Steelers 2013 Draft – Show Us Your First Round Trade Down Scenarios

Projecting draft day trades is not one of my favorite things to do, but thanks to the latest mock draft that Jeremy submitted, combined with the fact it is not out of the question that the Pittsburgh Steelers won\’t trade down in the first round, I invite you to post your trade down scenarios for the first round below in the comments.

Here is a link to the current draft order, and below is a copy of the draft pick value chart. While Jeremy mocked a trade out of the first round for the Steelers, I suggest you at least keep them in round one as they have never traded out of the first round.

Let\’s not go overboard here, and please try to keep it as realistic as possible in regard to spots moved up by another team.

Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7

  • What do you think about a trade with Atlanta. Pit’s 17 for Atl’s 30, 94 & 158? Seems light according to the chart but realistic to me. Or maybe 30, 62 &126 gets you four points from the 950.

  • Ryan

    The one I would love to see that seems perhaps plausible is the Falcons trading their first, second, and third round picks (around 1030 points) for Steelers’ first round and fourth round picks (around 1020). If there is a corner there like Rhodes or perhaps if Eifert is sitting at 17, the Falcons move up to make the move. It has been talked about this week.

  • Jonathon Bert Schade

    Anything equitable…there are many holes to fill!

  • I like the Atlanta scenario right now. Several players they may be interested in moving up for. After today’s workout Tank Carradine might be someone they would want. He has visited with them. Dimitroff will certainly make a move if he likes a player.

  • $19122620

    The second scenario would be pretty good. I would be pretty excited about that move.

  • Mike Foster

    The Steelers trade picks #17 & #177 to sf for #31, #63, #95. This would give Pit a plethora of extra picks in the heart of the draft and help the 40-whiners unload some picks but still have picks in the 2nd & 3rd rounds. The Steelers would still have their 6th rd compensatory pick as well.

  • Steelers32

    Minn has 2 picks in 1st, and 4th, they trade their lower one (25th) for 17 we get their 3rd (83) and their 4th(120) as they maintain picks in both rounds if they wish to move up in 1st its very plausible.
    A way to go with it…

    1st) Efiert (TE) or Hunter / Hopkins / Allen (WR)

    2nd) Tio / Minter or Brown (ILB)

    3rd) Rambo (S)

    3rd) Rodgers (WR) or Ball / Bell (RB)

    4th) Schwenke / Quessenberry (C/G)

    4th) MacDonald (S)

    5th) Klein (ILB)

    6th) Stacy (RB)

    6th) Buchanan (OLB)

    7th) Moe (WR/ST)

  • John Dewald

    Trading down is my second favorite choice for the first round. Trading back twice is my first. Other than a few exceptions, this draft has lots of 2nd round talent in the first through third rounds. I can’t imagine anyone being there worth taking at 17 and I hope fervently they trade back.

    The most likely scenario’s I can think of involves trading back first with either Cincinnati (21) or St Louis (22) for their 3rd round pick (78 or 84) and giving up our 5th or 6th in return. This could happen if Vaccaro is still on the board – they might want to trade up ahead of Dallas to get him.

    Then I would trade down again with Atlanta to 30 for their 3rd and 4th (92 and 127). I don’t think Atlanta would move all the way up to 17 unless there is a particular CB they want (since that would involve their 2nd round pick). This would give Pittsburgh picks 30, 48, (78 or 84), 79, 92, 115, and 127 in the first 4 rounds.

  • RW

    I think they trade to Minnesota and grab 25 and 57. My preference would be to SF for 31 and 34. I think they could grab an ILB (Ogletree/Minter) and Elam in the second.

  • steeltown

    I like it

  • Jollyrob68

    Minn 1st &3rd(but demand 2nd)
    San Fran Both 2nds & late 3rd.
    San Fran 1& 2 plus 4th
    ATL 1,2nd &4th

  • Jollyrob68

    They won’t give you 31 & 34 too many points. But they can do 31 & 61 or 34&61 plus late 3rd =Pitts value at 17. 950 points

  • Jollyrob68

    Atlanta would want Eifert at 17 or if Rhodes fell. If Rhodes is on the board Steelers should take him.

