  • JT

    Oh yeah, I’m absolutely in love with Reggie Dunn. He needs to find a way to make this team. He just flies downfield.

  • I like our picks every year, but nothing great jumps out about this one. I’d say B- to start. We addressed a lot of needs, but our offense ain’t that good and we only spent half our picks on that side of the ball. I love the Bell pick and Wheaton seems solid but unspectacular.

  • JT

    I think people would have FLIPPED if they took Franklin or Lattimore in the 4th. They have to roll with Bell.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I think he makes the roster could be a guy we bring in to just throw a BOMB down field at times when he isn’t returning it

  • Addison

    I’m saying B-. I like Bell, Wheaton looks promising. Not sure about Williams. I felt brown and jones were a waste. Should of just used those picks to get Arther Brown. Why draft a QB so early. I want to be optimist, but this class has bust all over it

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    D+ and I obviously hope I’m wrong. My biggest issue is with Jarvis Jones. He plays way too tall and I just don’t see him being able to hold up the backside in the running game.

    There will be a lot of rookie RBs playing this year, so we’ll know early if Bell was the right pick. I liked Lacy or would have preferred they waited a round or 2 and taken Franklin or Taylor. Arthur Brown would have been my choice.

    I now live on the West Coast and have seen Wheaton. He was a good pick.

    Next year’s 3rd rounder seems like a steep price for Shamarko when Phillip Thomas was still available.

    I think they took a QB at least a round too early. After they took Jones, no other QBs were taken until the 7th round so maybe they could have waited, I’m intrigued by Jones, though.

    Most of my grade is based on my feelings of J Jones.

  • mlc43

    Has anyone mentioned to him that we drafted NINE players in total….not eight?

  • Maurice_hill_district

    You really don’t know til after they have enough time in NFL. None of them have been in the NFL yet.

  • RMSteeler

    Only one safety taken in draft and UDFA so far. Thinking that one of the CB’s may convert this season.

  • mlc43

    Anyway, I gave them a B-. Still, it will take a while to evaluate this draft. The 1st round draft pick isn’t expected to see the field this year. I do think that Bell was a good pick up and if he plays to potential he could make the draft. Shamarko Thomas looks to be a great pick up as well. I was disappointed with the WR picks and it’s why I didn’t give the draft a higher grade. However, the Steelers HAVE shown in the past that they can draft WRs so I have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Again, really excited about the Bell pick and see good things.

  • Sven_Hunkstrom

    Love J. Jones and Shamarko. During the season Jones probably was the player most cited as the likely first pick in the draft. Played more weeks than not against guys with NFL-level ability and was completely destructive for two years straight.

    Puzzled by the Landry Jones pick, which makes no sense after signing Gradkowski. I am not sure Bell is any better (or different) than Dwyer, who was similarly productive in college.

    I still wish we’d taken Stedman Bailey but the more I read about Wheaton the better he looks. If its true he’s a legit 4.3 flat guy–we know what one looks like, because of Wallace, so we will find out in due time–then I get taking him over Bailey, who decidedly is not. Hawthorne looks to be about the best you can hope for, prospectively, from a fifth-rounder.


    EDIT: I should note that I honestly believe Wallace is the fastest football player I have ever seen, Woodson and Deion included. I know he can’t actually be faster than guys like James Jett and Jeff Demps, who were in the Olympics, but he sure looks like it in pads. Wheaton could be a half-step slower and still turn out great.

  • David Edward

    I grade the draft every year (for like the past 25-30), but I do it a bit different. A “C” grade from me isnt necessarily bad…it’s basically average. So don’t be alarmed with what you may see from me below, and.I will explain in more detail after I post my grades

  • hergieburbur

    It’s a C. B- If Jones works out.

    Jones should work. Shamarko was a great pick. Bell was a bit of a reach considering he is pretty much a slightly better Dwyer, but Wheaton was enough of a value pick to even it out. Landry Jones was a great value but not a real need. Hawthorne was meh but he is the kind of CB they like late. I like both Williams picks. Brown was just flat out stupid. He was easily a UDFA. Plus, Bleacher Report gave it an A and said it was our best draft in years, which automatically drops it a letter grade for me. 😉

  • hergieburbur

    I am pretty sure he means prognostigator grade, not real, valid, 3 years under the belt grade.

