Steelers NT Alameda Ta\’amu Clarifies Twitter SNAFU & Says He No Longer Drinks

On Sunday night, Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle Alameda Ta\’amu made a bad mistake when he retweeted a Twitter picture posted by @ME0ish showing him in a car with a bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. After posting about the picture, the retweet by Ta\’amu has since been deleted, as has the original picture.

Ta\’amu has now taken to Twitter to clarify things.

Just realized I retweeted a bad pic from after the draft last year.Friend from home messin with me. I don\’t drink anymore. HONEST MISTAKE. I don\’t go out and I don\’t drink.. I\’ve passed every UA test since October 14.. I\’m in Pitt training.. Focused for next season. HONEST MISTAKE. Really. Didn\’t look at his pic before sending my tweet. Wouldn\’t joke about that.

Good for him.

Hopefully Ta\’amu learned a valuable lesson in using his social media accounts. Why he retweeted the picture we will never know, but it was a bad decision. His deletion of the tweet speaks volumes.

To any individual reading his timeline, it looked like he was giving a giant middle finger to everything that has happened to him, regardless of when the picture was originally taken. Retweeting it was validating it.

Ta\’amu merely associating with @ME0ish on Twitter is a bad decision altogether. If you look at his timeline and photos you will see why.

So there you go. As Paul Harvey used to say, “Now you know the rest of the story.”

  • SteelSpine

    I’m glad you mentioned timeline, I agree on that.

    Steelers’ different treatment of Rainey has been debated before, but this reminds me, if released Taamu & not brought Taamu back, that would say Taamu was a wasted draftpick, therefore I wonder if a factor is Steelers determination to not want the draftpick spent on Taamu appear to be a wasted draft/pick. And that’s why I don’t forsee enough snaps for Fangupo in camp or preseason games to show whether Fang might be better than Taamu. Not that Fang would beat anyone out (I dunno), but my point just is Taamu seems to be “the Golden Child”, based on they kept Taamu even tho Taamu hasn’t contributed anything (other than embarrassment) whereas Rainey & other picks did play on other-than STs. I don’t recall Taamu getting any snap to fill in for any tired DLineman, yeah he was a rook but if a draftpick has anything, seems like could put a body in on a simple play like a goal line defense just to give any D lineman a breather. The Golden Child of the Steelers.

  • lefnor

    The Steelers traded up for Ta’amu. Two wasted draft pick.

  • zyzak

    I stopped reading athletes tweets a long time ago. Please stop

  • I really miss Chris Hoke right now…


    Taamu a buffoon. Good bye.

  • steeltown

    I believe him…. but regardless..

    If I was a Coach or Owner of an Organization, I would have stipulation for ALL of my players – That they are not allowed to use twitter, not once the League year starts because although twitter is deemed a personal endeavor, said player is a representative of an Organization and since alot of players are immature and seemingly uneducated, it would be implemented so that they would not be involved in any happenings that hurt or defile the Organization

  • Clint Martin

    The Steelers must know the kid has talent or he would have been fired.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Being Im a recovering alcoholic there are people who have changed there lives and no longer drink and then there is someone who is called a dry drunk…a dry drunk is the same person but without alcohol which really means they haven’t changed there attittude about anything except the drinking which is a peak into him drinking again however I do not know if he is a alcoholic.

  • steeltown

    On top of said reason above, personally I find ‘mainstream’ social media (twitter and fbook) shallow and vain

  • Kyle Owens

    I’m willing to bet to any amount of money, as long as it’s under 5 dollars that Ta’amu finishes next season with more DUI’s than tackles.

  • dgh57

    I miss Casy Hampton in his PRIME years!!

  • Congrats on your ongoing recovery. Having grown up around that, I know how challenging it can be. Hats off to you.

  • walter mason

    “friend from home messin with me.” Well friends like that you dont need and should be blocked.

    Im for giving him a second chance because we invested 2 draft pics in him.

  • Me too! That was some good stuff for sure. But when he would go down, nobody blinked when hokey poke came in and shut down that run game.

  • mokhkw

    I gave up the drink at the same age Ta’amau is now. Best decision I ever made imo. Hopefully he’s being genuine about quitting as, like me, it wasn’t good for him. Just because a drug is legal & freely available doesn’t mean it’s a good choice for you personally.

  • Pete

    That’s it Ta’amu. Don’t drink and don’t go out. Focus on football.