  • RW

    You’re probably right, unless they really want someone. I guess the Minn. or ATL trade backs are most realistic.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    I would trade down with minn for their two first round picks and (if it were up to me of course) I would pay with our 1st and 2nd this year and a 3 and 4 next year when we have several extra comp picks.

  • Eric MacLaurin

    That assumes that no one with a top 10 grade like Cooper or Star fall to 17.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Trade back with Minnesota. Get an xtra 3rd.
    #1 Elam SS Fla
    #2 Minter ILB LSU
    #3a Kelce TE Cin
    #3b King WR Georgia
    #4 Barner HB Ore
    #5 Johnson CB Pur
    #6a McGee OLB ArizSt.
    #6b Allen P Louisiana Tech
    #7 Roh DE Mich

  • CW

    Trade our 17th pick for the Vikings 25th, 83rd, and 120th pick. With two teams having lost their 2nd round picks (Browns and Saints) every pick prior to end of the third round is slightly more valuable than it would be otherwise.

    On the generic chart it leaves the Steelers one point shy of the 950 value of the 17th pick, but it’s probably as much as we can get.

    Vikings also might be able to snag one of the two top wide receivers, Jennings isn’t going to be around forever and a new number one will be needed to develop behind him as a number two for a while, by leaping up to the 17th overall and while we need a wide receiver adding two picks to help bulk up the team at defensive end or safety or a mid round decent pass catching tight end with additional picks would be very helpful.

    Mock Draft
    25th Pick: WR Robert Woods (good route runner, likely Sanders replacement)
    48th Pick: ILB Kevin Minter (solid inside linebacker, future starter beside Timmons)
    79th Pick: CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson (replacing Ike Taylor in a year or two)
    82rd Pick: SS JJ Wilcox (a strong safety with an upside)
    115th Pick: OLB John Simon (strong high motor OLB)
    120th Pick: RB Joseph Randle (fast running back, potential starter)
    150th Pick: FS Tony Jefferson (smaller school free safety prospect, hard hitter like Ryan Clark)
    186th Pick: Garrett Gilkey, OT/G (small school tackle/guard prospect, did effectively handle John Jenkins one on one for most Senior Week)
    206th Pick: WR Rodney Smith (a tall wide receiver with decent hands)

    7th Round: 3-4 DE Joe Vellano (high motor defensive tackle/3-4 end)

    RFAs (if available):
    Kwame Geathers, NT, (if he drops and the team isn’t sure about Ta’amu)
    Braden Brown, OT/G, (Mormon, BYU, slightly older, but decent pass protector)
    Demetrius McCray, CB, (small school ballhawk, could develop into a solid CB)
    Tanner Hawkinson, OT/G, (converted TE, some pass/run blocking skill, purely backup)
    Jared Smith, 3-4 DE, (decent 3-4 DE prospect)
    Rex Burkhead, RB, (tough as nails, hard hitter, good blocking, compact running back, could develop into a solid goal line/short yardage runner)
    Kayvon Webster, CB, (special teams gunner, backup prospect)
    Brandon Kaufman, WR, (tall wide receiver with good hands, small school prospect, could develop into a great wide receiver and is worth the shot)
    Blaize Foltz, OG, (needs to be further developed, especially lateral moves, but has massive frame, good awareness of blitzes, and incredible strength, often takes on two defenders at once, ragdolls defenders often, bench presses over 550 pounds, 800 pound squat… with work he could develop into a Pro Bowl left guard if a team is willing to wait and develop him into a starter)
    Drew Frey, SS, (cerebral strong safety, good overall size and strength, good speed, foot injury preventing him from doing much in post-college events)
    Anthony McCloud, 3-4 DE. (decent 3-4 DE prospect)

  • John Dewald

    If Atlanta values Rhodes significantly more than Trufant they might be willing to trade up that far. Assuming Atlanta trades from 30 to 17 it would involve pick 60 and either their 4th or 5th. Personally, I would much rather have picks 30, 60 and their 4th or 5th than Rhodes. Pittsburgh doesn’t need a CB to come in and play immediately, they have time to groom a mid-late round guy.