  • mlc43

    I’m sorry, but Bell is much more that a “slightly better” Dwyer. He is much more athletic and in much better shape. Dwyer had decent numbers at GT; a couple of 1300 yd seasons but he played in a triple option offense which is great at improving numbers for RBs. Bell played in a pro style offense and had a 1800 yd season. You have to give him more credit than that.

  • David Edward

    1. Jones = C+ They locked into him as one of their 6-8 “special” players. There was a trade-down opp from SF there and they left Eifert on the table. I think Rhodes was backup plan if Jones was gone. They got their guy though.
    2.Bell = C. Don’t get me worng, I actually like him a tad better than Lacy. Again, though, there was a trade down opp with SF. Could’ve still had Bell and an extra pick if they took it.
    3. Wheaton = B- Best WR available at that point although I thought maybe they liked Bailey better. Wheaton was at one point considered a 2nd round pick but he fell
    4a. Thomas = B. I was worried that they blew their shot at him in the 3rd, but they pulled the trade with Brownies and got a great fit and Troy’s understudy. Giving up a 3 next year is like playing with house money since they’ll get a compensatory 3rd.
    4b. Jones = C- I think they locked into taking a QB somewhere on day 3. He’s a 4th round grade but really didn’t need to pull the trigger this year
    5. Hawthorne = C+ Worth a shot due to his potential. Can he be the #2 opposite Allen in two years? Maybe
    6a. Brown = C- other than playing catch with Landry on scout team not sure why the grabbed him here
    6b. Williams = B- they got a late round ILB who has the potential to be Foote’s replacement in a couple of years…value pick here
    7. Williams = C+ I had him pegged as a possible late round fit for 34DE due to his size and speed is a bonus. Worth a shot even though he played at tiny Samford

    Overall Grade = C+

    They filled just about all of their needs so that gets a passing grade. Left some value on the table but they got their target guys in almosi every round.

  • hergieburbur

    My point was that they are similar RBs, and though I think Bell is a upgrade, I don’t think he’s enough of an upgrade to warrant a second round pick over a guy like Arthur Brown.

  • DerpinDickard

    Should remember that we have the potential to get two 3rd round picks because Wallace and Lewis left.

  • mlc43

    Sorry…he seems to be an immense upgrade. However, you can never know until they play. ILB wasn’t as much of a need as RB; our running game was dismal.

  • mokhkw

    To me, that means nothing. The argument that you can give away Draft Picks and not have it matter doesn’t make much sense to me. I don’t care if a team has 1 pick or 10, they can’t waste or give them away for no reason.

    I gave it a C+

  • LucasY59

    They must really like Golden from last year, with lots of opportunities to get a 2nd Safety this year and passing at all opportunities (I thought it was a genius move to trade and get Shamarko and then have Phillip Thomas available with the original 4th) but they picked Landry instead of having Thomas and Thomas Starting at SS and FS in two years,

  • DerpinDickard

    They didnt waste the pick. Shamarko added much needed depth to a thin position, and in order to get him and the other guy they wanted without trading their p18 that round they had to deal something. Its a calculated risk. The FO knew that there is a very realistic possibility that they could get two extra 3rd rounders next year. The only way I see it as a wasted pick is if Shamarko doesnt play (for whatever reason) and they decide not to keep him in the future.

  • hergieburbur

    And our ILB situation is great, is it? Foote is a stopgap at this point in his career. Spence is expected at best to spend the year on IR, and likely will never play again according to Butler. Sylvester showed so much they didn’t offer him an RFA contract initially. RB IS a need, yes, and I like Bell as a RB, I wanted him in the third. But, considering the relative difficulty of finding studs at each position, and relative needs of the team, I would have taken an ILB.

    That’s why I gave them the grade I did in my analysis. It is my opinion, and it is what it is. You are entitled to yours as well, just don’t expect it to change mine.

  • hergieburbur

    It’s not for no reason, Safety was our biggest need in this draft, Thomas was one of the best fits for us.

