Steelers Alameda Ta\’amu Celebrates Getting Probation For DUI By Driving Around With Whisky?

Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle Alameda Ta\’amu was in the news this past week as he received 18 months probation for driving under the influence and crashing into several parked cars last October. So how is Ta\’amu celebrating his slap on the wrist? According to a picture that he retweeted Sunday night on his Twitter account, he is driving around with a friend who is holding a bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.


Now we don\’t for sure if Ta\’amu is drinking the whisky, but this is certainly not the kind of message that a person such as himself wants to be sending considering all that he has gone through recently.

We don\’t know who @ME0ish is, but judging by his timeline on Twitter, he isn\’t someone who Ta\’amu probably needs to be hanging around with.

Ta\’amu was suspended for two weeks without pay by the Steelers following his incident last season. A few weeks after being reinstated to the team he was waived and signed to the practice squad until the final week of the regular season. He is currently back under contract for the 2013 season, but that means absolutely nothing at this point.

Thanks to his indiscretions last season, Ta\’amu never dressed for a game. The way things are looking right now; he never will. The Steelers fourth-round draft pick from last April must have missed the message that the team sent earlier this offseason when they released their fifth-round draft pick from last April, running back Chris Rainey, following his arrest in Florida just after the end of the season.

Up until this point, I have not factored in the possibility of the Steelers drafting another nose tackle in the upcoming draft. Perhaps I should start. Behind current starter Steve McLendon sits Ta\’amu and Hebron Fangupo, who they claimed off of waivers from the Seattle Seahawks late last December. Those two don\’t necessarily give you a good sense of depth security right now.

Perhaps the Steelers should sign back veteran Casey Hampton for one more season and indeed address the nose tackle position once again in the draft. I would go ahead and cut Ta\’amu right now and let Fangupo battle in training camp.

I understand that Ta\’amu is just a kid, but it certainly appears that he hasn\’t learned his lesson. How stupid can one person be?

UPDATE: As of 1:40 AM, Ta\’amu has deleted the retweet and @ME0ish has deleted the picture from his account. I saved the picture and uploaded it above. Talk about an admission of guilt.

  • SteelersDepot

    Let’s say that picture was from a year ago, why in the hell would you retweet that?

  • mokhkw

    I wonder how this will affect his meeting with the NFL when he has his case reviewed. It can’t help. If the pic was not in a car it would still be a bad move; in a car it’s plain stupid.

    Had my issues with the NT position without Hampton before this. It’s a very deep and talented DT/NT class this year & I can see the Steelers grabbing one in Rounds 1-3.

    Hampton signed for the vet minimum for one more season makes a lot of sense imo.

  • Richard Edlin

    How stupid? That stupid.

  • Guest

    The tweet’s been taken down … but it’s still out there. The friend talking about using maruijana on the same day doesn’t help either, especially given Ta’amu’s failed test at the combine last year. The metadata embedded in that photo could be very important if it shows that it is recent.

  • Richard Edlin

    Mike Adams = failed test at combine.

  • CW

    The person involved is a certifiable moron? That’s my best guess as to why someone would be that dumb.

    But this is definitely the best case yet for the Steelers trading down in the first and adding mid round picks. We need a new nose tackle and personally I like Kwame Geathers as a late midrounder (5th round or early 6th). He’s younger than most of the other prospects and should hopefully be able to develop behind McLendon and Fangupo. At this point Ta’amu might well be a lost cause.

  • mghjr88

    Wow, clearly it hasn’t clicked yet for Ta’amu. That tweet might as well be a picture of him saying “peace-out!” to the Steelers organization.

  • David Edward

    Think about how asinine that picture would look if someone was seriously injured by his actions in South Side. He is very lucky that he didn’t kill himself or someone else that night. If it was my team, I would wish him well and offer to help him…right after I cut him from the team. He will be better served by learning to be a responsible adult first…then once that happens he can speak to kids about the consquences of stupid behavior and why it can cost you your dreams. Again, as I mentioned before, Steelers need to make it a point this year not to draft or sign anyone with character issues. They need to send the right message to fans.

  • David Edward

    As for NT, a good fit would be Brandon Williams of Missouri Southern. Powerful with a high motor, he looks like a Steeler NT at 6’1 335. He certainly was able to handle the top OL at the senior bowl. If he’s there @79, it would be a nice pick.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    The Steelers at one time was known for getting quality players on and off the field although you cannot always be perfect but it is quite evident we have gone away from that.

  • walter mason

    Another bust from the 2012 draft class. As someone said, its 2 wasted draft picks as we traded up. My guess he is now in some serious trouble with the Steelers organization. He can choose his friends or the Steelers and he chose to hangout with his drunken friends. He also needs to buy new clothes. It appears Ta’amu may be a lost cause.

  • Ahmad

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • Jackie Szymarek

    This was stupid to show everyone. Bad move my man.

  • sdjoyce

    Get rid of this jerk before he poisons everyone else around him in that locker room. We want a team of professional athletes, not a bunch immature hooligans(nicest word I can think of after viewing that pic).

  • sdjoyce

    Bingo! It’s more often than not terminal.

  • I’m done been a Steeler fan my entire life,This organization is lost.

  • JP4Pitt

    This pick was a bust–it’s time to move on, starting by cutting the guy before his immaturity and approach to life affect the locker room.

  • Nine

    For those of you who wonder whether we should draft Tyrann Mathieu, or other troubled yet talented prospects, this is why the answer is NO.

  • SteelerCop

    He is done! Goodell is going to give him at least 4 games now that the pic went viral! He should be banned from the league for stupidity! SMH

  • Just freakin great….And here I was cheering him on to get a clue and honor the Steeler name…Apparently he has not gained any usable brain cells!…

  • This dude just don’t get it!! He will be on the scrap pile of wasted dreams bee you know it

  • That better be some good Whisky since it will cost him what $400-500K? Not Smart. This may fly in Cincy or Dallas. Not Pgh and not after an 8-8 season.