  • RW

    I like everything but 3b and 4. Like Barner but he’d only be a KR/3DRB in our system. We need an every down back right now. King is okay but I’d prefer a more proven receiver. I think you could grab Kelce with 3b and get Bailey with 3a.

  • Brian Tollini

    Here is my scenario…

    Trade our 1st round, (17th overall) 2nd, (48th) and our 3rd, (79th) for the San Francisco 49ers 1st, (31st) both 2nd’s, (34th & 61st), and the second of their two 3rd rounders (93rd). So it would look like this for the Black & Gold….

    1. (31st) RB-Eddie Lacy
    2. (34th) WR-Robert Woods
    2. (61st) SS-Shamarko Thomas
    3. (93rd) OLB-Khaseem Greene
    4. (115) CB-Logan Ryan
    5. (150th) QB-Zac Dysert
    6. (186th) CB-Will Davis
    6. (206th) ILB-Michael Mauti
    7. (223rd) P-Quinn Sharp

  • Addison

    Trade with ATL.
    1. Hopkins/A. Brown
    2. Woods/ Bell
    2. Bell/Stedman
    3. Stedman/JJ Wilcox
    4. John Simon
    4. Vince William
    5. Zac Dysert
    6. Michael Mauti

  • David Edward

    There’s probably not going to be a lot of interest in the Steelers pick @ 17 because it’s likely to be just outside of the blue-chip tier 1 area. Eifert will probably be there but teams won’t trade up for him. I see maybe a possible scenario involving SF if they want Vaccaro. It involves STL and goes like this…
    If STL doesn’t pick Vaccaro @ 16 and goes with a WR (Austin if he slips or Patterson) or grabs Lacy if they fear Steelers will. Then…
    maybe SF comes up to 17 to get ahead of Dallas who would likely take Vaccaro if both Guards are gone.
    SF would give Steelers 1-31, 2-61, 4-128, and probably 7-237 for the pick @ 17. It’s a few points short of the 950 but Steelers would go for it as would SF since they have 13 picks.

  • Intropy

    I can’t remember where I read it, and I can’t find a reference now, so take this with a grain of salt. But I recall reading somewhere that some aspects of the rookie wage scale are dependent on the round a player was in and whether he was in the top 16 (basically split into half rounds if you disregard compensatories). If that’s true then pick 17 is actually kind of a valuable place to be because it’s the first pick at a lower compensation level. And if anyone can find a reference explaining that please post it.

  • SteelSpine

    Steelers traded down from 17 in the past, I remember Steelers traded down from 17 to 21 (drafted Eric Green). We received the last pick in 3rd round. This year we really need an extra 2nd (or 3rd) rd pick because so many high-priority needs. But this year more teams want to do trade down out of 1st than trade up, it’s a buyers market for teams drafting later than us. So the standard value chart is thrown out the window. An example this year no secret theres not much difference in many safeties projected in 3rd rd vs the safety projected in middle of 1st. Warmack & Cooper are rated unusually high but guard isn’t a position teams give away the farm to trade up for. So many teams want to trade down that if teams only offer a 4th rd pick for us to trade our 1st for a 2nd rd pick, yikes. Instead I’m counting on some team getting desperate for whichever QB still avail at 17.

    We need an extra 2nd round pick, a high-3rd if we cant get an extra 2nd. So hope some team gets desperate to move up to our 17!

  • dave

    That 1990 scenario is an argument for not trading down. The Steelers took Eric Green and Craig Veasey. The Cowboys took Emmitt Smith with our original pick 17. Craig Veasey only played 2 years for the Steelers and was out of the NFL by 1995.
    I’m not opposed to trading down, and this is theoretically a good year to do it, with a deep draft and the Steelers having a bunch of needs, but sometimes in the grand scheme of things you’re better off just taking the stud player that falls to you in round 1.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Thank you for the reply. If we could get Bailey 3a and Kelce 3b I would make that change but do not think Bailey would be there. My personal belief at HB is that all we need is a 3rd down back. I am fine with Dwyer being our every down back

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I guess I am not the only one who thinks we need a punter.