  • you know I find it funny how fans say they reached or they could of gotten a better player here. you are basing that off of what? Mel Kiper? McShay? some mock draft you googled… The Steelers themselves said Bell was the highest RB on their board, to get that in the 2nd to THEM is a big deal. All the players they drafted MUST of been higher on their boards than other teams. Now that can be based on numerous things, health, style of O and D, coaches, simple pro day distraction, ect… every team had their OWN board. Did you see what Dallas did? jesus.

  • Too hard to judge a draft so early for me. I’d like to wait 3 years at minimum for the players. Right now I like the draft a lot. Now we will just have to wait and see. according to the Steelers board, they filled MANY needs with solid value picks. do you know how many 1st round picks Kiper and McShay got right between them both? 3! they know more than me yes, but what is a draft expert again?

  • I am excited to see the new ST this coming year. new talent and new coach, should be fun.

  • A-
    Filled every need in the draft, and with plenty of rockstar players, too. Jones will work out fine, Wheaton is awesome, and Bell and Shark were great grabs. We definitely reached for Bell at #2, but we got Wheaton after, so that kinda evens out. I agree that grabbing Brown in the 2nd would have been better, then Bell. The only real black spot of the draft was giving up a 3rd rounder for freaking Landry. I can see the logic behind wanting him or some QB, but considering QBs like Dysert didn’t go until round 7, it was a HUGE reach trading a 3rd rounder for him.
    Other tan that, a great draft over all.

  • mlc43

    booohooohooo someone disagreed with you that knew more. Let’s cry about it now.

  • mlc43

    I think they gave up the 3rd rounder for Shark, technically speaking. I believe they drafted Jones with their original 4th. Though, I’m happy that they got him, I agree with you that it seems like they could have drafted a more immediate need.

  • grw1960

    Gave it a C. The Steelers did not take BPA in the 2nd round , 6th and 7th rounds

    I was most surprised by the WR Justin Brown pick in he 6th. There were a lot of WRs available that had more speed and graded higher than Justin Brown. I wonder if he was picked as a favor to some body.

    Other than Bell and Wheaton this draft class will have little impact this year. .I will say the first five selections and the last one do have a lot of potential and a lot will depend on how well they apply themselves to their new job

  • Sylky_Mcnasty

    I dont understand the complaints about it being a reach, aside from his initial draft grade. He was OUR TOP RB and we got him good. The fact that then there was a run on RBs immediately after out pick I think that makes the pick better. If we waited to the third the only RB that would have been left would have been Kniles Davis or Jonathan Franklin for sure and maybe Bell could have been there. I dont know if that would have been a risk worth taking. I just wish we would have grabbed another ILB prospect to help with the Post Foote Transition. I know we wouldnt have found a starter late, but I think Vince Williams + Kevin Reddick would have been able to rotate while we groom a full replacement down the line.

  • Stephen Dale

    D+…….took a medical risk and “one-trick pony” in the 1st; a plodder at RB in the 2nd , short WR in the 3rd, a 5’8″ S and a slow QB in the 4th, a project CB in the 5th, a slow ILB in the 6th , and another project—but with promise in the 7th. It wouldn’t surprise me too much if the steelers won’t get more contributors out of their 15 UDFA’s than they do the draftees–with the exception of WR J Brown who I believe will surprise everybody and not only make the 53 man roster but become a consistent contributor.

  • Sylky_Mcnasty

    I gave this a B+. I dont understand the complaints about Bell. He was OUR TOP RB and we got him, good. Also everyone is griping about his speed. There are tons of other RBs who run slow but are still amazing. Heres two names for you, Arian Foster & Alfred Morris. Cmon the guy lead the nation in Yards After Contact. At ILB, this just means we will play more Nickel on passing downs but with Sharko we can really get creative with how we use Troy in nickel & dime packages. As for Justin Brown, it was a reach he prob would have been a UDFA so Ill just chalk that up to have a great team visit. Everyone else filled a need and Landry Jones while surprising and a little disappointing due to the remoteness of its impact, understand the decision to go young at the QB position.

  • mokhkw

    Not knocking the Pick, just don’t think we should have given up a 3rd next year when we could have packaged our 4th & a 6th this year to move up & still get Thomas. So I guess my real issue is with the selection of Landry & Brown ( if I’m reading the trade values on picks correctly).

    Losing a 6th and not selecting Landry this year to get Shark is much preferable to losing our 3rd next year & having Landry & Brown imo.

  • Steelers32

    Solid B

    You can not expect each and every draftee to walk into a team and contribute right away. Those bemoaning the Landry Jones pick, for gods sake you got a winning QB in the 4th round!!
    Is he a starter… hell no we all know that, dose he have tools? yes we agree on that, maybe as I am older its not a crime to me for a QB to take a few years to develop and learn. Same can be said for Brown, some players are not NFL ready, but you cant coach a player to 6 ft 3 no matter how hard you try. This one apparently also has some speed and moves so there is much to work with. Did many of us even know of him before… well I know I did not,,, that however is what the Steelers scouting program is for, and can say as a long, long, time fan they have been pretty good at it.

    Nicely done Steelers

  • zyzak

    Lattimore is junk

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I gave us a B-. I thought value wise we had a few reaches but had a few value picks but we met need very well.

  • Scott

    Unless Landry can play MILB this draft is a D-. Other than Jarvis and Sharmarko this was a total failure.

  • r4kolb

    How can you grade something until we see them on the field in the years to come? With that being said I will play along and give them a “C”. Other then Jarvis there were times they could have traded down and gotten extra picks in my opinion. Like the Shamarko pick due to his physicality. Reminds me a lot of Clark and I think will be a nice fit for Steelers brand of football. Like I said time will tell.

  • LouPGH

    I like your points about the reasons to be optimistic although I’d only point out the two RBs you named, while killing it now, were picked up as an UDFA and in the 6th Round. The point is valid; I just found that kind of funny.

  • Ray

    I’m also of the mindset that giving up a 3rd is giving up a 3rd, regardless of the likely compensatory pick to come. Of course, the argument could be made that Thomas is worth a 3rd round pick. I just wasn’t thrilled with that trade, especially since they took a luxury pick with the 4th rounder they kept.

  • Sylky_Mcnasty

    TRUE! But I will say they had low draft stock as Morris was from a small school with some production and Foster had mediocre production at Tennessee.

  • LouPGH

    I am okay with most of the names in this draft class; my biggest gripe is the order in which they were called and the guys they left on the board because of it. They could have still got all their guys by going:

    1. Jarvis Jones
    2. Arthur Brown
    3. Markus Wheaton
    4. Shamarko Thomas
    4. Le’Veon Bell
    5. Landry Jones
    6. Terry Hawthorne
    6. Justin Brown
    7. Nick Williams

    That still gets all their guys except Vince Williams, who is not my least favorite pick, but the one that would be unnecessary given the selection of Brown.

    I would still disagree with some of the names on that list though. For me, the above is a B+/A-. Instead, I think they reached on some guys when there were better players available; they didn’t have to and it cost them. B-

  • SteelSpine

    Holy cow that happens to be my thoughts too on each.
    I was ready to write it this draft hit each need & only 1 pick I disagreed with is taking our clipboard holder in 4th round when coulda got one in the 7th or FA, but you explained that too. Same grade from me.

  • DT

    I gave it an A-. They addressed needs with highly productive players. I think the front office got exactly who they were targeting with their top 4 picks. I would’ve like Arthur Brown in the 2nd, but Bell was clearly their #1 RB target and running backs were going in that round. After Shammarko, I liked their later picks as good developmental players with all the tools you need. And most should contribute to special teams.

  • SteelSpine

    When 3rd round ended & we hadn’t gotten a safety yet, I said we are desparat now to get a safety & every team knows it. Most of the group of good safeties we liked were snatched earlier. When 3rd rd ended I knew we couldn’t wait till our turn in mid-4th round expecting the last of the top group of safeties will still be available. That’s why desperation trading up was totally understandable to me.

  • MTibbs

    I’ll give you my grade in two years.