  • Kapinos is a good punter. I think he’s still avail.

  • Steelers32

    I think they benefit from a trade down, but don’t see it happening, Minn/SF may be interested as they just have to many picks, pretty much it.

    Was hoping for the Sanders pick for that reason, good year to have extra high round choices, water under the bridge.

    If they concentrate on primary needs, and trust to their recent drafts to do as anticipated when selected (really no other choice is there) The team will sink or swim with Worlids / MeCelendon / Dwyer / Allen.

    To me WR is primary (replacement of loss)
    ILB primary (immediate future/replacement of loss:Spence)
    Saftey right behind (immediate future)
    TE (near future)
    all 4 may contribute this year in spots.

    RB (future option)
    OLB (future option)
    depending on this years results

  • SteelSpine

    Good point. Even tho I wanna trade down, if we don’t then your post will be optimism.

  • SteelSpine

    Yep. And I would lump RB into your top group because a rookie RB has a chance to start here. I would also lump OLB into the top group because even tho the draftee wont play this year, we’re so thin/shakey at OLB with injuries there will be great pressure to draft an OLB this year to groom. So I count 6 top needs (4 in your scenario), either way it’s alotta must-draft positions. So unfortunately there’s not room to draft an OL or DE or CB in high priority group even though are depth at those is so shaky.

  • I like this one. It nets an additional second and fourth which would be perfect for us.

  • JC

    Trade down with Atlanta in exchange for their 1st and get a 2nd, 4th, and 6th.

    Rd. 1 – WR D. Hopkins – Clemson
    Rd. 2 – ILB A. Brown – Kansas State
    Rd. 2 – OLB J. Collins – Southern Mississippi
    Rd. 3 – SS JJ. Wilcox – Georgia Southern
    Rd. 4 – RB C. Michael – Texas A&M
    Rd. 4 – OL D. Thomas – Tennessee
    Rd. 5 – CB W. Davis – Utah State
    Rd. 6 – TE Z. Sudfeld – Nevada
    Rd. 6 – DE J. Kruger – Utah
    Rd. 6 – DE K. Lewis-Moore – Notre Dame (compensatory)
    Rd. 7 – QB R. Griffin – Tulane

  • Kysteeler

    Steelers trade #1(17), #4 (115), #6 (186) = 1031

    to Vikings for #1 (23), #3 (83), #4 (102)=1027

    1. Arthur Brown ILB
    2. Justin Hunter WR
    3. Phillip Thomas S
    3. Le’Veon Bell RB
    4. John Simon OLB

  • Garrett Hunt

    WIthout the specifics, I like any trade where we trade back to get Eifert or Hopkins. Safe picks at positions of need.

  • The Steelers trade #17 to SF who then selects Slyvester Williams to plug their hole in the middle after losing Isaac Sopoaga in free agency. The Steelers will ask for #61 and # 93 and see if SF bites. If they balk at that, take #61, 128. Select DeAndre Hopkins @31. Fill in holes with remaining picks.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I thought so just didnt understand why we havent gone after him. i would be fine with Kaps.

  • Dan

    Betcha a dollar, they just stay put in the first round.

  • LouPGH

    Show you my First Round trade down scenario? I barely know you.

  • Ahmad

    I would love it if the Steelers trade down and I view the Rams, Vikings, and 49ers as potential trade down partners. Rams and Vikings both need a WR and both have 2 first round picks so it’ll be easier for them to spare one. The 49ers have an abundance of draft picks and have needs in the secondary so if they get desperate, they might want to jump up to 17 though I doubt that happens.

    In the end, I think we end up trading down with the Rams for their second 1st round pick plus their 3rd and 4th and we draft TE Tyler Eifert.

  • steeler43

    what is the likely hood that they do actually make a trade down?