    Regarding my personal expectations based upon months of hype and prognostication by all levels of media, I would be disappointed somewhat. Most blogs, experts, and mocks seem to zero in on the same handful of players. When the picks are made and they fall out of your comfort zone the natural reaction is to feel

    There are a wealth of players that we drafted that performed on Saturdays. If I have to give a grade based upon the overall production of the guys we drafted over the course of their collegiate seasons. I would say we have some gamers and players and give them an A.

    I hope Arthur Brown is a bust!

  • SteelSpine

    Regarding Landry & Thomas’s: I agree.
    But regarding Jarvis: He indeed plays tall. That is opposite of Harrion’s style which is go underneath the arms of blockers. But watching Jarvis shows theres more than 1 way to get there. Jarvis’ style looks like Polo’s: they ping-pong off blockers & they have a knack for seeing creases & knifing thru them. I watched many plays of Jarvis & his ping-ponging is funny. But I’ll be doggone can tell in the film that dude knew exactly what he is doing. On the few plays where he has gotten blocked out, the blocker was in such good position to begin with that any other defensive player at Jarvis’ spot would too have been walled off by that blocker.

  • SteelSpine

    Sylk I happen to agree with all those points you wrote there.

  • SteelSpine

    Interesting point.

  • I feel much better about the Jones pick now that the poor work ethic rumor has been silenced. That bothered me more than his 40 times. Love the Bell pick. He will be perfect as long as the OL stays healthy.

    I thought for sure they were going defense again after Sharmarko Thomas. Khaseem Greene maybe, and a QB later perhaps ?

    Brown and Hawthorne should provide decent depth.
    Loved the first four, don’t know much about the last 2. Sounds like Vince Williams is a good leader.

    Overall, loved the draft. Real solid. The first three picks may end up being highly productive as a group this year. Plus picking up a young QB to develop. B+

  • Bill Bob

    They signed an UDFA from Utah who is faster then Tavon Austin and Mike Miami snow bunny Wallace. He returned 4 kickoffs all over a 100 yards for TD’s Last year

  • Bill Bob

    Beep Beep

  • Eric MacLaurin

    So, is pea green a B+ or a C?

  • Sylky_Mcnasty

    A 3rd rounder next year wont be as bad if we at least make the playoff as we should have at least one more pick at the most 8 picks later.

    Also regarding the QB, sure there weren’t any QBs taken until the 7th but thats because all that was left were project a qb in Dysert, and low grade prospects in Renfree, Daniels, & Sorenson . Its hard to judge how high another team coveted Jones since he was gone. He very well could have went in the fifth or sixth to the teams that took a chance on the low grade qbs.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    I voted A-. Not terribly sexy but high floors for 4 of the top 5 at positions of need.

  • Sylky_Mcnasty

    Yea man its hard to discredit instinct. Look at Kuechly. He was written off for being undersized and slow and look what he did as a rookie just leading the league in tackles.

  • Sylky_Mcnasty

    I think the rationale is that depth is a much bigger concern at the moment to pass on a pick this year. They must have also felt that this would be a better year to groom depth WRs as we’ll most likely have to replace Manny next year. If Brown can show something and lock up the 4th spot then well be in a really nice position to draft a number 1b wr next year, since Wheaton and Brown are already there. But who knows.

  • Sylky_Mcnasty

    Exactly Mitchell sounded like we had just got the dem of the draft.

  • John Hinton

    I agree. I thought the trade in the 4th was for Phillip Thomas as he came from a D at Fresno State that was designed to be like ours. Then we could have taken Shamarko with our original pick and set the table at Safety for the future and not miss a beat.

  • Exactly… and most importantly picked high character low risk players.

  • John Hinton

    I give it a B…those fans who aren’t excited about Wheaton will be. To borrow from Dicky V (yeah, different sport…I know), he is a PTP-er (aka – Prime Time Player). While I was a huge fan of Wallace from day 1, getting Markus in the 3rd was an unexpected surprise – 4.3 speed, good hands and shifty. I thought we were going to pick A. Brown in Rd 2 to address ILB, but I must admit I like the Bell pick (he would not have been there in the 4th as some have suggested and apparently he was our No. 1 rated RB). The other thing I would have done differently if I was making the decisions…with the trade in the 4th, I would have picked S Phillip Thomas then followed that up with S Shamarko Thomas. I also like the pick of CB Hawthorne in the 5th – strengths = good size and excels at press. Question: Will UDFA WR Reggie Dunn (4.2 speed) surprise us and make the 53 Man roster and be our Tavon Austin?! Check his youtube highlights if you haven’t already. Go Steelers!

  • you can’t possible know that. you have no idea if another team drafts them before hand.

  • hergieburbur

    I agree with you there, I just happen to think either Thomas was worth a 3rd anyway.

  • watch some tape on those players please, you are dead wrong on everything you just wrote. “a slow QB…” lol what does that matter if he can run fast…?

  • hergieburbur

    What the hell are you talking about? Someone that knew more? If we are going to look at stats and pretend that means we know more about the situation, I could do the same. Jonathan Franklin, a back we could have picked two rounds later, is a completely different back than Dwyer, rather than a similar one, rushed for almost as many yards as Bell on 100 fewer carries (almost a yard and a half higher YPC), and 1 more TD. My point was I don’t care if you disagree. I wrote my assessment as my assessment, and your opinion isn’t going to change it, especially since if you actually read it, I said the reach evened out with our third round pick anyway.

    I also can’t help but notice you ignored the actual substance of my post. No need to be a douche.

  • Guest

    My main complaints about it being a reach were voiced in a bubble, before the rest of our picks. My analysis even addresses that by saying getting Wheaton a little late evens it out. I am glad I got our guy, but I am not so sure Franklin in the 4th, a guy whom rated higher than Bell, and who outproduced Bell last year, would have been oh so terrible. And I do like Vince Williams, Brown was just an example of who we could have taken.

    Look at it this way, if we had done almost the same, except drafted:
    1: Jones
    2: A Brown
    3: Wheaton
    4a: Thomas
    4b: Franklin

    Do you think anyone would have a problem with the RB we picked?

  • I swear many Steelers fans wanted them to draft a QB to “groom” for a few years and as soon as they do, they get ripped for it? those kind of fans are ones that should go to the NBA and never come back. I am glad they didn’t REACH like every team did the past few years on QB’s.

  • hergieburbur

    My main complaints about it being a reach were voiced in a bubble, before the rest of our picks. My
    analysis even addresses that by saying getting Wheaton a little late evens it out. I am glad I got our guy, but I am not so sure Franklin in the 4th, a guy whom NFL com rated higher than Bell, and who marginally outproduced Bell last year, would have been oh so terrible. And I do like Vince Williams, Brown was just an example of who we could have taken.

    Look at it this way, if we had done almost the same, except drafted:
    1: Jones
    2: A Brown
    3: Wheaton
    4a: Thomas
    4b: Franklin

    Do you think anyone would have a problem with the RB we picked?

  • LouPGH

    That’s absolutely true, but I think it is reasonably likely. I’m going to copy and paste from another discussion I had on the subject of Bell. I apologize if you already read that, but it explains my rationale.

    I don’t know how many teams considered Le’Veon Bell “top tier,” although I like him. Even so, the only other RBs to go after Bell in the 2nd Round were Eddie Lacy, Montee Ball, and Christine Michael, all of whom were far more hyped (overly so, in my opinion) than Bell. Discounting Marcus Lattimore as a special case, you still had Joseph Randle (5th), Andre Ellington (6th), Stepfan Taylor (5th), Jonathan Franklin (4th), and Jawan Jamison (7th), on the board when they selected Bell. I would argue that most considered Bell on par with this latter group of backs. Knile Davis was the only RB selected in the 3rd Round, when the Chiefs used a comp pick at the end of the 3rd. Maybe the Chiefs take Bell over Davis if he’s available in the 3rd, maybe not.

    I should add too that it is possible the Packers, Broncos, or Seahawks take Bell instead of Lacy, Ball, and Michael, but from everything I saw, all of those guys had higher draft grades than Bell. I obviously don’t know what their draft boards looked like, so I have to go by majority opinion, but, of course, I could be wrong.

    You could make an argument that Landry Jones might have been gone by the 5th Round, but a lot of people didn’t expect him to be drafted at all. I liked Zac Dysert more anyway, and he didn’t go until the 7th Round.

    As for Hawthorne in the 6th instead of the 5th: maybe he’s there, maybe not. He seemed to be good value — for the position — in the 5th, so you could make a strong case he’d be gone by the 6th. There were other guys I would have preferred over a developmental CB though and a lot of guys graded around the same as Hawthorne went undrafted. Or better yet, leave Hawthorne in the 5th and get Jones/Brown in the 6th, if you have to have them.

    Most people didn’t expect Brown to be drafted, so again, another surprising move. I am not sure why Pittsburgh was enamored with an Oklahoma offense that did not perform well this past season.

  • hergieburbur

    Interestingly, Bouchette is reporting that the Steelers were scared off by Lacy’s toe injury which is why they picked Bell over him.

  • Sylky_Mcnasty

    Not at all. I was excited to get any of the high profile backs. I just wonder how much influence the Rooneys had in the preference of someone like Bell. You know the Rooneys def prefer Bell’s style over a speedy one cutback like Franklin. Did you see the new report about Lacy? SO he had toe fusion surgery to fix a turf toe injury. I wonder if this now means hes prone to turf toe.

  • hergieburbur

    I am sure the Rooney’s were part of it. Picking Bell over Lacy doesn’t bother me a lick. Picking him in the 2nd is my only gripe.

  • Bob Francis

    A-. I was surprised by several of the picks initially, but with a day to process things, I really like the draft. Lots of good value picks at areas of need. And positionally, this really went as many expected: premium picks on OLB, RB, WR and S with depth/developmental picks at CB, ILB, DE and QB.

    I think the surprise came in WHO they picked, but their board was obviously a bit different than some of the pundits. Still, It sounds like they got their top choices at OLB, RB and S, and they obviously liked WR Wheaton the best of those on the board in Rd. 3. They also must have liked Vince Williams over Mauti and N. Williams over Kruger, and that’s where I trust their evaluation process. I only really question Justin Brown in Rd. 6; I like that he’s big but wonder if he has the physical tools to make the team. I hope he’s not another Toney Clemons. They only really neglected OL, but they have their starting 5 and brought in a bunch of UDFAs – hopefully someone pans out for depth. If that doesn’t happen, they could resign their own later on or find some bargain veteran free agents. NICE WORK!

  • hergieburbur

    Only thing I can think of on Brown is that they want him to contribute on ST and liked his body size. Drafting him as a WR makes no sense.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I like the draft, but I think it could have been even better had they taken Arthur Brown. If you take Brown…2, I think Bell still would have been there at 3. You still trade up and take Shamarko, and then take Wheaton instead of Jones at that spot. I like Jones, but I think we could have passed to take an impact ILB. You then take the QB when you took Williams. I think Justin Brown it the LEAST likely to make the final roster, him and Nick Williams who only makes it if Woods flops. The PS is likely for both.

  • JC

    B-.Jones was definitely a risk at #17 and I hope his college production translates into the NFL. I think has potential to be an every down runningback, but I would’ve preferred to take ILB Arthur Brown and took our chances on getting Bell in the 3rd round. Wheaton is cut from the same clothe as Mike Wallace and I thought we’d target a possession receiver early as opposed to speed. Shamarko Thomas is personally my favorite pick because he’s a hard nosed safety with high character and this team needs some young leadership. Landy Jones is solid QB but I would’ve preferred to fill a different need and use a 7th round pick on Zac Dysert. Hawthorne looks the part of a Steelers CB and he could be solid a few years down the road.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    Hope you’re right.

  • JayBirdDC

    I would have rather had Arthur Brown instead of Bell and Simon instead of Landry Jones. I like defense and therefore, I would have leaned that way. I’m not too concerned about a RB. Maybe take one in the 5th or 6th.

  • Isaac Reveles

    steelers must feel comfortable with Rolle and McFaddin. i really like McFaddin, we are ok at ILB